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"That goddamn bitch." I muttered angrily to myself while scarfing down rocky road and watching Spider-man 2, "I give her my heart, and she throws it into the dirt. And stomps on it." I took another bite, "Was that all I was? A cheap lay?" My parents had been wise and left the hotel room while I fumed.

'Peter, do you love me?'

Peter Parker paused a moment at the question, 'No.'

'Kiss me.' Mary-Jane said, 'What?' Parker chuckled, 'Kiss me.'

They leaned in, and just as their lips were about to connect, Parker's spider sense went off, just before a car came crashing through the window.

"Now why in the hell would he say 'No'? It's painfully obvious he does! I thought it was painfully obvious Sakura loved me. But this isn't a movie." I started to sob again.

After another hour or so of the movie, and another half gallon of ice cream, I clamed down somewhat. The movie was just about over, and I decided I was going to take a walk, when something caught my eye.

The wall was falling down on Mary-Jane, Parker stepped in front of it and held it up, 'Hey.' He said with some effort, 'You do love me, don't you?' the red-head asked, staring at the man in front of her,

'I do.'

Later, after Mary-Jane left her fiancée at the alter and ran to Parker's apartment,

'Why didn't you tell me?'

'If my enemies found out about you, that would put you in grave danger, and I can't take that risk.' She kissed him, 'The risk is mine to take. And I want to take it.'

They both turned when they heard the sirens, 'Go get 'em, Tiger.'

I thought for a moment, 'When Sakura and I were first kissing…' I brought my fingers to my lips, 'Wait…she ran to the store in the middle of a rainstorm. She refused a ride. And…that was also when my house burned down. And she always disappears during school for long periods of time. And…her lips…they tasted like…' I gasped, 'I am such a moron! I should've seen this weeks ago!'

I shot up and grabbed my jacket before dashing off to Sakura's apartment.


I have never felt this shitty. Not even when that serum was morphing my body. It had only been a couple hours since I ended it, but I hadn't stopped crying, I didn't think I would any time soon. "Damn it, I didn't want this life! And now I can't even be with the woman I love! I broke, no, shattered her heart, I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of my high school life is going to be a living hell."

I recomposed myself when I heard a knock on my door, I opened it, and nearly fainted when I saw an out of breath Ino standing there, was she taking her revenge already? "What do you want, Yamanaka?" I spat, trying to keep up my act, and obviously failing, she just started at me, not with anger or sadness, but something else?

"Why didn't you tell me?" she shoved past me and looked around,

"What?" I shut the door, "Come on, Sakura-chan, or should I say, Blossom? It's obvious, you always disappear during school, even when we kissed on your couch."

I started to internally panic, "What are you talking about, Yamanaka?"

"Oh stop with the act. I already figured it out." She got up close into my face, "But, I want to hear you say it. Sakura-chan, I want to hear you say, 'I'm the Blossom.' Come on, say it."

"You're crazy." I said, and opened the door, "I think you should leave."

"Well, if you're not who I say you are, then if I looked around your room I wouldn't find a costume?" she cocked an eyebrow, 'oh shit! I forgot to shut my closet!' I was petrified in place as she waltzed into my bedroom, "Well, well, what's this?" she came out holding my costume to her body modeling it, "What do you want?"

"I want to know why, Sakura-chan." She tossed it onto a chair, " I want to know why you dumped me, and why in such a way? And don't give me any 'to protect you from my enemies' shit. I want to know why."

"Ino, I did do it to protect you. Itachi swore revenge on me, so I had to alienate you, and make you hate me so that I wouldn't have anyone special that he could use to get to me. I didn't want to risk your life."

"That risk is mine to take. Sakura-chan, I still love you, and I want us to be together. Hell, we would've been in trouble anyway, you know how people feel about gays around here. Sakura-chan, I love you."

I stared at her for a moment before she kissed me passionately, "I'm not letting you go that easy." We turned when we heard the sirens, "You come straight back, got me?" she poked me as she spoke, "Alright." I kissed her before grabbing my costume and changing in my room, before I left, I turned to her, and she said, "Go get 'em."


"So Itachi failed."

"Yeah," I had slipped away from the police as they carted my brother back to prison, "Well, then it looks like we'll have to try a different approach." The boss started to cackle madly, "We will destroy Konoha, I swear it."

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"I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to endure and persevere through overwhelming odds.'
-Christopher Reeve 1952-2004