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"Well, does anyone want to me why you turn into animals?" Kagome said, her tone was subtly dangerous. She crossed her arms, casually leaning against the wall as she stared at the nervous pre-teens. She almost smirked as the boy turned a light shade of red, opening his mouth to say something, but nothing simply came out.

As amusing as she found him being speechless, she wanted answers, and wanted them now. "Well!?" She demanded, knowing she was being a bit rude and mean, but didn't really care. It was probably her exhaustion causing her to snap on the smallest issues, she couldn't really help it either. It's not like she could sleep, no matter how much she wanted to.

Hiro was angry, his hands fisted and his teeth clenched. How the hell did this woman think she was? She couldn't just demand to know about their curse!! He wouldn't tell, knowing he would suffer from Akito's wrath if he ever did.

He shuddered, closing his eyes as he visualized a more horrific scene within his mind. What if Akito attacked Kisa for his mistake? He didn't know if he could handle such a thing, he was already traumatized from knowing and living with the knowledge that it was already his fault for when Kisa when been beaten before. He couldn't stand Akito, he was just a horrible person. His young mind was even further traumatized when he witnessed Akito pushing Rin out a window, and for no apparent reason.

No, there was no way in hell that he would ever tell this woman about the Sohma curse.

Kisa sat on the couch, her hands in her lap and shrinking back into herself a bit. Her timid amber-brown eyes looked to the floor, watching a multi-coloured, fat cat slowly amble into the room. She tried focusing on the cat, not able to meet the intensity of the woman's electric blue eyes. It looked and felt like she was actually seeing into her soul.

Kagome frowned, the shadows underneath her eyes darkening quite a bit. She sighed, losing some of her anger when she took in her deep breath. She knew better, she shouldn't be demanding such answers. It wasn't her place and right, but still, she wanted to know. She wanted and needed to know that there were supernatural things taking place in her own modern Era. She didn't know how long she could go without knowing...

In the back of her mind, she did know. She did know that there were demons roaming in her time. Well disguised, but still in existence. After all, if they weren't, then Souta would still be alive…

Kagome's eyes darkened into grey and her fists clenched unconsciously, until she drew blood. She didn't feel any pain when the blood dripped down her fingers. No, she was long past pain, she was so numb that she couldn't feel anything anymore, nothing that was real anyways...

Kagome got up from her leaning position, noting with some amusement that the boy tensed noticeably. 'I see, they're not comfortable around me.' She thought, observing the room. Of course they would be slightly afraid. After all, they were in a stranger's home, in a pretty isolated neighbourhood, and just showed their 'secret' to boot. Who wouldn't be uncomfortable?

She smiled lightly, trying to soften her face. "I know you probably aren't too thrilled in being here, so why don't we go to the nearby park? That way, you'll be surrounded by people, if you're nervous about being around me, that is." Kagome stated, her amusement climbing higher as the boy suddenly stood up.

"Who's says we're afraid of you?! Some scrawny girl like you couldn't do anything." Hiro snorted sarcastically, observing the woman with his sharp brown eyes. The woman looked like she could fall over with a mere touch, she looked that frail. He was sure he could take her if need be, even if his shallow stab wounds did stung a little.

Kagome only closed her eyes, not even bothering to respond as she moved closer, intending on wrapping their wounds in the bandages that she had just bought. "Just relax, would you?" She snapped with irritation, seeing the boy move away, giving a rather impressive snarl for a human, or a sheep, or whatever the hell he was.

"Hiro-chan, I don't think she wants to hurt us." Kisa said quietly, barely above a whisper. The lady had helped them so far, hadn't she? She didn't, in any way, warrant Hiro's temper. She didn't want the lady to suffer through Hiro's temper like Tohru-nee-chan did.

"But, Kisa!!" Hiro immediately swerved to face Kisa, a surprised expression on his boyish face. He was speechless, was Kisa actually defending this woman? Ever after she had demanded to know about their curse?! His eye brows furrowed, just noticing her reaction. Why wasn't she scared?! Or even disgusted?! That reaction just wasn't… normal.

Nor did it even seem… human.

'Maybe she's apart of the Juunishi.' Hiro thought, but then immediately shot it down. She couldn't be, the Zodiac years were all taken and she didn't live in the Sohma Estate like the majority of the cursed Sohmas'. 'So then, what is she? And why didn't she react at all?'

