My Dream, My Life

Chapter I

Summary: Samus Aran, the new Brawler of Brawler is intrigued by the enigma Zelda. Curiosity piques her interest as she tries to solve the mystery behind her. But what she finds is more than she could ever ask for.

"COMPETITOR DEFEATED!" the computer boomed, as Mario rocketed out of the arena. Final match of a big tournament and the entire crowd was roaring in absolute glee and delight at the carnage that rocked the stadium.

The last few days had been a host to a special: a brawl between the top 16 fighters of the Super Smash Brothers League, in bouts of sudden death combat as they fought to make their way to the top for a chance to fight in the championship battle and claim the prize and the title "Brawler of Brawlers". Among them had been mighty legends, or new faces that made big names for themselves. Such warriors as Link of Hyrule, Samus Aran the bounty hunter, Mario of the Mushroom Kingdom, Solid Snake of America, Fox McCloud of Star Fox Squadron, and even the great Pikachu from Pallet Town fought in this very ring.

Such warriors were presently battling it out, with Mario having been eliminated just moments prior.

The round was down to the wire as Samus, Link, and Snake prepared to face off one another, each prepared to eliminate the two and claim the victory as their own.

Studying her opponents, Samus mentally went over the combat capabilities of Link and Snake. Powerful warriors in their own rights, Samus knew that they had to be handled differently. Taking glances at the two of them, a plan of action formed in her mind. Although Link was a powerful warrior, Snake has a much deadly arsenal at his disposal, which could seriously hinder her chances of victory.

Everyone watched as all warriors sprang into action as they all entered into a vicious swirl of hand-to-hand combat.

Link let out a battle-cry as he dashed forward to strike down Samus.

Snake simply smirked as his plan of attack was settled and determined.

Samus immediately leapt into action.

Switching into her morph ball, she immediately ducked under Link's slash and charged straight on towards Snake.

Smirking at the sudden opportune moment of attack, he drew his combat blade and charged headlong straight towards Samus. Knowing that his points of attacks were the joints, he lunged forward to attack. However, his attack was thwarted as at the last second, Samus sidestepped as the blade harmlessly bounced off the massive right shoulder guard. Her counter attack was swift and brutal as she immediately kneed up hard in the stomach before viciously punching him across the face, sending him flying.

Hearing Link's battle cry, Samus immediately turned around and fired her grapple beam, ensnaring him in its grasp before throwing him clear across the arena. Her attention on Snake, she stumbled back a bit when a particularly powerful punch to her head connected. The moment of laxity was enough when she felt a solid block impacted against her torso before exploding sending her flying back. Quickly recovering, she back flipped once onto her feet and dashed forward again, intent on making him pay for his attack.

Pulling a smoke bomb from his arsenal, Snake pulled the pin and tossed it forward and watched as it released a veil of smoke, screening him from Samus's vision. He quickly pulled back and whipped out his missile launcher again, this time with the intension of finishing Samus off with a well aimed shot that would send her out of the arena.

However, before his attack could be executed, his vision was suddenly replaced with the image of a barrel. In the instant it took to charge the shot, Samus had boosted straight into his position, effectively stunting not only his attack, but also his chances to win the tournament.

"You lose," she declared, releasing the charged shot and sending Snake flying sky-high and clear of the ring's boundaries.

"COMPETITOR DEFEATED!" the PA boomed again.

Turning her attention towards Link, Samus immediately backed off from another of Link's attacks. Arming a missile, she quickly fired it towards Link, only to watch him deflect the attack with his shield and carried on forth with a thrust. Ducking underneath the attack, she immediately swept his feet from under him and quickly brought her fist down into his stomach ramming him hard into the ground.

Picking up the fallen warrior, she tossed him high into the air and armed a Super Missile, and launched it with the intension of ending the battle right there and now. However, her thoughts were cut short as Link recovered enough to block the missile with his shield, with the explosion sent him flying hard back down onto the arena. Of course, it only gave Samus another means to attack him. Arming her cannon, she levelled it off and aimed towards Link and made her way over towards the downed swordsman.

Link dug the Master Sword into the ground as he used it as a crutch to help himself up. Samus had gotten stronger; that much was certain. He couldn't help but be amazed at how much more ruthlessly efficient she had become as a fighter. Despite his admiration of what she had become, he did not plan on giving up this battle without a fight. This would be his victory; not Samus's. With renewed vigour, Link immediately drew his bow and arrow and took aim.

