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Electronic Love

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Chapter 1: The End of Patience

Patience is virtue

Fuji had always held on to the English saying. Like when he fished or waited for the right moment to snap a picture or tried to win a match he knew he could easily win but didn't because it wouldn't be much fun. Patience is essential. And Fuji learned the art of being patience as he learned to master his favorite activities.

But everything has a limit and Fuji realized he was just there, standing in the line and having to decide whether he should take a step back and waited, or take a step forward and move on with his life and find a better thing to do. All because three years was a long period of time and he was so tired of waiting.

Fuji was tired of he subtle hints and obscured flirtation. He would've made the first move himself if not for the fact that the object of his affection would not appreciate it. SO he had decide to wait patiently and hoped that one day he'd see something other than seriousness in that adorably stern face.

So maybe it's his fault to fall for Tezuka Kunimitsu of all people in the first place. The young man was just as difficult to deal with as his tennis. But one look at him that first day Fuji joined the tennis club and he fell in love, hard. That instant Fuji had decided that he'd try to get Tezuka at whatever cost.

And so Fuji had accompanied Tezuka all this time. He always made sure to stay near the stoic boy especially during matches and practice just to see the piercing gaze that was rarely directed to him. Or maybe it's because he just wanted to torture himself with the attention he barely ever received, maybe he's just as masochistic as he was sadistic.

Well, whatever it was, Fuji had stayed for three very long, very lonely and very frustrating years, hoping that somehow, someday Tezuka would finally pay attention to him as a person, as Fuji Shusuke and not as Seigaku's tennis prodigy; that someday Tezuka would notice his silent affection and his sacrifice because if he might have it his way he would simply corner Tezuka and blackmail him into going out with him and forget Tennis at least for a while or suffer painful loss. That hope had made him stay, fuel his patience. But three years passed with nothing. Maybe Tezuka had stayed with him after some games and walked him home a couple of times. But it was always because of tennis, because Tezuka had something to say about his game but never about Fuji.

The hope that Tezuka would someday pay attention to him died slowly. There was always something that distracted his captain, his injury, the tournaments, Echizen, his injury again, Germany, and school.

Maybe his sister was right, he must move on with his life. He had waited for three years only to be disappointed over and over again. Besides, his time in Seigaku was nearly over. Sadly he realized that it was time for him to get over his beloved captain. There are many fishes in the sea, people say. There are many cute boys outside for him though only one went by the name Tezuka Kunimitsu and had the unbelievable ability in tennis and a passion for nature.

Fuji knew he'd have a difficult time letting go, but he must.

"Nya, Fujiko, where do you plan to go to after the final exam?" Eiji asked his best friend loudly. No one paid attention though, because it was lunch break and most of their classmates were in the canteen and because those who stayed in class were used to Eiji's loud voice anyway.

Fuji shook himself out of his day dreaming and looked at his best friend who jumped to sit beside him. The redhead had just finished his lunch with his new boyfriend and returned to the classroom to cheer his neglected best friend's day.

"Nowhere." Fuji replied with a smile and a negative shake of his head. Eiji bounced on the seat beside him.

"We should go to the karaoke!" the redhead said enthusiastically. "Then we should spend the holiday doing picnics. Oishi asked me to go with him, nya!"

A sharp pang of jealousy touched Fuji's heart but he smiled anyway. It rather hurt when he think of his friend succeeded in getting himself their vice captain as his boyfriend while Fuji was stuck with being a rival to his crush.

"Gomen, Eiji. But I can't." Fuji said with an apologetic smile.

Eiji stopped bouncing and stared at him wide-eyed for a while before breaking into a whine. "Nya, demo… Fujiko-chan, it's not gonna be fun without you. Besides, we need refreshment after the suffocating exam…"

"Ah, gomen, gomen. But I must study for my entrance exam. Besides, I'd only disturb Oishi." Fuji said apologetically, though his eyes twinkled mischievously in the last remark.

"Nani!" Eiji exclaimed in surprise and confusion, ignoring Fuji's teasing remark. "But I thought you're going to Seigaku High, nya!"

"I changed my mind." Because Tezuka would enroll there and I wouldn't be able to get over him if I stayed by his side any longer, Fuji added in his mind. "I wanted to taste the life in dormitory."

"But, Fujiko…." Eiji whined with teary eyes. Fuji almost changed his mind at the whine but resolved to keep it. Thought about letting go strengthened his will.

"Gomen, Eiji." Fuji apologized yet again. "I'm sure you won't be lonely there, though. Oishi, Taka-san, Tezuka and Inui will be there." Deliberately, Fuji mentioned Tezuka's name in the middle, not wanting to draw suspicion. He knew that the redhead wouldn't be able to keep it a secret if he found out.

"Fujiko-chan…" Eiji whined again and this time Fuji really almost relented. Suddenly the bell rang outside their classroom, signaling the end of the lunch break.

"Eiji, have you done your math project?" Fuji asked to distract his friend.

"Huh? Oh, no! I forgot! Fuji, can I borrow yours? It's the next class, right? I'm so doomed, nya!"

Fuji smiled as he handed his friend his book. After watching Eiji scribbled numbers frantically into his own notebook for a while, Fuji turned to watch the view outside, carefully avoiding looking at Tezuka's class.

"So how's school?" Yumiko asked her brother as she picked some vegetable from a small bowl on the tray in front of her.

"Hmm? It's okay." Fuji answered with his usual closed-eye smile.

Fuji's mother went to see her husband in America this for a month. And since Yuuta still refused to go home without any good reason, like their mother or sister making his favorite food, Yumiko and Fuji were the only ones left in the house. The remaining two Fujis were in the dining room having dinner when this regular conversation happened.

"Have you told Eiji about your change of mind?" Yumiko asked. Eiji was one of Fuji's friends she was familiar with. Fuji often told her about his antics and Eiji sometimes came for a sleepover in their house. This had made the two to be quite close.

"Yes. He asked me not to." Fuji said with a laugh.

Yumiko smiled at her brother. Then slowly the smile was replaced by seriousness. "Are you sure, Shusuke?" Yumiko asked, looking straight into her brother's closed eyes.

Fuji knew she meant something more than just his new choice of school. They were very close to each other and ever since Yumiko learned that her brother was in love with his buchou, whom she only ever met a couple of times, she had been very supportive of all Fuji's attempts in winning Tezuka's affection. But in the end, she was also the one who advised Fuji to let go because she saw how much Fuji had suffered.

Fuji put his chopsticks down and opened his eyes. Blue met blue as he stared at his sister evenly.

"It's time to move on." He said softly.

Yumiko stared at her brother for a while. She saw sad determination in the eyes so similar to her own. Then she also put down her chopsticks and reached into the pocket of the skirt.

"I thought about giving this to you after your exam, but I think you'd better start now." Yumiko said as she handed a piece of paper to Fuji.

The closed-eye expression returned as Fuji took the paper. He chuckled as he read what's written on it. "Maa, nee-chan…" he began.

"Just try it. My friends said there are a lot of cool people there." Yumiko interrupted her brother's protest.

"I don't think they'd allow gay members." Fuji said matter-of-factly.

"Actually they do." Yumiko said as she took her chopsticks. "Just try it, Shusuke. Maybe you'll find someone who will make you forget there. And if not, then at least you meet new people and make new friends."

Fuji remained staring at the small piece of paper for a long while. Then much to his sister's delight, he pocketed it and returned to his meal.

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