He thought, suddenly growing irritated with the woman and her strange reaction.

They were monsters, and she acted like it was okay. He hated that, and suddenly hated the woman.

"There, all done." The woman suddenly smiled, moving away from him. Hiro blinked, and then glared. She had somehow disinfected and bandaged his wounds while he was thinking, and he didn't even notice, not even with his martial arts training or his more… animal instincts.

He moved away from her, tensing as she kneeled in front of Kisa with a small smile on her pretty face. Hiro was about to say something, but stopped short when he noticed that Kisa was shyly smiling back at her, a pretty little blush on her cute face.

"So what is your name?" Kagome asked kindly, trying to distract the pre-teen while she rubbed the disinfectant over the light wounds. The question seemed to work as the girl stopped wincing, opening her beautiful amber-brown eyes. It was a pretty unusual colour… for a human at least.

"Sohma Kisa." Kisa said quietly, shyly hiding her face behind her long golden-coloured bangs. She glanced quickly over at Hiro, pointing in his direction. She knew he would never introduce himself, so she would do it for him. "And that's Sohma Hiro."

Kagome smiled; at least she knew their names now. "Are you two related?" She asked curiously, wrapping the medical bandage around the girl's arm.

Kisa nodded enthusiastically, smiling a bit wider as her light blush grew. She felt… fuzzy around this lady. It was almost even better when she was around Tohru-nee-chan. "What's your name?" Kisa asked curiously, yet timidly.

"Higurashi Kagome." Kagome simply said, standing back a bit to admire her work. The bandages would due for now.

"Ohh!" Kisa gasped slightly and even Hiro reacted. They both recognized the surname easily. The Higure Shrine was easily the most prestigious in the district, and they had both went to at least one of the festivals that the Higure Shrine threw yearly. They were very popular and successful, only Kisa never remembered seeing this woman there ever.

She remembered an old man slapping paper on everyone's foreheads, shouting things about 'Demons' and 'Youkai.' It almost scared her when the old man slapped one on her, thinking that he could possibly recognize that she had a curse on her, but Hiro had dismissed that fear when he said that the old man was doing it to everyone.

"Well, do you want to leave for the park now?" Kagome asked, her brow raised. She immediately noticed how they seemed to react to her surname, wondering if they even heard of it. It wouldn't surprise her if they did; her family name was pretty famous, if only for the shrine that had been in her family for generations.

"Yes." Hiro growled, wanting to get away from the woman as fast as they could. He didn't like how Kisa seemed to react positively to her, it just wasn't… right. It was bad enough that Kisa liked that dimwitted Tohru girl.

Kagome merely closed her eyes, and resisted the urge to sigh. "Don't forget that you still owe me an explanation." She said, walking towards the front door, not noticing as Hiro and Kisa freeze up. She knew it wasn't any of her business, but she would make it her business. They had transformed in front of her, the least they could do was tell her.

Hiro and Kisa looked towards each other, not knowing what to do. They had to escape before she demanded answers from them, even if Kisa was really starting to like her. But she knew better, the Sohma secret had to be kept safe. But Tohru knew the secret, and she wasn't a Sohma, so why couldn't this lady know too?

"Aren't you two coming? Kisa-chan? Hiro-chan?" Kagome asked, the 'chan' on Hiro's part a bit mockingly. She could tell the boy didn't like her in the least, but would have fun ruffling his fur up anyway. She slipped on her brown school shoes, not have changed out of her new blue school uniform yet.

"Okay." Kisa said, getting up quickly and almost rushing to the woman's side. The tiger smiled shyly up at Kagome, slipping on her own school shoes that Kagome had obviously picked up for her. She liked the fuzzy feeling that she felt around the woman.

Hiro merely scowled, but slowly made his way over to them. He roughly kicked on his boots, crossing his arms angrily over his chest and fuming his silent temper tantrum.

"So then, let's go." Kagome said, leading them out and locking the door behind her. She followed at a slower pace as they went slowly down the shrine steps, obviously careful not the make their small wounds any worse. She watched them as she climbed down behind them, narrowing her eyes as she spotted something.

It was… strange. It was like something was clinging to their very souls, some kind of weird energy that didn't feel entirely… demon. It didn't feel human either, so she could only come up with one thought.


Uo leaned against the wall, tapping her foot against the ground as she waited for Tohru-kun, Hana-chan, and the Sohma boys to show up. She sighed, wondering what was taking so long.

