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"You have to do everything I say."

Draco's warm, moist breath fanned down her neck and Hermione's stomach flip-flopped. His voice was low, sultry, commanding.

He was behind her. So close she could feel the heat from his body radiating off him. Mingling with hers.

She lifted her chin slightly and gave a single tiny nod.

Draco moved to the foot of the bed with his back to the large, gilt mirror leaning against the wall. He was watching her.

He was calm, intent, and his clear, light eyes glittered with hunger. He exuded a level of composure and control that was unheard of for someone his age, and for many older wizards as well.

The way he was watching her now, predatory and concentrated, was a kind of silent domination and he wielded it masterfully, as if it was as natural to him as breathing.

Hermione's heart beat loudly with anticipation. And with fear. Fear at her own longing for this man who had had hated her and tortured her for years. She felt like she was standing on the edge of an impossibly high cliff – knowing she was about to give her well being – her vulnerability – to a man she had many reasons not to trust. And yet, not jumping wasn't an option.

She stood beside his bed feeling very small and quiet. Her thighs felt cold in the dark dungeon room.

"Take off your shoes and socks and come stand in front of me," he said silkily into the overwhelming silence of the room.

Her heart dropped into her stomach and she knew this was going to happen. This was actually going to happen. Something was going to happen.

She toed off her shoes, keeping her eyes locked with his. He was pinning her, piercing her, with those crystal grey, sparkling eyes.

She bent and scrunched off one knee-high sock, and then the other, kicking them gently aside. She hesitated, pushing her fear down, trying to read his eyes, but all she found there were things she couldn't name.

Taking a deep breath, she walked toward him, heartbeat thrumming in her ears. She stopped directly in front of him and started back at him – hard – determined not to betray her inexperience, defying him to laugh at her or hurt her.

Draco let a small smile slip onto his face at her determination and bravery. This witch, this small, powerful woman who had all the answers with everyone else, was giving him, and him alone, this one chance to be on top. And though Draco would never admit it, he was truly honored.

She relaxed slightly at his smile and the bit of warmth in his expression, but her reprieve was gone the next instant as he reached out and grabbed her Gryffindor Red tie at the knot and gently yanked her forward. She inhaled sharply.

Draco's heart thumped hard in his chest. His eyes fell to her parted lips. He wanted that. He wanted to swallow her, to have her embedded totally inside him. But he held back. If he kissed her now it would be over.

His other hand came up and he deftly loosened the tie completely. Hermione drew a slow, surprised breath inward, eyes wide, as he pulled the silk slowly, deliberately, so that it slithered over the back of her neck in a promise of more.

Draco claimed the tie, making sure she saw it going into his pocket.

He walked around her, stopping behind her again, and she was suddenly confronted with a full view of herself, barefoot, curls wild, her white oxford a little crinkled, and standing stock still with Draco Malfoy towering behind her.

He reached long arms around her, and holding her gaze in the mirror, slipped the first button out of its hole.

Hermione struggled to control her breathing. She could see her chest rising and falling sharply. He was going to make her watch. Cruel.

Draco smoothly unhinged each tiny button all the way down, pulling the tails of her shirt out slowly – slowly enough to tell her that he knew the effect the fabric slipping against the skin of her stomach was having on her. His eyes burned into hers and he gave her a satisfied smirk.

The last button was undone and Draco let his arms fall back to his sides as he took her in. The sliver of her white bra was the only interruption on the light golden-brown skin that ran from her long throat to her flat belly. Draco moved a step back, leaving her shirt hanging barely open. He wouldn't take it from her.

"Take it off," he commanded calmly. He watched her swallow visibly. It would be harder for her this way. To admit that she wanted this, wanted to give this to him, despite everything. Draco watched her jaw clench before she brought her hands up to peel the white shirt away.

Draco felt his own heart speed up as her smooth shoulders and flat back were revealed to him, and he was hit again with the knowledge of what this brave, smart witch was giving him. It felt like the first true demonstration of faith in him that anyone had ever shown him. And there was no way in hell he was going to fuck it up.

A small shiver washed over Hermione as she stood in front of the mirror – in front of Malfoy – in just her bra and pleated school skirt. Staring at her own reflection, a sort of erotic embarrassment filled her and she missed the stream of emotions that played over the Slytherin's face before the carefully controlled expression returned.

Hermione looked up at him. He was truly beautiful, and though she already knew that, it was like a new revelation, here, in this new and intimate setting. Tall, slim, with long, lean muscles from years of Quidditch. His perfect skin looked silky and warm and she had the strange urge to turn and lick slowly up his face. And his lips…they were a girl's lips, pink and lush, the lower lip a little plumper than the top, formed into a small pout. They were overtly sexual. And he knew it and used it to his advantage.

Draco moved up close behind her again and blatantly examined her body in the mirror. He could feel her almost crumple in on herself under his gaze as he watched her covered breasts heave with her breathing. She was beautifully awkward in her state of partial dress, and Draco had a wild impulse to rip the bra from her body so he could see her at last. He needed to see her. Now.

Without touching her skin anywhere, Draco unlatched the bra in one motion. Her full breasts relaxed slightly as the fabric came away from her heated skin. He inhaled deeply, eyes glued to her flesh in the mirror, and still without touching her, he slid the straps down her arms until her breasts were bare before him.