Samus raised an eyebrow as to why Link had procured a bow and arrow, knowing full well that she would destroy the bolt long before it reached her. However, it mattered little to her, as she was going to end this here and now. Denying him the possibility of having a steady aim, she ran forward and immediately began to zigzag throwing off his aim. Despite this, he fired anyway as she easily sidestepped the bolt, only to find a bomb immediately throw at her as it exploded on impact, stopping her charge and leaving her in a veil of grey.

The field ringed as the Master Sword had struck Samus's armour. Kicking off, Link pulled the blade free from wherever he had embedded the blade and charged in to strike again. However, a hand shot out from the clearing smoke, grabbing the blade and throwing Link right to the edge of the terrain. Samus was hot on him as she kicked his prone form harshly into the air, following up with another Super Missile, trained straight for Link as it exploded on contact, denying him victory.

The crowd immediately broke into absolute uproar as they watched the final contestant be blown away by the full force of Samus. Everyone cheered in joy as they watched their victor turned to face the platform that was lowered before her.

Letting out a sigh, Samus waited patiently for the award to be presented her, and then she would be on her way. No delays, no interruptions, just get her prize and out. Sometimes, she wondered why she entered this competition, but every time she did, she would remind herself of what she wanted out of this.

When she had first heard of this particular competition, she had been particularly wary of it, considering that she had participated in these matches before, and did not find many warriors who were worth her time. Although there were a few names that stuck out in her mind, the overall roster was comparatively weak. If this was supposed to be a League of the all the greatest warriors in the known universe, it did not impress her in the slightest.

It had gotten to the point that she had received a few other invitations, all of which she had turned down in preference to resume her hunt of the Space Pirates and the Metroids. However, this particular invitation had stood out somewhat.

It was the prize money.

Hosted by Princess Zelda of Hyrule, she had stated that the prize would be the title "Brawler of Brawlers", and a cash prize of 100,000 rupees. The number floored Samus. Converted into Federation Credits, the resulting value covered a massive portion of her yearly income. She had considered not participating, but this was a rare chance to possibly cover expenses she had incurred in previous missions, and be able to upgrade her ship in addition to that.

The end result was now she was here, ready and waiting for the Princess to present her the reward.

The plan was simple: Enter the competition, defeat the competition, claim her award and cash it in, and then head out, skipping the post-competition pleasantries and resume her daily life. That was all there was to it.


Zelda took a deep breath as she prepared to step on the platform that would teleport her to the arena. There she would present the champion of the competition the title belt, and prize money. That was there was to it. Or at least she had initially thought.

Having watched the competition, Zelda wondered what the warrior was like. She had almost mistaken Samus as male, if it were not for her registration which clearly stated female. Of course, it only fuelled her curiosity of the armour-clad warrior, who had yet to remove her armour.

Zelda had watched Samus from the VIP box above, and had been quite impressed with what she had witnessed. Supreme agility, lightning reflexes, powerful discipline, and raging strength, Samus had stood out among all the competitors. She had to admit that Samus was on a completely different league compared to most of the other competitors; even her champion Link stood on a different level than Samus.

But not only that, when she saw her profile picture, she felt something towards the blond warrior. She briefly wondered if it had something to do with the dreams she had been having lately, but she didn't let it bother her too much. Now was not the time to think about such things. She'd dwell on it a bit later.

Zelda smiled inwardly to herself and stepped onto the platform. Soon she would be able to meet Samus in person.


Samus watched dispassionately as Princess Zelda materialized on the platform. She had seen the Princess before, and wasn't particularly impressed with her, both as a fighter and as a princess. As a fighter, her combat capabilities were amateur at best. From what she had seen, Zelda's basics were decent, but it wasn't something that most competitors couldn't easily deal with. Her only real ace in the hole was her alternate form she saw her use during those few occasions she watched her, but even then she watched Zelda's matches scarcely. To Samus that form was nothing but a crutch; something that showed that Zelda couldn't stand on her own two feet and fight a round out to the last.

