Could this be love?

(a advanceshipping/contestshipping fan-fic)

Chapter one

It was one fine morning in the small town of Pallet. Where a young Pokémon trainer by the name of Ash Ketchum was heading home after finishing his travels in Sinnoh. With his companion Pikachu, they were both looking forward to see everyone back in Pallet.

"How do you think Mom is Pikachu?" The trainer asked his furry companion

"Pika pi" (I bet she is fine)

"Come on Pikachu let's run home!" suggested the unanticipated trainer

"Pikachu!" (Sure thing Ash)

The two friends ran all the way to Pallet. They ran over hills and past trees. Soon they were back home at Pallet. Ash took in a big breath of country air.

"It's good to be home"

"Pikachu" (Sure is)

They continued to ran down the graveled road. Soon enough they were at Professor Oak's lab. Ash pushed the black gates and enter himself into the lab. Professor Oak at the time was giving out the three starter Pokémon to three new young trainers. Ash went upstairs and saw Professor Oak and Tracey giving out the three starter Pokémon to three new trainers.

"Professor Oak!" Ash greeted the old Professor

The Professor shifted his attention from the three young trainers to Ash who was heading towards him

"Hello Ash. Long time no see. How was your journey in Sinnoh?" the curious Professor asked

"It went well. I got up to the top three" the disappointed trainer replied

"There's nothing to be disappointed Ash. You did well. Professor Oak and I watched it all in TV" Tracey said

"I guess your guys are right. Next time I'll do better" Ash said with a tone confidence in his voice

"That's the sprit Ash"

Professor Oak was too busy enjoying his conversation that he didn't notice a little girl was tugging on his coat.

"Professor Oak?" Ask the little girl

"Hmm? Oh yes. Nearly forgot about you guys"

"Yes you did Professor" the young girl smiled

"Well have you chosen your Pokémon yet?"

"Yes. I have chosen Charmander"

"Well I hope you will raise it well"

"I will Professor"

"Come on Vanessa. Let's go" Two boys called out

There were two boys who were waiting for Vanessa to leave.

"Well that's my queue. Must leave now"

"Go ahead now Vanessa. Have a nice trip"

"I will" Vanessa smiled and left joining the two boys who were waiting for her

Professor Oak went back to his conversation with Ash.

"So you planning to leave on a new journey?"

"Not yet. I think I might rest here at home for awhile"

"Well you better go home and say hi to you mom" Tracey suggested

"Yeah, better head my way there now"

Ash and Pikachu headed out of Professor's Oak lab and head towards his home where his mother was. Ash ran down the path again. Soon Ash was back home. Ash turned around the doorknob and pushed the door. Ash pushed the door and enter the house. It was too quite.

"Where could they be?" Ash asked himself

Ash continue to walked the empty house. Still there was no sign of life. Ash went up to his room. Ash walked in and still nobody was in.

"Where is everyone?" Ash asked himself again

Ash walked out of his room. What Ash didn't know that someone was following him. Ash could hear the footsteps behind him. Ash keep walking until he was in the living room. Ash stopped walking and heard one last footstep before the sound stopped.

"Okay. Who is following me?"

"Awww. How did you know it was me?"

Ash turned around and found it was his younger sister Amelia. Ash and Amelia were only two years apart. Amelia had a teal top with a red skirt with a white hat with a half red poke ball as design.

"What are you doing here?" Ash asked his younger sister

"Is it bad to come home?"

"No. it's just what made you come here?"

"I just finished my journey in Hoenn so I thought to come home"

"Weren't you staying at Dad's? why didn't you go home there?"

"Dad was on a business trip"


"So do you know where Mom is?" Amelia asked her older brother

"I thought you know?"

"I just came like ten minutes ago"

Soon Delia came back with shopping bags in each of her hands. She was surprised to find both of her children back home at the same time.

"Well isn't this a surprise?"

"Yeah it is Mom" Ash replied

"Lucky I bought lots today. Looks like I will be in the kitchen longer"

With no hesitation Delia went into the kitchen with Mr.mine following her. Ash decided to show her little sister to his room.

"So you want to go to my room Amelia?"


The two siblings went to Ash's room. Inside was one very tidy room. The two sweat dropped.

"Bro. I didn't know your room was this tidy"

"Me either"

Ash went to find his other badges from his pervious journeys while Amelia was looking around his room. She could see posters of Pokemon on his walls. What caught Amelia's attention was a half pink contest ribbon. Amelia picked it up and inspected it.


"Yes?" Ash replied as he was still looking for his old badges

"Did you compete in contests?"

"Well I started when I met May. Why ask?"

"Then why is this contest ribbon in half?"

Ash stopped looking for his old badges and grabbed the ribbon off Amelia.

"Who told you to take this?" with a higher tone of voice

"Nobody. Why is that ribbon so important to you. Is it from May?"

"May? How do you know her?" Ash replied as a huge red blush appeared

"I saw you and May on TV were you cut that ribbon in half. By the way your acting it seems that ribbon has sentimental value" Amelia teased

"It has sentimental value. It's the only ribbon I have"

"But it's like it has another reason" Amelia teased as she lifted a eyebrow

"Shut up. Come on let's see if Mom finish cooking"

"Now you talking my langue"

Without thinking twice the two raced out of Ash's room to the kitchen.

End of chapter one

Yes this is a new fan-fic. I hoping this story will go a bit longer. I hope you guys will like this fan-fic.