Heat colored Hermione's cheeks as she watched him stare at her naked breasts. She looked up at his hair, at the bedpost, at his shoulder, trying to focus on anything other than how exposed she felt.

Blood rushed to Draco's cock. Her breasts were magnificent. It took a great deal of control to not reach out and claim them as his. They were full, rounded and her dusky pink nipples were already hardened into deliciously stiff peaks that winked and taunted him.

He walked around her slowly, like a victorious hunter circling his prey, letting his eyes roam all over her body, and finally stopping behind her again. He looked at her small back, followed her spine down to the edge of her skirt, resting low on her hips just at the point where the curve of her perfect ass started. He groaned inwardly and then leaned in so his breath caressed the shell of her ear. She closed her eyes and swallowed past the lump in her throat.

"Your tits are fucking perfect, Granger," he hissed roughly. She suddenly felt just a fingertip on both of her hard nipples. Her eyes shot open and she watched with a kind of lust-filled horror as he so softly circled with his index fingers only on the tips of her unbearably sensitive nipples.

With no other part of him touching her, she felt these two single points of contact like electric shocks straight to her pussy. She watched herself wobble slightly in the mirror.

Hermione's pulse raced and her eyelids fought to close as she watched a knowing smirk spread on Draco's pink mouth. Suddenly the tingling build-up in her nipples exploded as Draco pinched each nub tightly and rolled them between his fingers. She blushed deeply as desire shot through her like lightening and she could see herself panting, and feel the wetness flood her knickers.

Without warning, he pulled away and took a step back from her, leaving her in front of the mirror, flushed and wet. The bastard was teasing her.

"Turn around."

She did as instructed and turned to face the headboard, thankful to no longer be watching her body betray her. But Draco moved with her, standing behind her again so that she couldn't see him. She felt like a rabbit being stalked by a panther waiting in the shadows.

"Pull your knickers down to your knees," his voice was gravelly and hard, but there was a slight quiver too, so small that Hermione missed it. Not being able to see him was maddening.

Hermione thought, perhaps foolishly, that having her skirt on still would stem her embarrassment at this act, so she did it without hesitation. She squirmed a little to pull the white cotton down her thighs, careful not to lean over too much and give him a peek at her backside.

Standing up with her damp knickers snagged around her slim, strong thighs, Hermione instantly realized how wrong she was. She felt a hundred times more exposed than merely being naked. She felt like a naughty little girl who got caught masturbating, with her wet panties as proof. Her cheeks burned in shame and excitement, and a knot of desire coiled in her pussy. Did Draco know she would respond like this?

Draco waited, staring at the stretched fabric around her thighs, while she processed her position. It filled him with a bit of triumphant glee when she had pulled her knickers down so quickly, only to straighten and freeze at the picture she presented him. That was his little lioness, running headlong into the battle with no thought of the outcome – and he loved her for it.

When he couldn't wait another second to glimpse that round little ass that teased him at every turn, that she had rubbed against his cock in her sleep, he stepped towards her once again.

To Hermione, it felt like an eternity that she stood in that mortifying position until she heard him moving behind her. And then she felt the back of her skirt being lifted high up and the red blush that was staining her cheeks flew down her throat and chest. Thank God he couldn't see it.

Draco bit back a moan as he held the skirt up against her lower back. She was firm and smooth and round and there was one little freckle on the top of her left cheek. He closed his eyes and couldn't help the groan that slipped out as he let his hand cup the inside of one cheek and pull up a little. Her ass was so soft, and it ended in the perfect curve at her upper thighs. There were two tiny dimples at the top of her cleft and he let his fingertips trail over them, marking them in his mind.

"Bend over the bed," he said in tone that offered no room for negotiation.

Hermione felt herself being pushed forward gently by the hand holding her skirt up. She let her arms catch her and he pushed a little more so that she understood she was to lay flat.

What was he doing? Was this supposed to be sex? Had she been misinformed? Were the books she read wrong? Why did she feel so itchy and squirmy?

Her nipples rubbed against the blanket he slept under every night.

His large hands were on her again. Rubbing soft circles over the mounds with flat palms, warming her backside, inching closer to her mostly hidden pussy. Hermione pressed her legs closer together instinctively. And then he was spreading her ass cheeks, both hands pulling them apart. He held her there, open.

Hermione's eyes opened wide. He was looking her. Staring at the tight bud of her asshole. On purpose! There was a sinking feeling in her stomach. A testament to her utter humiliation. She wanted to melt into the mattress and disappear, but she couldn't even squirm in her shock at being bared like this.

"Spread your ass for me, Granger".

She didn't move.

He let go of her suddenly and brought his palm down on her ass in a loud 'smack' that broke the thick silence of the room. She jumped and let out a yelp that snapped her out of her shock.

Before she could react, Draco spanked her, hard and repeatedly, again and again, five, ten, twenty times, in very fast succession turning her cheeks a bright red. Then, just as suddenly, he stepped away from her.

Hermione stayed in position on the bed, frozen in shock, blinking rapidly and trying to catch her breath. Her upturned ass stung, tingled, as the cool air caressed it. She waited for her anger to surge through her for being treated like a very bad pet. She waited. And waited.

Instead, her mouth opened in a small "o" of discovery when she felt her pussy lips become drenched with wetness. It was a starting revelation, and she lay still for a few moments, red ass in the air, as she let it sink in.