As a princess, she didn't know what to say. The blatant fact that she had taken this time to host a tournament, when she should be at home running her kingdom only lowered Samus's opinion of her. Then there was the fact that she had squandered what most likely would be a massive portion of her own kingdom's coffers for this tournament as the prize money. Although she had no issues about where the money came from, it only continued to degrade Samus's opinion of the princess.

Taking a moment to examine her, Samus began to wander if she was a princess of sorts. Her dress to begin with wasn't particularly ordinate or special. If anything, it was a simple white dress with a purple top and golden spaulders. White gloves that reached halfway up her upper arms covered her arms. The only thing that truly stood out in her appearance was the golden tiara she wore. If anything, what she was wearing was a mix between elegance, and combat functionality.

Facially, however, offsets the clothes that she wore. Her face was steeled with the look of royalty. Although she wore no makeup, the few pieces of royal jewellery, and the way her violet-blue eyes stared at her spoke volumes behind whom and what she was: a princess. Although there was the possibility that she was a warrior princess.

Stepping off the platform, Zelda took a moment to examine Samus as well. Standing 6 foot 3 inches tall, Samus was an embodiment of solid metal. No signs of organic life could be seen, all hidden behind the red armour that protected her throughout the battle. A green visor stared blankly at her, hiding the person within behind a veil of cold steel.

"I congratulate you on your victory, Samus Aran," Zelda politely greeted. Samus said nothing, simply waiting for Zelda to hand her the prize money so that she could be on her way. Zelda pondered momentarily on Samus's lack of speech, but thought nothing on it. She had heard she wasn't much of a talker in any case. This was just another case of her not wanting to speak.

"Samus, may I ask that you at least show your face to me, before I present to you your prize," Zelda requested.

"What difference does it make?" Samus answered in return.

Zelda simply smiled lightly towards the taller woman and said, "I wish to meet the warrior behind the suit."

Samus let out an annoyed sigh. It was a minor kink in her plans, but it wasn't something that was going to drastically affect her: except she did not like the idea of being out of her armour unless she absolutely needed to, especially in front of this crowd. Looking straight at Zelda, she realized that she wasn't going to relent until she acquiesced.

As Samus tapped a few controls, Zelda watched in mild interest as her armour began to dematerialize. From Samus's hands and feet the armour slowly fade away revealing more and more of the person within. A blue jumpsuit could be made out at first, before long elongated hands and legs could be made out. More and more of the armour disappeared, as it slowly revealed the athletic form of Samus Aran.

Much to Zelda's surprise, Samus's appearance was nothing like she had imagined. For one thing without her armour, they were the exact same height.

From the appearance of the armour, she had believed that underneath the armoured exterior was a massive brute that could match the strength and power that she seemed to be able to bring forth. However, her assumptions were dashed away as she studied the woman before her. Despite her masculine stance, she could see that there were hints of womanhood hidden beneath that exterior. Her body was perfection, elegance, and athletics incarnate. Feminine curves were in all the right places, and incredibly toned muscles to match her body; Samus was a shining example of womanhood. And the jumpsuit she wore failed to hide her assets, leaving very little to the imagination, further accentuating her femininity. But despite it all, Zelda was glad of what Samus truly looked like was nothing of what she and many others thought her to be.

Her face was just as equally elegant. Long blond hair held up in a ponytail adorned her features. Though quite pale from the lack of being out of her suit often, it was a somewhat healthy shade. However, what took her attention most was the gaze her ice blue eyes held. Though steeled with a cold, uncaring gaze, she could see hidden within was a gate that led to the soul of Samus Aran. The very core of who she was and her nature. And strangely enough, Zelda found herself wanting to somehow unlock the secrets behind those eyes. She blushed when she realized that she had been staring for some time, and took a moment to recompose herself.

Samus let out an internal sigh. Yet again she was one of those people who made assumptions of what she looked like underneath the suit. Although it was no different than any other person who had never seen her true body, it still bothered her to no end. Perhaps it was because of the way she carried herself, or never really disclosed her gender, but somehow, she was always the opposite of what people expected.

"Are you done staring?" Samus quietly asked the princess, a bit irate at the fact that she was starting to be held up a lot longer than she had expected, or planned.

"Forgive me but…you're quite different from what many had said you to be," Zelda commented, the pleasant smile never leaving her lips. Samus did nothing but dispassionately stared back at her, waiting for her prize. "I'm glad."

