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The Engagement

At first glance, there's nothing special about Tezuka Kunimitsu life. Sure, he's the sole heir of Zeroshiki co., winner of Japan National Tennis Tournament four years in a row since 9th grade, best student since elementary school to high school, chosen as student council president not once but twice, and not to mention a current student of the prestigious Tokyo University. He's just an ordinary young man with the looks and attitude that drew attention from about every female within a mile radius. No, there's nothing special about him at all.

Not really.

Tezuka never thought of himself as different from his peers. Unless when he's taking off his shirt and thus revealing the necklace around his neck. Or more precisely, the ring that hung on the necklace around his neck. His engagement ring.

Yes, Tezuka Kunimitsu was engaged. To whom, you asked? To the heiress of Fuji co., Fuji Yumiko, someone about nine years older than him of course. And they had been engaged for quite a while too. Ever since he was ten actually. Shocking was an understatement. Yumiko would've told you that it was more like an attempt to murder someone by inflicting heart attack.

Their parents were best friends ever since their college time and their friendship only got stronger after they both entered the business world. Since their companies often worked together, in order to straighten the business partnership and due to certain joke they made during their younger days (over booze among other things), they decide to betrothed their children to each other. Imagine their jubilance upon knowing that Fuji's first born was a girl and Tezuka's was a boy. Large parties were held to celebrate the lucky predicament but a more private one was held ten years after Tezuka's birth to celebrate the engagement.

So whenever Tezuka heard people wondering about his unusually mature disposition, he knew the answer but chose not to say it. Most people weren't used to hearing a teenager being engaged to someone nearly a decade older than him starting when he was twelve. Only few people knew of this. One of them was Tezuka's childhood friend who was also the son of the vice president of his father's company, Oishi Shuichiro. Yes, that's the boy who was so traumatized upon seeing the engagement that he turned gay.

As for Tezuka's fiancée, she was working in Fuji co. as a manager. She had smartly occupied herself with numerous lovers that no one ever questioned the ring on her right ring finger. She met Tezuka occasionally and treated him like a younger brother. She avoided the topic of marriage and pretended not to hear anything whenever Tezuka mentioned about it.

Speaking of marriages…

Tezuka was currently walking down the beautiful hall of the Fuji's residence. He had been called this morning by Fuji-san who asked him to come to his house with his parents to discus an 'urgent matter'. Now parents meeting on his fiancée's house only meant one thing: marriage. Tezuka wished he could stick being fourteen.

The butler before him knocked on a wooden door. Tezuka took a deep breath as he heard an order to enter. The butler opened the door.

"Tezuka-san is here, sir."

"Oh, yes. Please come in, Tezuka-kun."

The room was somewhat informal looking compared to the hall. Painting, flowers and electronic devices filled the spacious room. The sunlight poured through the window overlooking the beautiful garden outside warmed the room nicely.

His parents were sitting in a white couch, waiting for him to join them. They had come before him because he still had to attend some classes earlier. Opposite to them on an identical white couch were Fuji Yumiko and her mother. Tezuka joined his parents and greeted them politely then he looked up to the man of the house to explain why he was called here.

"As we already know your father and I has many years ago decided to join out families. It might begin as a casual conversation as college best friends but after facing the harsh reality of the business world we decided to take that conversation seriously. Through our children's wedding we hoped to strengthen out business partnership. Now you have been engaged to my daughter for ten years. You are now twenty, ready for the responsibility that would be place upon you. You are ready to marry Yumiko and we have agreed that when you turn twenty, it's time to end your engagement."

Tezuka took a deep calming breath. Here it comes…. Goodbye celibacy.

"However, there is a small hitch."


Yumiko leaned forward and took Tezuka's hands in hers. "Kunimitsu, you are so kind to me. I know it's hard for you to accept the fact that you are engaged to a woman nine years older than you. But still you are so polite and patient and kind to me. I couldn't expect more from a man." She smiled to him. Tezuka just looked at her blankly. What was she up to? "Kunimitsu, I'm sorry. I'm pregnant."

Tezuka blinked once, twice. What did she just say?

"I'm sorry. I don't expect you to understand. I would understand if you're angry, or disgusted, or…"

Tezuka shook his head. "It's all right."

Yumiko smiled to him gratefully. Tezuka looked up when he heard her father cleared his throat. "I'm glad you aren't angry." He said with an uneasy smile.

Of course he wasn't angry. He wasn't going to get married to her! Welcome back celibacy!

"But something must be done. The competition in this era is very tight."

Tezuka frowned lightly. What's he talking about? Right then, a knock was sounded on the door. The butler who took Tezuka to the room earlier came in after Fuji-san allowed him entry.

"Young master is here, sir."

And then a smiling brunette made his entrance. He was similar in look to Yoshiko and Tezuka recognized him as Yumiko's younger brother who had been studying in Europe since junior high, Fuji Shuusuke. Though Tezuka hadn't seen him for three years he could still recognize him. His appearance changed little since then. He seemed more mature and more elegant than ever. The blue eyes opened slightly and swept over the three figures. They lingered a little longer on Tezuka, causing a strange flutter in his heart. It last only a moment because Fuji quickly altered his attention to his father.

"Tezuka-kun, meet your new fiancée."

Say what?!

Tezuka looked at Fuji-san in incredulity then he looked at the person who was said to be his new fiancée.

Fuji Shuusuke looked surprised as well. His smile froze on his lips for a second before twisting up in a rather creepy manner. He said nothing but Tezuka could pretty much guess what he had in mind. I just arrived from hours of flight, got caught in the traffic, arrived home to learn that his baby brother wasn't yet around to tease and now his father suddenly say what?

"Pardon?" Fuji asked sweetly with a smile.

For some reason, he scared Tezuka with that smile. But his family seemed to be used to it. His father explained the situation to him calmly.

"You are now engaged to Tezuka-kun in replacement of your sister."

Yumiko beamed to her brother. "I'm pregnant."

Remembering the situation at hand, Tezuka turned to his parents. "Do you agree to this?"

"Yes." His father replied casually. "Fuji-san is right."

"Wasn't there any other way?"

"A contract would lead to one side being in a disadvantage. Marriage is a fair way to maintain this partnership." Kuniharu said with a smile.


"He understands." Ayana told her son. "We've called him earlier. He had some difficulties accepting that at first but now he's okay with it."

Probably they convinced his grandfather by threatening his beloved bonsai (Marylin-chan) but Tezuka didn't want to argue about that. Running out of excuses, Tezuka turned to his new fiancée. The young Fuji was stared at him in a mixture of amusement and annoyance.

"And does it ever cross our mind that I might not be gay?" he asked everyone in the room in general.

"Yes." Fuji-san answered. "But we don't have many options."

Fuji and Tezuka stared at their own parents, wondering what kind of evil deed they had done in their previous life to deserve such karma. Then they stared at each other, measuring and wondering. Tezuka's heart beat sped up slightly but he ignored it. After a few tense seconds, they reached an understanding.

Fuji's smile grew as he approached Tezuka. Tezuka stood and towered before Fuji. He might look rather intimidating for some, but Fuji's deadly smile earlier was the epitome of intimidation. Fuji offered his hand and Tezuka took it graciously. Fuji's hand was surprisingly soft for a man, only slightly calloused from little hard work.

"I think I should start calling you sweetheart."

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