She suddenly felt incredibly grateful to Draco, though admittedly, a little confused about why. Now humbled, as well as humiliated, in slow motion she brought her arms down along her sides and reached behind her to grasp the mounds of her ass. She shut her eyes tight and spread herself open wide for him.

Draco stood at the edge of the bed, turned away from her, eyes closed and a little unnerved by his reaction to the beautiful creature sprawled over his bed. He knew that this was not the night for some of his more extreme fantasies, but he had decided that other than that, he was not going to hold back. Draco's cock strained against his perfectly tailored charcoal wool trousers. Spanking Granger took him by surprise. He didn't feel violence like he thought he would, punishing her for not following his direction, but rather he fought with his desire to slam his dick into her and take her right then. Which could be fun…another time.

But he had wanted this for so long now, so badly, and though he had pushed it away, here it was, waiting for him. He was going to go slow and savor every moment. He would take his time with her. He still had so much to show her tonight.

When he regained his focus, Draco turned around and his insides lurched at the vision before him. In contradiction to every possible reaction she could have to his unexpected punishment, she lay there, legs together, a hand cupping each half of her red-blossomed ass, pulling herself open to his will.

Draco was floored. Her complete faith and trust in him made his chest swell with gratitude, but also with an intense longing. He vowed then that she wouldn't regret a single instance of this evening in his care.

He moved in swiftly and kneeled behind her, needing to put his lips on her.



He scattered small kisses on her two dimples and down, next to, and over the small fingers of her left hand. He stroked little kitten licks up the soft inside of her cleft, and then ducked down to seek her sex.

Her scent was of air and grass and hinted of the earth. It invaded him, and he felt like he had to get her on his tongue or he'd go insane. But he wanted to savor her too, piece by piece, and he made himself wait.

Starting at the peeking edge of her sex, Draco placed a long, flat lick up, just grazing over her asshole. She stiffened, but stayed still, and Draco continued his quest. He licked at her, coating the closed surface with saliva, and circled her asshole – alternating between flat broad strokes and short teasing strokes with the tip of his tongue. His body hummed with the glory of this intimate knowledge of her and drove him deeper.

Hermione wanted to scramble out from under him the moment she realized what Malfoy was going to do, but before she could move away he was on her. The hungry moans coming from him as he tongued her exposed asshole surprised her and excited her. She felt a perverted thrill at the idea that Draco Malfoy was licking her there.

And then, the feeling of it, of his soft tongue swirling on the sensitive bud, hit her and she sucked in a deep breath, her eyes closing reflexively. She found herself pulling herself open more, as far as she could, while an intense need started to build low in her abdomen. When she felt Draco pushing into her, trying to get past the tight ring of muscle, her ass bucked in the air. Using both hands, Draco was pulling at her, his fingers pulling at the clenched bud to open it, as he pushed is tongue in farther. His fingers slid forward and battled with his tongue for entrance. Hermione writhed on the bed, eyes shut tightly and still holding her ass cheeks spread open. It felt incredible and she pushed back, wanting more, and mortified at her own perversion.

Draco carefully sunk one long finger into her forbidden hole, slowly, steadily and Hermione groaned loudly. Draco's breath caught in his throat. The sound, the feeling, the knowledge that he was doing this, this, with Granger was overloading him. He gently pushed in further, licking at the area that had swallowed his digit, feeling the tiny muscles spasm and pulse, and then pulled out slowly and began to pump into her rhythmically, slow and deep, making her breath come out ragged and hard.

Hermione could feel sweat break out on her forehead as she tired to breath through the sensations flooding her. She shuddered at the image she knew she presented: bent over on Draco's bed, skirt flipped up onto her bare back, kickers pulled down around her thighs, pulling her own ass cheeks apart and writhing and bucking as Draco Malfoy plunged his finger into her asshole. It was awful and naughty and erotic and her pussy throbbed with want.

Draco pushed a second finger in and Hermione let out a deep animalistic grunt. The raw sound coming from the small, elegant woman stopped Draco in his pursuit. He responded with an equally visceral sound as he suddenly needed to feel her against him.

Draco stood up and roughly pulled her up by her upper arms. He held her body hard against his. Her back to his chest. The fullest contact he had allowed between them. Draco let out a ragged sigh of satisfaction that turned into a dangerous growl. He bared his teeth and dragged them down her neck, still gripping her arms.

"Did you like that?" he growled in her ear and then paused to nip at her neck. "You liked having your asshole fucked by my tongue, didn't you? You like having your ass stuffed don't you?"

She stood there letting his lewd words wash over her, more turned on than she thought she could ever be, and totally at a loss for what to do or think.

Draco buried his face in her curls and inhaled the amber, honey, orange, jasmine scent that his body had come to know as Granger. With each breath, it filled him, deeply and wholly. He loosened his hold on her as he smoothed his hands down her arms until both of his hands captured hers. He intertwined his fingers with hers and stayed there. The intimate and loving gesture keeping them both frozen and silent as it tried to say all the things they couldn't. And so they stood there, both with their eyes closed, secretly trying to commit the moment to memory.

Then Draco let go and bent to one knee behind her, sliding the cotton knickers down over her knees, slowly down her smooth calves, making sure to touch every inch he could under the guise of removing the fabric. He tucked his hand behind her knee and lifted up, unhooking the knickers from one foot, then the other. He balled the cotton and stuffed into his pocket with her tie. She would not be leaving with this.