"Pardon me?" she asked, taking aback somewhat at the statement. She was perplexed. She was unsure as to what Zelda had meant by saying that she was glad that she was different from what people had said her to be. She was also glad that this was private, as it didn't sound like this was being broadcasted.

"People have said you're a freakish brute with monster-like muscles and such," Zelda calmly elaborated, maintaining a calm composure and presence. "However, I am glad you are nothing like they say. It makes me feel at ease to know that there are still beautiful amazons out there."

This resulted in Samus raising her eyebrows in surprise. She had always hated being called an Amazon. Unfortunately, it had always been issued forth by those whom earned her ire, or by women who lived in such pampered lives that they believed their way of life was the only way of life a woman should live. And yet somehow, from Zelda it sounded something soothing, something akin more to a compliment, rather than an insult. Although puzzling, she put the thought aside. It was unnecessary for what was to come for her in the near future. Soon she would be gone, and she could put this matter behind her. She would not see Zelda ever again after today.

"Samus Aran, for your stunning performance and display throughout this tournament, I present to you you're prize," Zelda proclaimed, her voice this time booming across the stadium. Held in her hands, a small electronic pad sitting on top of a belt with the emblem of the Super Smash Brothers League on the buckle was present to Samus.

Samus simply accepted the pad and shouldered the belt, and nodded politely, while trying to ignore the massive cheering from the crowd as they gave Samus a standing ovation.

With the awarding officially to a close, a teleport platform appeared before Samus, which she immediately stepped on shortly followed by Zelda who stepped back onto her own platform.

Ending back up in a lobby, Samus let out a tired sigh and quickly headed towards the exit and her ship.

"Samus, a moment please," Zelda called out, quickly catching up with the bounty hunter.

"Yes, princess?" Samus irately answered, struggling not to just lash out at her, especially with the fact no one was looking. Zelda flinched at the tone Samus used. But despite the aggression, she was not deterred in the very least. The least she could do was to try.

"I wanted to know if you would like to join me for dinner," she proposed.

"No thank you," Samus immediately responded.

"I see," Zelda sighed. "I apologize for taking up your time. I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavours." Nodding her head lightly, Zelda offered Samus one last smile and went on her way.

Samus watched Zelda's retreating back as she pondered lightly on Zelda's behaviour. She was indeed a different kind of princess than she had often seen and heard of. This one was not only one to squander her own funds and seemed a bit underdressed for a princess, but she was most definitely not a spoiled one. If anything, she was one of those rare one-in-a-million princesses that were raised well, or had gone through some hardships, that imposed a certain sense of modesty and control within them. A breath fresh air it was indeed.

Looking down at her prize, Samus raised an eyebrow as to the address that the source of the 100,000 rupees was to come from. She knew that the Hyrulian kingdom had its own galactic account number as to keep track of the varying resources that were exchanged, but if she read this correctly, this was not from the kingdom's coffers. This was from Princess Zelda's personal funds.

"Hmm…an interesting princess indeed," Samus smirked, quietly making her way towards the local bank to cash in her prize. "Interesting indeed…"


After wading through crowds of fans and reporters wanting her autograph and comments about the match, Samus eventually managed to make her way over to the nearest available teller, and quickly requested that her prize was to be appropriately converted into Galactic Credits. She would later deposit into her own personal account, and pay off her expenses and put the rest of her cash prize to good use.

As she quietly waited for the converted credits to be handed back, Samus glanced over at the TV screen that displayed the remaining matches for the day. She noticed that there were a few additional matches left, but none of them had really caught her eye. None of the competitors names were people whom she believed were much of a challenge for her, nor did they really grab her attention. Although there were a few who were close, she stood on a much different level than them.

"It seems Princess Zelda's up for a match," the teller commented, returning with a new data pad in hand with the converted credits.

Accepting the pad and nodding in thanks, Samus glanced up at the display to see that Zelda was indeed about to start a match. However, she raised an eyebrow in surprise at who she was supposed to fight. Among the three opponents was none other than Captain Falcon. While quite the eccentric man, Captain Falcon was a bit of a wild fighter and would most likely dominate. Zelda's other two opponents were Bowser and Ike. Despite the fact they had just competed, they were more than likely well rested and ready to go for another match.

