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Pairing: Not exactly sure yet (for Kagome)…, Tohru/Kyo

I know that I said I wouldn't post any more stories, but I just couldn't resist! I am completely enthralled with the Furuba manga right now and there are very few Inuyasha/Fruits Basket xovers and even fewer decent ones…so here is my attempt…

Note: In the Fruits Basket manga, it seems to use 'kun' more than 'chan,' even for the girls, so I am going to go along with that so you don't have to correct me in a review saying that 'kun' is for boys only

"Okay, everyone this is Higurashi Kagome. Treat her with respect." The teacher of the class introduced, writing the name of the new student on the chalkboard. A few whispers ran along the classroom but other than that, no one said a word.

Kagome stood in at the front of the classroom, trying her hardest to give a smile but obviously failing miserably. She knew that she probably looked horrible, or at least really exhausted, but didn't really care, how could she possibly care about anything anymore? Her life was in complete shambles and it just seemed no one care, she had no one left…

"Hello, I hope we can be friends." Kagome said quietly and made it sound very unbelievable; she didn't want any friends, none at all. She would deal with this on her own. She bowed low as she introduced herself, standing up straight afterwards. She rubbed her grey-blue eyes, mostly grey due to her depression. The rubbing only seemed to make worse the dark purple bruise-like markings underneath her eyes that now seemed to be a permanent feature on her otherwise flawless face.

"Alright Higurashi, go sit by Sohma." The teacher of the class ordered, pointing in the direction of a rather good-looking male with odd coloured hair. Kagome raised a brow at him, slightly amused by the rather vacant and indifferent expression on his handsome face.

She slowly walked towards the empty desk near him, not bothering to listen to the whispers of the students, most of them from girls who looked like they were jealous that she got seated where she did. Kagome ignored them, not caring in the least that they were most likely saying nasty things about her, she didn't care at all. She sat at the desk, slightly relieved that she was seated near the window so she could stare out it at the scenery. She just didn't give a damn anymore, not about anything; she could drop out of school for all she cared. She decided to attend high school though; her attendance being a condition to be able to keep the shrine despite the fact that she wasn't legally an adult, or if she didn't, then the government would take away her home away from her, the only thing she had left…

Kagome slowly leaned her head against her arms, lazily narrowing her grey-blue eyes as she felt something unusual in the air. She glanced around the room slowly, ignoring how her head pounded slightly, being the warning signals she usually received when a youkai was around. 'Where's it coming from?' She slowly thought, ignoring the teacher's babble about whatever, trying to focus and pinpoint the somewhat youki feeling. Her blue-grey eyes suddenly met indifferent grey, effectively startling her.

Kagome looked away from the white and black haired boy quickly, not liking how her heart seemed to be pounding painfully in her chest. She sighed, feeling Sohma's eyes slip off her as if they never were on her person in the first place. 'That's strange, the feeling almost disappeared.' Kagome thought, not really interested anymore. She rested her head on her arms once more, staying that way until the bell rang.

Kagome slowly gathered her stuff, walking out of the room and not noticing a cute blond boy jumping on the indifferent boy excitedly, their eyes both following her movements unconsciously.

"There's a new student in your class? A transfer this late in the year? How exciting!" Honda Tohru said in an excited tone, her jade green eyes sparkling in naïve happiness. They all sat upon under a tree, the leafy green branches providing shade from the hot sun. Tohru smiled and giggled a bit as Momiji smiled widely, almost latching onto her waist before remembering that he was in a public place. He didn't want to transform into his cursed form, a cute yellow bunny-rabbit.

"Yeah! And she's real pretty too!" Momiji said, just as excited as Tohru when she heard that there was a transfer student. The bunny suddenly blinked, looking slightly thoughtful. "Though she looked really sad though, didn't she?" Momiji directed the last of his question to Hatsuharu, who looked from his lunch with a blank and vague look.

He also looked thoughtful, nodding to Momiji's question. "Yeah, she did look rather…depressed." He answered, his grey eyes turning to Tohru as she gasped in concern.

"Oh, do you think we should talk to her? It can be lonely when you start at a new school." Tohru said with concern, smiling as Uo-chan and Hana-chan suddenly latched themselves on her, nuzzling and saying things like 'how selfless she was.'

"Who really gives a damn? Just leave the girl to her own business." Kyo lazily cracked open a crimson eye, not wanting to get into another's business. Besides that, he just really didn't care about this new student problems anyway. Tohru didn't need to be dragged into it either.

"Could you not be a little more sensitive, you stupid cat?" Yuki said, sighing as his cousin's hopelessness. There were times that he just couldn't believe that he was actually related to the stupid cat… oh wait, make that all the time…

"So what's this girl's name?" Uo asked lazily, leaning back against a tree and smoothing out her long ankle-length blue skirt. She brushed back a long blond bang from her eyes, watching Momiji for an answer. Maybe the girl was worth looking into if Tohru was interested.

"Higurashi Kagome! Isn't that a pretty name?" Momiji giggled slightly, remembering how pretty the girl was in person. A pretty name for a pretty girl, though her eyes were probably the most unusual feature about her. It was rare to find such eyes out of the Juunishi, though Tohru's innocent leafy-green eyes were pretty too.

"Yes! It is a pretty name!" Tohru exclaimed, standing up from her sitting position while everyone looked at her curiously. "I'm going to find Higurashi-kun and ask her to sit with us!" She explained, walking off as her friends nodded.