He desperately wanted to see her. All of her. Draco stood and wrapped his fingers around her hips, his thumbs resting on the upper curve of her ass, nearly touching at the indent of her spine. Draco found the hook on her skirt at her right hip. Without removing his left hand from her other hip, he unhooked the skirt's latch and pulled the zipper down slowly.

Hermione felt her nipples harden further, jutting out into the air in front of her. Oh God. Her skirt. He was about to remove the last barrier. Even with what he had just done to her, the thought of being completely naked, exposed, in front of Malfoy made her tremble.

He didn't let the skirt fall, but kept his hands on her, palms flat on her hips, fingers caressing the fronts of her thighs, and dragged it down. Achingly slow. The scratchy wool firing her skin. He paused when he passed the juncture where her legs bent. Her uncovered pussy was just an inch beyond his long fingers, naked underneath the wool skirt. She felt his fingertips twitch and dig into her. Then the he was moving again, dragging it down, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. She felt herself being revealed, inch by inch, as the fabric slithered down and the cool air hit her. Her hips. Her backside. Her thighs. The backs of her knees.

The fabric of Malfoy's trousers rubbed against her naked ass. The crisp cotton of his shirt on her back. She could feel the long hard shaft of his cock pressed against her. He leaned over her again. His tongue tracing the shell of her ear. Hermione moaned and he sucked her earlobe.

"Lay on your back on the bed." His voice was husky and had a slight tremble. For the first time, Hermione became aware of just how much control he was exerting over himself. Why was he going so slow? Why didn't he just strip her and take her?

A shiver ran down her spine and she was acutely aware that she was completely naked and Draco was fully dressed. In a moment of panic, she thought that maybe he was going to humiliate her somehow. Leave her unfulfilled and mocking her. But the sounds he made, the raw hunger and lust in voice, reminded her that Draco Malfoy was, if nothing else, selfish. He would have his way with her.

Swallowing her anxiety, Hermione moved onto the bed. She was unbelievably nervous about revealing her sex to him, to let him see all of her. She knew it was irrational since he had just been in far more embarrassing places. She turned over, keeping her legs close together and laid down on her back in the middle of her bed. Looking up at the ceiling, she tried to overcome her fear, unable to look Draco in the eye. Afraid of the rejection she would see there.

It was the stuff of his most private dreams. This woman, so powerful, so beautiful, who had haunted him, laid out for him. Finally. In his bed. Curls fanned out around her head, a sea of pale caramel skin, tipped with rose. She was glorious in her nakedness.

Draco's heart hurt.

Her anxiety was palpable. He was torn between awe and heartbreak. How could she doubt herself? How could she not know how badly he wanted her? How beautiful he thought she was? How important, how special this was to him?

She looked every bit the scared virgin with her legs pressed together and her eyes darting around nervously. Draco walked to the side of the bed, his heart caught in his throat, and knelt down.

She turned her face away from him, an expression of shame etched on her features. Draco brushed the back of his hand along her exposed neck and leaned his forehead to her temple. He closed his eyes and searched for the courage to tell her what was in his heart.

"God. Look at you! You're so fucking exquisite, Hermione. You're so strong and good…" he trailed off, and the sound of her first name brought her attention away from her fear. "I know I can never live up to you, and that I don't deserve this, but every time I look at you, I…. You have no idea what you do to me. I want you so badly, Hermione. I'm so hard. My cock is so hard for you. I want to be inside you. Open your legs for me. Let me see you. Please."

Draco squeezed his eyes tight and stayed there for a moment trying to find his equilibrium, flushed and shaking inside at his confession and at the desperation in his voice.

He had never said please to any woman. Ever.

He pulled away, the revelation making him too vulnerable, and went to stand again at the end of the bed. She watched him now, following his movements wordlessly. Her expression still guarded. Draco looked down at her body. Her limbs in long straight lines, nipples arching into the air, the dark triangle of curls teasing him, and her small mouth, closed and pink. He wanted this vision burned into his brain. He found her gaze and saw her wrestling her inner demons, still trying to find her courage. He locked his eyes with hers and began to unbutton his shirt.

Hermione watched closely as the image that had played over in her mind formed before her. She could still feel the heat of his skin again, as she brushed her hand across the expanse of pale golden skin. She sucked in a deep breath as he peeled off the shirt, revealing his chest, strong arms, broad shoulders, and lean muscle that moved beneath his skin as he moved. His small hard nipples were flushed pink against his perfect skin and a thin line of dark blonde hair led Hermione's eyes to his belt. He was breathing slowly and the pink tinge on his cheeks made Hermione wonder if he was as nervous as she was. But she couldn't fathom why Draco Malfoy would be shy in front of her.

Draco's hand paused on his belt. His cock was locked up painfully in his pants and ached for release. The movement drew Hermione's eyes down and he saw the glimmer of curiosity flicker there. He smiled to himself and slowly drew out the leather, pulling it free and dropping it on the floor. He fingered the button.

God he was nervous. More than he had been his first time. Draco made a mental note to think about that later. His heart thudded against his chest as he flicked the button open. Desire merged with the curiosity in Hermione's eyes, and seeing it so plainly made Draco's courage return in full as he pulled at the row of buttons, almost smirking. Hooking his thumbs in both his pants and boxers, he brought them down together.

And there he stood, Draco Malfoy, completely naked, thick, long pink cock jutting out from a nest of dark blonde curls.

