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"Good morning, handsome."

Fuji stifled a laugh as Tezuka blinked away sleepiness. He always looked more open in the morning when he wasn't fully alert and without his glasses on. Fuji had resorted to hiding his glasses every now and then just to see that look again. Not today, though. Today he had a feeling that it wouldn't be necessary. His smile widened when Tezuka wrapped his arms around him and lazily kissed his cheek.

"Maa… you are getting lazy, Kunimitsu."

Tezuka grunted. "Someone kept me up all night last night."

"Someone was overzealous last night." Fuji replied. He rested his head on Tezuka's chest, listening to his heartbeat. The calming sound combined with the warm sunlight and sounds of waves crashing on the shore coming from the open windows lulled him. He could fully understand why Tezuka would feel lazy even without the nightly activity. It's a good change, though. It's nice to see Tezuka finally relaxing, losing the tension that used to be constantly present.

They remained like that for a while, lazing around on the bed. Fuji felt Tezuka's idly stroking his bare back and felt more content that he'd ever been. Why hadn't they done this sooner?

"Do you have any plan today?" Tezuka asked.

"Mmm, no. I've sent the photos yesterday. We can relax today."

"Are you sure you want to just relax?"

Fuji lifted himself up and smiled at Tezuka playfully. "Why? What do you have in mind?"

"A stroll at the beach maybe." Tezuka answered. If not for the fact that Fuji knew him well, he would've thought Tezuka was being genuine. "Anywhere is fine now that our mothers aren't tailing us."

Playfully, Fuji punched Tezuka's shoulder. "Oh, that's just cruel. Don't you miss your mother?" He didn't fight, though, when Tezuka draw him for a mind-blowing kiss. Fuji pressed their naked bodies closer, loving the sensation of bare skin against bare skin.

They wouldn't have dared to do this before but things had changed now. After that fateful night when Fuji returned from Brazil, they decided to move away as far as possible from their family. Fuji had managed to blackmail their fathers into giving them enough money to support them for a while. After giving a suitable punishment to Tezuka for his decision to bet on Fuji's well-being with the help of ever-so-helpful Oshitari and Kawamura's ever-so-delicious sushi, they immediately left Japan. Fuji was still working as a photographer now, travelling around the world to take pictures he would send to Oshitari who now become some kind of middleman between him and his sponsors. Meanwhile, Tezuka helped managing his family business via internet. They had nothing to worry about in terms of business partnership now since Yumiko had issued a contract detailing the terms between their companies which didn't involve trying to get either Tezuka or Fuji pregnant.

A loud ringing voice distracted Fuji from his thought. He wanted to ignore it but Tezuka was pushing him away slightly despite the fact that he obviously enjoyed their kiss very much. "Your phone." He said, lightly caressing Fuji's swollen bottom lip with his thumb.

Fuji pouted but obeyed, deliberately dragging his body over his fiancé's groin as he reached out for his cell phone on the bedside table. He smiled as he picked up the phone when Tezuka tightened his grip on his hips. "Hello?"

"Hello, Fuji. There's a 99% chance that I am interrupting your morning session with Tezuka. I apologize."

Fuji chuckled, lolling his head to one side when Tezuka lightly kissed his neck. "It's all right, Inui. We're used to having audience and being interrupted. Why did you call?"

Inui cleared his throat uncomfortably on the other side. There was a soft hissing sound in the background, making Fuji wondered if Inui also interrupted his own session when he called. "I think you'd want know that Atobe has found your location."

Fuji raised an eyebrow. "Really? How?"

"He rented a P.I. named Yanagi. There is an 89% chance that he's going to your place now. You have approximately seven hours, thirty-two minutes, and forty-seven seconds to go. Good day, Fuji. Give my regards to Tezuka."

Fuji put his cell phone back to the bedside table then turned back to kiss Tezuka. Lust sizzled up when Tezuka ran his hands up his sides. Fuji bit his lips as he tried not to rock his hips. "Atobe found us." He gasped out as Tezuka lightly bite his neck.

Tezuka pulled away to frown to Fuji. "That's fast." He commented. He undoubtedly recalling the time Atobe nearly got them just over two weeks ago.

Fuji shrugged. "Yeah. Too bad, I love this place."

"When will he arrive?"

Fuji's eyes glinted mischievously. "In around seven hours. That..." He said as he rolled their position so that he was now on top of Tezuka. "That is still enough time for more…ah, vigorous activity, to quote my mother."

Tezuka looked as if he was about to comment on that remark but wisely changed his mind. Fuji smiled as he bent down to kiss his lover and linked their fingers together. Neither cared about leaving this place immediately. They didn't care where they're going to go next to avoid their mothers and Atobe. They didn't care about what's ahead of them. They had all he needed. They had each other. And a suitcase full of lubes, condoms, and toys Yumiko insisted to send them. And those were all that mattered.


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