She looked around, searching for the description that Momiji told her. Long black hair and blue-grey eyes. Tohru immediately brightened as she found her target also sitting under a shady tree, not far from them. She stopped to simple observe the girl, looking in concern as noticed the girl's state for herself.

It was definitely true, the girl did look depressed… and severely at that. Her skin was almost sickly pale, almost reminding Tohru of Akito, and her grey eyes had large dark bruises underneath them, making it look like she hadn't slept in weeks, and Tohru could immediately tell, the girl also looked very lonely.

'You can do this, you can do this, you can do this!' Tohru chanted in her mind, now feeling a bit nervous to be even in the girl's presence. It was true, the girl was very pretty, beautiful, easily on par with any of the Sohma's.

'Okay!' Tohru thought with determination, slowly walking over to the girl who was slowly eating her lunch from a bento box, hoping that they could be friends.

Kagome leaned against the tree, sighing as she thought of her life. Just what was the point of even going on? It's not like she had anything left to live for…

She slowly and mechanically ate her lunch, taking small and slow bites so she wouldn't throw it back up. She knew that she had to start eating properly again, she had lost too much weight to be really healthy, her stomach protested immensely but she simply shoved the nausea away.

Some footsteps immediately caught her attention and Kagome immediately looked at the source of the noise out of the corner of her greyish eyes. She blinked, not expecting to see a nervous-looking girl standing a few metres away from her, a red flush of complete concentration on her cute face.

Kagome raised a brow, not turning her head to alert the girl that she actually knew that she was there. 'What does she want?' Kagome thought, hoping the Kami that the girl didn't want to be friends or anything. Everyone who even came into contact with her usually suffered some horrible pain, and this innocent-looking girl didn't deserve that. Besides that, Kagome was getting used to the solitude and isolation, she could handle it.

Kagome tensed as the girl slowly started to walk closer and decided to do something about it before the girl could approach her. She stood up, pretending that she didn't even see the girl before walking away, almost feeling the girl's disappointment. Kagome almost felt sorry for a moment before reminding herself that it was simply better this way.

After all, she probably deserved this loneliness…

Tohru dejectedly walked back to her friends, slightly disappointed that she didn't react faster before the girl got up and left. "So how did it go? Did you talk to her?" Momiji asked excitedly, his excitement waning a bit as Tohru shook her head.

"No, Higurashi-kun walked away before I could even approach her." Tohru answered, sitting back down to her own lunch of onigiri.

"Don't worry, Tohru-kun. You'll have plenty of chances to talk to her." Uo said, trying to comfort the obviously disappointed Tohru. "We can try and catch her before school ends." She added, glaring at Kyo as he snorted, obviously not wanting to.

"Just leave the damn girl alone!" The cat practically snarled, not seeing what the big deal about the girl was. So what if the dam girl looked depressed? His and all the Sohmas' lives were much more pained and scarred than some mere girl's. She didn't have to live with the stupid curse.

"Kyo-kun!" Tohru gasped, slightly worried at his tempered outburst.

"I agree," Yuki surprisingly spoke up, actually agreeing with his cousin for once. "If Higurashi-san doesn't want anything to do with us, then we should just leave her alone." Yuki said, another girl didn't need to be dragged into the Sohma's personal business because Tohru wanted to befriend her. It just wouldn't end good for either the girl or the Sohmas'.

"B-but…!" Tohru stuttered, not knowing what to say or do. Now she wanted to befriend the girl more than ever but if Sohma-kun didn't want her too, she did owe them a lot…

Uo and Hana glared at Yuki, not liking how Yuki seemed to be ordering their precious Tohru around like that, no matter how subtle it was. "You don't have to listen to him, Tohru-kun. We can try again after school." Uo said, glaring over at Yuki and Kyo, just daring them to say otherwise. She was smug as they seemed to keep quiet at her glare, though it was pretty obvious that they wanted to object.

"Okay." Tohru said quietly, feeling a bit bad as Sohma-kun and Kyo-kun obviously didn't want her to try again, but she really wanted to, that girl just looked so lonely and she wanted to help.

The Sohmas and the others packed their lunches when the bell rang; singling it was time to go back to class. Tohru looked up, a slight determination brewing in her leaf green eyes.

She wanted to be that girl's friend and even if Kagome didn't want her to be, then she would at least try.

Kagome walked down the street, not bothering to go to the last class and just skipping it. She didn't feel so good and as long as she kept her grades up, Kaiwaia school didn't care how many absences that she had, not like her other school did.

She adjusted her blue skirt, slightly irritated as it seemed to be even shorter than her previous green school uniform skirt. Man, it seemed that the principle was also a pervert.

Kagome sighed, suddenly feeling sick. Maybe she should have just skipped over lunch, it was obviously not agreeing with her at all. "Better get home before I hurl it back up." Kagome muttered under her breath with irritation, the last thing she wanted to do was throw up in public.

A slight noise suddenly caught her attention and Kagome flipped over to the bushes, tensed because of her past and her instincts. She slowly parted the bushes, blinking her blue-grey eyes and taking a few steps back in vague shock.

Well, that she certainly wasn't expecting…

Two injured small animals lay behind the bushes; a few slash-like marks that looked like it was caused by a knife covered their bodies, both of them mewing in obvious pain, though what shocked Kagome the most was the type of animals they were.

It wasn't everyday that you see a tiger cub and a little sheep huddled together…