Hermione was openly staring. She couldn't take her eyes off his cock. It was the first she'd ever seen openly and in person. And it was...beautiful. Strange and beautiful, and she felt the coil of need in her belly curl up tightly.

Draco proudly grasped his hard cock, stroking down the length slowly. Hermione's breath quickened. There was something decadent about watching Malfoy stroke his cock. Setting her determination against her nerves, Hermione brought her knees up to a bent position. Draco's stomach flip-flopped and he licked his lips.

"Spread your legs, Granger. Show me your pretty pussy."

His words made her blush and she could feel the heat from the red splotches blooming on her chest. She moved her feet out tentatively and opened her knees.

"Oh, God. Yeeessss. Good girl," Draco moaned out loud as he looked at her dark pink pussy lips glistening with her juices. He gave his cock a hard stroke. He wanted to dive in and shove his tongue up into that hot wet cave. To taste her, to have her on his tongue.

The approving moan from Draco gave Hermione the courage to let her knees fall open more. She gulped hard and looked at the ceiling. She was showing Draco Malfoy her pussy. His eyes were on her, she could feel it, between her legs, devouring her, swallowing her.

Draco stayed at the end of the bed, slowly stroking his painfully hard cock and just staring between her open legs. After a long, full minute he growled low, "Touch your self Granger. Spread your pussy lips for me."

With her heart thumping wildly, Hermione snaked her hands down and stared hard at the ceiling as she pulled her wet sex open.

"Wider." Her breath hitched harshly at the command and she spread her pussy open obscenely. Draco let out a hard sigh.

"God, you're so wet. I can't wait to shove my hard cock in your hot wet cunt," he hissed out. "Play with your pussy, Granger. Show me how you want me to touch you."

Hermione's stomach somersaulted. His words went straight into her core. She closed her eyes and moved the fingers of one hand to her swollen clit, rubbing in small circles over the hard bundle of nerves. Her hips gyrated at the contact and she schooled her body, still embarrassed at her need.

"That's it Granger. You want me to rub your clit, don't you? I bet you want me to stuff your tight pussy too, don't you?" he ground out as he stoked his cock faster. She moved the fingers of her other hand to her entrance.

"Yes, Granger, fuck yourself with your little fingers," Draco growled. She could hear the need in his voice, and so could he. Hermione cringed inwardly at how badly she needed to be filled, so badly that she would do this in front of him, so badly that she would follow his orders. So badly that she sunk two fingers into her sopping pussy and immediately began thrusting them in and out. Her hips rolled against her hands and she couldn't stop herself. Her need to come was starting to spiral out of control.

"Look at me! Look at me while you ram your wet pussy with your fingers!"

Her eyes snapped open and locked on his. She was panting hard, her breaths loud in the quiet room. The tight coil of need warred with her embarrassment as she drove into herself, spurred on by the ravenous look in Draco's eyes.

He let out a deep predatory growl at the sight of her conflicting emotions and her agile body writhing in front of him. He didn't think he could restrain himself much longer. Her fingers flew over her clit and her hand pumped three fingers in and out of her pussy frantically.

She was so close... A deep pink flush stained her cheeks and she writhed under her hands on his bed. Draco was beside himself. This was such a private act, and he knew it. He knew what it was costing her. His desire skyrocketed and he suddenly had to stop her.

He would make her come. She was his to make fall apart. She belonged to him.

Draco grabbed her wrists and wrenched them away from his prize. He leapt onto the bed swiftly, over her, trapping her under the cage of his arms and legs. Draco pinned her arms by the wrists over her head and brought his face over hers.

Hermione stared up at him, her eyes wide. She was caught off guard by the feel of his large body over her, and she was desperate from her need for completion. She could feel his cock hanging down between her legs, against her thigh. The heavy weight of it surprised her. She moaned and rolled her hips up towards him.

"Tell me what you want Granger. Beg me for it," he commanded roughly. She moaned again and her hips bucked in answer. His face was inches away and his eyes were dark and stormy and burned into hers.

"Say it! I want to hear you tell me in detail what you want me to do to you, to your body. Tell me what you want Granger."

Draco realized this would be hard for her, probably harder than the whole act itself, so he gave a little. Holding both of her wrists in one hand, he brought his other hand over her eyes, plunging her into darkness.

He leaned his lips down to her ear. His hot breath on her neck made Hermione shiver and made her need for completion double.

"Do you want me to touch your tits, Granger?" he whispered.

Yes. Oh yes. She wanted him to touch her so bad. She ached to have his hands on her. Her back arched and her nipples touched the skin of his chest. Cut off from the intensity of his arctic grey eyes, Hermione found a hint of courage.

"Yes," she said breathlessly.

"Beg for it, Granger."

"Please." The whimper of desperation in her voice made his cock throb. "Please, Draco…."

His stomach melted like hot butter when his name rolled off her tongue. He licked the shell of her ear and Hermione squirmed.

"Please, touch my tits," she said so quietly he barely heard her.

"Good girl," he cooed in her ear.

The hand over her eyes slid down but she kept her eyes closed. Draco moaned quietly as he ran his palm along the soft skin at the side of her full breasts. He flattened his palm and lifted it off her skin to drag it across her hard nipple, touching nothing but the peaked tip. Her back arched into his hand and it closed reflexively, kneading her flesh. Hermione groaned in relief and Draco wanted to hear that sound for the rest of life. He pinched her nipple lightly and she moaned softly. His grip tightened hard and he gave a small twist. Electricity shot straight to her clit and Hermione bucked and writhed under him.

