The Happy Ending

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The Happy Ending

Needless to say, Fuji stayed the night. And that first time led to many more love making between them.

Tezuka had wanted to keep it down. Honest. But his teenage hormones didn't agree with him. Especially after walking in on Fuji, finger fucking himself on the bathroom the morning after. Fuji was probably only cleaning himself off Tezuka's essence, but it was an arousing sight nonetheless. Next thing they knew, Tezuka was pinning Fuji against the shower wall while pounding into him madly.

It didn't stop there. One could say that they had fucked on every surface in the house, flat or otherwise, in any position they could recall from Yumiko's very useful 'Guide of Love'. For example, the supposedly innocent breakfast ended up with Fuji being on Tezuka's lap, riding him in abandon. Washing the dishes ended up with Tezuka fucking Fuji on the kitchen counter with the help of the very useful whipped cream and chocolate sauce. They did it on the wall, in the Jacuzzi and on the sofa among many other places they found themselves in. Tezuka was suspicious that Fuji put Viagra in their breakfast that morning.

That wasn't it all. After finding out the contents of the bedside drawer, Fuji asked Tezuka to do what he dreaded to do. But still, Tezuka obeyed his lover with little complaints anyway. Tying Fuji to the railing on the balcony and fucking him on the broad daylight in the open space was okay. Blindfolding Fuji was okay. Hell, even shoving a vibrator up Fuji ass was okay for him to do. Tezuka even allowed Fuji to try some of these stuffs on him. He did get a bit hesitant when Fuji asked for role playing. Tezuka was convinced shortly anyways. He could never resist the tempting offer of being inside Fuji.

They embraced each other wordlessly, Fuji a purring and content presence beside Tezuka. Tezuka couldn't believe they did all that in one day. Yesterday they were innocents (or as innocent as Fuji could be) virgins. And now they're practicing Kamasutra like professionals. It's scary what the combination of a genius lover and teenage hormones do to you.

"Did I hurt you?" Tezuka asked, kissing Fuji's forehead.

"No. I'm a bit sore, though."

"I'm surprised it's just a bit, seeing how we've overdone it."

"Not that 'bit'." Fuji said, punching Tezuka's arm lightly. "I enjoy it though. Especially that last one and when you took me in the bathroom this morning. Finally I could get you out of control."

"That was what I wanted to do when you stripped before me and stepped into the shower in the clubhouse two years ago."

"I remember that time. I was trying to get a reaction from you." Fuji pouted cutely. "I didn't get it."

"The reaction came later that night."

Fuji chuckled and kissed him gently. When they broke the kiss, Fuji stared into his eyes lovingly. "I love you."

"I love you, too."

Unable resist the sweet and loving look on Fuji's face, Tezuka smiled and kissed him chastely. "Your sister wants you back tonight. I think she'll send her friend to pick us up later."

Fuji glanced at the clock briefly. "Then we still have a few hours to rest." He said as he shifted closer to his lover. His eyes closed as sleep overtook him.

"Shuusuke." Tezuka called after a long moment of silence. Fuji hummed to show to show his attention. "Will you still move to St. Rudolph?"

Fuji looked up to Tezuka's eyes with a light frown marring his face and poked his chest. "That's a very stupid question. Of course not." His expression softened into a smile. "It took three long and painful years for me to finally have you. I won't let you out of my sight anymore. I don't want to be parted from you. I love you, Kunimitsu."

Feeling relieved, Tezuka smiled. "I love you, too, Shuusuke."

As he drifted off to sleep, Tezuka chastised himself for being such a coward for the past three years. His lack of confidence almost completely and permanently ruined his chance of being with this very beautiful, very lovely, very willing person now beside him. Silently, he thanked his friends for their help. He knew without their support, he'd freak out at their last moment.

But he's still going to make Inui run laps for what he put in the drawer.

The End

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