She brushed a long blond bang from her eyes, looking around the neighbourhood with curiosity. She could vaguely recall this place, and the Higure Shrine did ring some bells in her mind. Uo sighed when he remembered where she had seen this place. The first time was back when she was in a gang.

They had come when there was a festival going on, totally wrecking the entire place up, and scaring all the festival-goers out of their minds. She also remembered being arrested for that, none of the gang members knowing that the one of the male occupants of the shrine was actually a police officer. She only remembered that because the police officer died like a week later.

The second time she had seen this shrine was when Kyoko-san had brought them all here to celebrate their middle-school graduation. That time was clearer in her mind.

"Oi, Tohru-kun! It took you a while." Uo greeted, getting up from her leaning position to smile at her friends. She stretched a bit, guessing it had been about half-an-hour since she actually called Tohru.

"I'm sorry, Uo-chan!!" Tohru said apologetically, repeatedly bowing over to show that she was extremely sorry, only to stop when Kyo roughly stopped her.

"Stop that! It's annoying!" Kyo growled, not seeing what the big deal was. It's not like they were actually late for anything, there was simply nothing to be sorry for in the first place.

"Ahh, I'm sorry, Kyo-kun!!" Tohru said quickly, basically repeating the whole bowing thing over again.

Kyo almost sighed, holding back his smile at her actions.

"Stupid Cat." Yuki merely muttered, not at all fazed as Kyo suddenly got up all into his face. His bored violent eyes strayed from Kyo's enraged crimson ones, not at all listening when Kyo started to almost literally spit and hiss in rage like the stupid cat he actually was. No, he was more interested in the shrine that was just around the corner.

"The electric signals here are very chaotic." Hana's quiet voice broke through the noise, everyone stopping to stare at her for a brief moment, before looking beyond the wall that would lead them to the shrine steps.

'Is the shrine haunted?' Tohru thought nervously, taking Hana-chan's words very seriously. There was no doubt in her mind that Hana did have a sixth sense about these kind of things. 'But I've been here before.' She reassured herself, remembering that she was excited earlier when Uo had told her over the phone that Kagome-san actually lived at Higure Shrine. She was excited because she could remember coming here every year with her mother because of the festivals the shrine threw.

She just didn't actually think that Kagome-san was actually a Higurashi that lived here. Then again, Higurashi did seem to be a very uncommon family name, so now it made perfect sense.

"Well, aren't we going up there or not?" Kyo asked with irritation, shoving his hands into the pockets of his baggy cargo pants. It's not like he actually wanted to come, that annoying and perverted dog had basically manipulated him into going. How Shigure did it, he would never know.

"Yes, let's go before it gets too late." Yuki, surprisingly, agreed with his cousin for the second time that day. As they rounded the corner, he didn't even feel the cold wind on his bare arms, wearing a sleeveless Chinese shirt with black pants.

No, there was something else as he stared at the numerous shrine steps. His violet eyes narrowing as the wind ruffled his sleek grey hair.

"Isn't this exciting?!" Tohru asked with anticipation. She would finally meet with the owners of the shrine. She smiled widely as they all began their long trek up the stairs.

None of them noticed the three figures already walking away from the steps.

Kagome led the two cousins to the nearest park, one that sold crepes. If it worked, maybe she would use those to try and trick the two into telling her their secret.

Kisa and Hiro glanced around, remembering this park because Tohru had taken them both here not long ago and bought them both crepes, though Hiro had actually paid for them all.

"Do you want me to buy you one?" Kagome asked kindly, pointing in the direction of one of the stands. She smiled amusedly as Hiro immediately scowled the moment she had started to speak. It was pretty obvious that he despised her. Oh well; most of her closest friends had all ended up that way. Inuyasha, Shippou, Miroku, Sango, Kouga, and Sesshoumaru had all tried to kill/harm/hurt/or kidnap her in the beginning.

Her eyes darkened even more, the grey storm growing even stronger.

"Yes, please." Kisa said, kicking her foot along the ground with embarrassment. Hiro said nothing, only crossing his arms while frowning even more, if that were even possible.

And again, Kagome's amusement shot up once again. "Alright—" She was suddenly cut off, and turned to see who had interrupted her. She blinked her grey eyes, vaguely recalling seeing him in her new class.

"Kisa? Hiro? What are you doing? Harii-nii is looking for you two."