"Do you like that?" he asked low and gravelly. "Do you like having your nipples pinched hard?"

"Yes…Please." She flushed in embarrassment at admitting it.

"What else do you want Granger?" His tone was sultry. "Do you want me to touch your pussy?"

"God yes! Touch my pussy please," flowed from her lips in one breath.

"Mmmmmm," he moaned in her ear. Draco's free hand left her nipple with one last sharp twist and traveled over her stretched belly, into her soft curls and he lightly grazed her clit. She gave a slow roll of her pelvis in anticipation. Draco ran a long finger along the slippery seam of her pussy lips and leaned down to her ear again.

"Your pussy is so sexy and hot. I've been waiting so long to touch you here. It was torture to watch you hold your pussy lips open for me and not shove my tongue into your wet little hole."

Hermione groaned and writhed underneath him. Draco chuckled knowing what she wanted, but wanting to hear her beg for it.

"Mmmmm, kitten, I bet you want to feel my fingers inside you, don't you? You want me to stuff your pussy? Do you want me to fuck you with my fingers? Do you need to feel your pussy filled?" Her breathing was fast and shallow. "Beg me."

"Oh, GOD Draco! Please, please shove your fingers in my pussy. Please, I need it so bad!" she sobbed.

Joy screamed through Draco's body. He let go of her wrists and lifted off her to kneel between her spread knees. He had waited so long, wanted this so bad, he had to see it. He put his hands on her thighs and pushed her open farther. For a long moment he looked at the shiny pink lips of her sex and then slowly, too slowly, he let one long finger sink into her heat, watching it disappear between her slick pussy lips. He closed his eyes and moaned in the back of his throat as her burning hot, wet folds closed around him.

The walls of her pussy clamped down hard on him and his cock twitched in jealousy. Hermione let out a long, low wail and her lower back came off the bed. He pulled out just as slowly, torture. But he added a second finger when he sunk back into her again. It was the fullest she had ever felt.

Draco's mind reeled. He had his fingers inside Hermione Granger's untouched pussy! And it was unbelievably good, so hot, so tight.

The fullness in her clinging pussy both relieved her and made her want more, and she ground down against Draco's hand. The coil in her abdomen was wound so tightly it was almost excruciating. Pure desire overwhelmed whatever shame might hold her back.

"Please Draco, make me come. I need to come." She whimpered. Draco pulled his long fingers out of Hermione's drenched pussy and leaned up to whisper in her ear again.

"Open your mouth," he said calmly. Her lips parted into a soft oval. Draco traced her lips with his wet fingers, coating her mouth in her own juices, making her lips glisten. Then he dipped inside her hot open mouth, rubbing his wet fingers down the flat of her velvety tongue. He stroked her tongue deeply and commanded, "Suck your pussy juice off my fingers. All of it."

Hermione obeyed immediately and closed her mouth over his fingers. Her little tongue was swirling around his fingers, licking in every crevice as she tasted herself. Draco's eyes rolled back for a moment. Watching his fingers disappear into her small pink mouth was undoing him. He pumped his fingers into her slowly. Fucking her mouth the way he had fucked her pussy.

"You want me to make you come, Granger? I'll make you come. I'll make you come on my tongue. I'm going to fuck your sweet pussy with my mouth, Granger. Is that what you need?" He pulled his fingers out of her mouth and coated a nipple with her saliva. The cool air hit her wet nipple and she hissed.

"Yes! Fuck my pussy with your mouth! Suck on my clit! PLEASE!" Hermione cried out.

Draco all but dove to her pussy. Using both hands he spread her pussy lips apart, opening her impossibly wide, adjusting his hold on the slippery flesh, desperate to open her more. He wanted this more than anything, to see her open, spread, stretched, exposed to him, and him alone, even more than was physically possible, as though every answer, all of her secrets, could be found there hidden in her slick hot folds.

Her lips stretched open like this uncovered her dark pink clit, swollen and sticking out in invitation. Draco leaned down and gave it a feather light lick. Hermione rolled her hips and growled at the teasing stroke.

Draco examined the waiting opening with a hungry stare as he held her so far open. Hermione squirmed under his scrutiny and Draco's cock made another plea for it's own relief.

Keeping his hold on her lips, Draco buried his tongue as deep as he could push into her hot hole. The taste of her, at last, overwhelmed him and he attacked her pussy like a starving man. He thrust his tongue into her, curling it, lapping frantically to get as much of her essence as the physical world would allow. He growled into her in his frustration and desire to get further in.

Hermione was lost in it. Draco was practically consuming her. She writhed and opened her legs to the point of pain just to get him closer. Draco's mouth moved to the stretched inner walls of her pussy lips that he was pulling open. He licked broad strokes along the smooth red flesh and spread sucking kisses over them. He released the folds and sucked them together into his mouth. He sucked them hard and bit them and pulled them with this mouth until they throbbed in heat and Hermione's moans had turned into a streaming litany of incoherent mumbles.

And then he went for the prize. Draco spread her abused and aching lips again and gave her one long slow lick from her sensitive asshole, up, dipping into her pussy for a second only, up along the smooth skin under her clit and then finally up over the hard little nub begging for mercy.

