Author's note: Hello! I'm going back through the chapters (today, March 20, 2009) in order to do a general brush-up, and also to head each chapter with a note as to which Doctor(s) are involved in that particular chapter. This is so that readers can get a better grip on the action, and so that younger readers can see who's on, Google or Wikipedia them (I recommend the Doctor Who wiki), and find out more so that they, too, can get more into the spirit of the story. (Thanks to Tanydwr for the suggestion!) I'm also going to put quotes on some of the notes at the beginning as well, to convey a sense of how that Doctor operates (more likely to do the older Doctors with this, for obvious reasons).


An inner chamber of some kind, looks like a store room.

Vhowarp vhoarp vhoarp WHUUMP! The Tardis materialized a few inches off the floor, then fell to the ground. Inside, Rose was still trying to pick herself off the floor.

The Doctor, who had practically bounced back to his feet the second after getting knocked off them, was already back at the main console, frantically pulling levers and twisting dials.

"Doctor," said Rose, "what happen-"

"Not now, Rose," he snapped. He had taken out his sonic screwdriver and was playing it over a smoking section of the console, his face drawn up in a worried frown. He rapped tentatively on the section, then jerked his hand away with a hiss. "That can't be good," he muttered. Using an edge of his jacket to protect his hand, he pried up a corner of the section and looked in.

"Blast," he said, dropping the panel back in place. As he turned to Rose, his face went from deep concern to wide grin. "Well, we may be here for a while. Might as well get out and see the sights! What do you say?" He reached down to help Rose to her feet, gave his lapels a tug, and started for the door.

Rose ran to keep up. "So where are we?"

"Hmm, I'd say...," he did some quick calculations. "Planet Krantos, Third High Stellar Empire." He reached the door, pushed it open, and bowed. "After you, Rose Tyler."

She smiled and stepped through, not noticing the worried glance he shot toward the console as he followed her out of the TARDIS.

Rose smiled uncertainly as she stepped out into a dark, dusty storeroom. "Um, Doctor, this looks hardly alien to me..."

The Doctor piled out after, grin still fixed. "Come on! Not all of every planet is a glamour spot! I mean, look at some of the dumps I've been in on your planet!" Under his breath, he muttered, " Like your mum's place."

"What was that?"

The Doctor once again had the screwdriver in his hand, playing it over nearby boxes. "Hello, what's this?" His hand latched onto a small lever in the wall. He turned and grinned "Another step into the unknown. Would you like to do the honors?"

"No, you go ahead," she said.

"Right!" He yanked hard, then leaped back as a large section of wall slid aside with a grating rumble. Behind it was...

"An old Earth car?!" said Rose incredulously. "Doctor, are you sure you sure your calculations were correct? For crying out loud, that thing looks like it's from the nineteen twenties at the very least!"

The Doctor was past her before she knew it, screwdriver extended and a very unnerving scowl on his face. "This is a very unusual item indeed. Get back a moment..." He played the blue light over several parts of the bright yellow touring car for several minutes, then stood back with a very grim expression. "That's impossible," he said flatly.

"What-what's wrong?" said Rose. She really didn't like the look on his face...

He turned to her, confusion and anger plain in his bright blue eyes. "Rose. I guess I should explain." He seemed to think hard for a moment, then started again.

"Rose, I'm not the... first person to have the name I have now. I think that..." He suddenly cocked his head and narrowed his eyes. "Rose, get back to the TARDIS, it's a trap!"

He whipped around...

to find both of them faced with several aliens of various descriptions holding heavy weapons. The Doctor sighed, and raised his hands. Rose, glancing nervously down several ugly barrels, did likewise.

"So," said the brown, blue-horned fellow in front, "it seems the high-and-mighty council of Gallifrey recieved our message earlier than we expected. A rescue team? For the so recently pardoned renegade?" He chuckled. "So, I assume that you've brought the ransom we asked for?" He prodded the Doctor with the barrel of his weapon.

"Ah. Well, you see..."

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The TARDIS screaming down the corridors of Time, accompanied by a hyped up, more urgent version of the classic Dr. Who theme. Several names spin onto the screen, in a cool 3-D mode:





The TARDIS jumps into real space for a moment, before leaping back into the corridors of Time.

Fade to black.