Hermione bucked hard and her hands came down to Draco's head, viciously tangling in his silky hair to keep his mouth where she needed it. He licked all around her clit, and over it until her back arched off the bed, her body coated in a sheen of sweat, and her mumbles became a long wail.

She was on the edge. His prize was near. He plunged his fingers into her and thrust hard a few times, and then curled up inside her, against her front wall. She suddenly went silent and stiff and Draco traced over her clit with his tongue as she came hard: P-R-O-P-E-R-T-Y-O-F-D-R-A-C-O-M-A-L-F-O-Y.

He would never tell her that he'd claimed her like that. He would never tell anyone. It would be a treasured secret that would cause him to smile to himself at unexpected moments in the future.

Hermione's body shook and Draco greedily kept her spread open. He opened her so wide that he could see her pussy convulsing and he thrust his tongue into her gathering her nectar that belonged to him.

Draco was delirious with his own need to bury his cock in her, but watching her come down kept him spellbound. She was unhinged, soul-bared, vulnerable and yet, deliciously satiated. It was all there on her radiant face. A private, inner smile blossomed on her pink mouth and her eyes were heavy and moist. She looked like she was floating, blissful, languid, warm, and then a tremor would rock her body for a moment before she returned to floating.

Her curls were a wild, tangled mess that clung to her sweaty forehead. She was completely unguarded.

The full knowledge of what she was allowing him to see, slammed into Draco and stole his breath. He was taken aback by how simple, plain, pure and earth-bound it was. She was not an angel or a goddess. She was a woman. A very breakable woman, if only in this one instance. And she had handed him total control and responsibility for her. He felt that responsibility like a badge of honor and pride. Pride that she had chosen him.

Draco felt his heart swell and he felt like it might burst right out of his chest. A wave of protectiveness took hold of him and he needed to hold her in his arms. Draco crawled over her and lowered his naked body onto hers, covering her tiny frame underneath him. He rested the weight of his upper body on his forearms at either side of her head, and smoothed the damp hair off her face.

"Hermione…" he whispered, looking down at her closed eyes and flushed face. She smiled a little wider, but didn't open her eyes. "Hermione…" He needed to tell her something, but wasn't sure what it was. "I…Oh, God, Hermione…"

She opened her eyes slowly, heavily to see an almost pained expression on his face.


He moaned and brought his hands to either side of her face, holding her still. His head tilted and he slowly, softly pressed his mouth to her smooth warm lips.

He hadn't dared kiss her until now.

She made a soft sigh and tilted her head up a little in invitation. He placed his lips on hers again and captured her bottom lip in his. His tongue licked at her lower lip and she opened her mouth more to him. He gently licked his way into her mouth, caressing her tongue with his, smoothly, unhurried, savoring it.

Hermione's mind swirled in the thick haze of bliss, of his mouth, of his weight on top of her. Her fingers traced the pulse in his neck and wove into his hair. Slowly he plundered her mouth with his tongue, taking what was his, over and over, drugging her mind. It felt like he was trying to convey every thought, every feeling in this one kiss, and it overwhelmed her.

The feel of his long body pressed down on her, skin on skin, and his large hands cradling her face reawakened the fire in her and she deepened the kiss, her tongue swirling and laving against his.

As Hermione began to undulate beneath him, rocking her hips into his, Draco was overcome with his need to both continue his claiming of her mouth, and to be deep inside her – finally – where no one had ever been, to claim that also as his.

Hermione's tongue swirled around his, trying to draw him in deeper, faster, more urgently. She could feel the ridge, and the heat, of his hard cock resting against her belly and suddenly she was desperate to give herself to him, to have him take her. She wrenched her mouth from his.

"Draco… Draco, please make love to me," she pleaded, blushing at the sound of her voice saying the words out loud. But she wanted it, wanted him inside her, and her pussy ached, felt empty, from that want.

Draco growled and closed his eyes. Yes. Oh God Yes. Finally.

He reached between them and slid his fingers into her tight pussy once again. Her pussy was hot and sopping wet. And she needed to be. She was snug around his two fingers and he knew he was quite a bit wider than that. Hermione snaked her hand down between them and tentatively wrapped her small fingers around his rock hard cock.

"Fuck!" he ground out suddenly at her soft touch and closed his eyes. It was silky, heavy and hot in her hand. Hermione tightened her hold experimentally and Draco groaned. She looked up at his face, his eyes shut tightly and brows furrowed. She squeezed again, a little harder, and the crease between Draco's brows deepened. She pulled up once, lightly stroking her fingers over the shaft and over the smooth head, then tightened her grip and did it again. He thrust into her hand hard and grabbed her wrist.

"Next time," he said through gritted teeth. Still holding his cock firmly, she tried to position it where she wanted it.

"Please Draco. Fuck me please. I need you inside me. Please fuck my pussy!" she begged, shocked at her own brazenness.

Draco growled again and gave her a warning look that told her she'd better wield that power over him carefully. He lifted onto his knees and dipped into her again, spreading her slick juices over her pussy lips.

Draco's mind was mess of images, thought and feelings, all mixed up in swirling muddled whirlpool as he positioned his cock at her entrance. He was going to take Hermione Granger's virginity. No one else in the world would ever be able to say that. It belonged to him, and him alone. She was giving it to him.

Draco looked down at the beautiful woman under him and felt a knot grow in his chest. She stared up at him, her eyes sparkling and dark. It was almost unbearable.

Hermione felt the pressure at her opening.

Oh God.

This was it.

She was never going to be virgin again. From this moment on, she would be someone who had had sex.

With Draco.

And she wanted Draco so much that it hurt. It seemed like it had been building between them forever and it all came down to this moment. And then the next moment, when he would be inside her. The first and only person to ever be inside her.

In the back of her mind, she realized that this single moment would etch Draco Malfoy into her life forever. And she wanted that. Wanted him branded into her. No matter what happens, this would be his and with all her heart, she wanted him to have it.

Hermione spread her legs more and brought her knees up along Draco's hips. The head of his cock teased her opening and she rolled her hips up to meet him. Draco pushed forward slowly, breaching her folds, being sucked into that wet heat.

Draco and Hermione both moaned, their eyes closing and heads tilting back, as they finally came together.

Draco pulled out when the head of his cock was fully inside her to rub the slippery tip on her sensitive clit. He repeated the motion a few times, only sliding into her incrementally more each time. When he felt her barrier, he leaned down and buried his face in her soft curls, breathing her in. Fixing this moment into his mind.

He reached down and rubbed small circles over her clit. If there was going to be pain, there would be pleasure to. His muscles were pulled taught, moving over her, pulling out a little, pushing in a little, her body elastic and undulating. The desire to be filled with him and the ball coiling in her abdomen was making her crazy. Draco increased the pressure on her clit and her small mouth latched onto his neck. She sucked and licked and dragged her teeth over his pulse, his tendons, over his collarbone, hard and urgently. Draco tilted his head, baring his neck to her. He wasn't even all the way in her yet and she was spiraling. Her hips pushed up into him harder.

"Bite me," he commanded. "Bite me now!" Hermione gasped and he thrust into her hard, ripping the small bit of flesh and sinking the entire length of his cock deep in her pussy.

He threw back his head and hissed as her teeth sank into his shoulder and she screamed into his skin. She licked at the wound she marked him with. Draco felt the sting in his shoulder and hoped she'd left a mark. He wondered momentarily if it was possible to charm the mark to stay there always. He would treasure it as a reminder of the night he took Hermione Granger's virginity. And, the thought slipped in, of the night he gave away his carefully guarded heart.

Draco pressed into her canal and stayed there. She was so tight. Unbelievably tight. And hot. And her muscles clenched and squeezed and spasmed around his cock.

"Oh GOD! FUCK, Hermione!" he cried out. She ground her hips into his and he opened his eyes to find hers locked on his and filled with too many things to decipher. They were warm and wet, a couple of renegade tears leaving tracks down the sides of her face, and more than anything, they were beaming love. At him.

For Draco, who had lived for so long in a world of coldness and calculation, the sight washed over him and he felt something inside him break. He swooped down and captured her mouth in his, kissing her with everything he had in him, and resuming a slow, deep penetration into her. Slow and deep.

Hermione moaned into his mouth as his cock slid home and hit the back of her canal. She felt impossibly full and the ache in her belly was throbbing in growing need. She squeezed at the hardness in her instinctively, causing Draco to groan and pick up his speed.

A feverish desire began to build in Hermione and she bit him hard on the neck and dug her heels into his ass, pulling him into her. Faster. Harder. Her need growing wild.

Draco grunted as she bit him again and slammed his cock into her hard. His hand flew to her tits, grabbing at the stiff nipple, pinching and rolling it in his fingertips. He was not gentle and Hermione bucked under him, throwing his rhythm off momentarily.

Sweat broke on both their bodies and Draco licked broad, flat strokes anywhere he could reach, tasting her, coating her, marking her with his saliva.

Her hands wove into his hair, grabbing wildly at the disordered platinum strands. Draco's mouth sought out the abused nipple and he sucked it greedily.

He was pounding into her pussy hard, and he thought that being her first time he should slow down, but her heels dug into his ass and her strong legs pulled him into her.

Draco clenched his teeth together hard. "Do you like having your pussy full of cock, Granger?" he bit out roughly. "Do you like being fucked hard by my cock? Do you love my cock slamming into your tight pussy, Granger?"

God. Her pussy gripped him so hard! He thought he might go mad. And he wanted more. He wanted this forever. He wanted this to be his. He wanted her to be his.

"Yes! Fuck me Draco! Fuck me hard! Harder! Please! Oh God YES…" she pleaded franticly. His hips pistoned into her and his fingers found her clit. He circled it roughly and looked up at her face. He gave her nipple a small bite and a scrape of teeth before letting it pop from his mouth.

"Come for me, Granger! I want to feel you come on my cock. Come for me, now!" he demanded in a gravelly harsh voice.

He watched her tense face as his fingers flew over her clit and his cock thrust into her with a speed and power that he couldn't control. She arched under him, her beautiful breasts pressing into his chest. Her cunt was incredibly tight, clenched down in a merciless vice and he found he could barely pull out of her.

The scream that came from her as her body went rigid was low and guttural and loud and didn't even seem human. It filled the room and Draco's head as he felt the last vestiges of his control leave him. His eyes slammed shut and his face grimaced in the crook of her neck. The powerful spasms of her pussy were milking his straining cock almost painfully and he thrust into her, whimpering a choked stream of unchecked words.

"Oh my fucking God, Hermione. Oh God. Oh yes."

God, I love you so much. I love you. I love you. Hermione.


On his undefined "Please" Draco exploded deep inside her pussy, spilling into her with spasms that rocked him to his core.