Curiosity nagged her as she quietly made her way through the quiet halls. A part of her was interested in seeing this curious girl compete in this exhibition match, wanting to see what exactly she could do in such a situation. However, the other part of her had already decided that she would lose. She didn't have any combat capabilities of any sorts. It was likely she would be the first to lose, especially against two combat veterans and a monstrous creature that would crush her in an instant. Then was the added fact that she had a timetable that she wanted to stick to. She had gotten her money, and now it was best that she headed out and resumed her job. That was all to it. It was a plain and simple plan. There was no need to deviate from what she had set her mind to do.

Her walk took her by one of the gates that led to the stadium Zelda was fighting in. To her surprise, from the gates she could hear the crowd cheering for the last name she had expected.

"Zelda! Zelda! Zelda! Zelda! Zelda! Zelda!" the crowd loudly cheered. It was surprisingly deafening for someone she had deemed an ineffective combatant.

"Just what exactly is going on," she mumbled, walking through the door and looking out towards the stadium. To her great surprise, Zelda was doing incredibly well. She was doing a lot better than she had ever expected. Of her three opponents, Bowser and Ike had been just eliminated. Glancing at the scoreboard, she noticed that it was a 3-man Survival Match, and Captain Falcon was in the lead with 2 lives, while Zelda was down to her remaining one.

However, that quickly changed when Zelda suddenly fired off a spell sending Falcon clear off the ring and into the shielding around the stands.

Samus felt her eyebrows shoot up in surprise. Falcon had her. He had been in a position to punch her right out of the ring and ended it, but she had managed to pull a fast one and quickly turned it around for herself. Around her, the crowd continued to cheer loudly for Zelda as they watched her square off with Falcon for the last round.

A few random items appeared before them, but neither took thought of it. Falcon began to circle the girl looking for his moment to strike while Zelda simply maintained a cool steady gaze on him, readying for his attack. Despite the cheering and noise of the crowd, the tension mounted as the seconds passed. Neither warriors were ready to give ground, nor were they going to let their opponents take that ground. Both were determined to be victorious.

Samus watched the match closely. She had never bothered to pay too much attention to Zelda, and now she had a feeling that had she been in a match with her before now, she'd most likely pay for it by losing few lives while fighting her. She prided herself in her ability to be ready for any situation, which included studying those whom she deemed weak. However, this was a new element to the subject known as Zelda. She had something Samus didn't consider might have, and now she was bent on making sure she knew what this particular warrior was capable of.

In a burst of speed, Captain Falcon bellowed his signature attack as he dashed forward. His fist aflame with power, aim straight on Zelda, he rushed in for the attack, prepared to unleash the full fury of his attack. Despite his respect for Zelda as a fierce fighter, there was no way he was prepared to allow her to defeat him in combat. Not because he was a man and she a woman, but because it was a matter of personal pride as one of the strongest Smashers here. He could not lose. Not now.

"FALCON PUNCH!" he bellowed as his strike hurled forward.

"What the hell?!" Samus hissed, as Falcon's attack went straight through Zelda, dissipating the image, leaving behind a very confused and surprised Falcon. "How the hell-"

Words became lost to Samus as from behind Falcon, Zelda materialized and unleashed a fireball, sending him flying flat on his front. Her assault continued as she levitated Falcon momentarily before throwing him high into the air. Calling upon the earth around her and the various objects, she used her powers and levitated them before throwing them up straight towards Falcon as he was barraged by a fury of rocks, branches, guns, swords, and the like. Her ammunition spend, Zelda re-established her grip upon Falcon and brought him straight down into a pillar of earth she summoned as she pulled Falcon down, slamming him straight into the block of earth.

Focusing power into her hand, Zelda unleashed her final attack as a massive ball of energy struck Falcon, exploding on contact as it sent Falcon clear of the ring.

"THE WINNER IS ZELDA!" the PA roared as the crowd chanted her name.

"What the hell just happened?!" Samus shuddered, dumbfounded. Right then and there, she realized that she had made a critical error in judgement. She had given Zelda a very wrong assessment, and in hindsight it would have most likely cost her either a match, or at the very least leave her embarrassed as a competitor for letting her guard down and underestimate the princess. She had not expected that Zelda was a user in magic. The fact she had used her powers to manipulate the very arena and the objects around her, and created that illusion was a small indication of what she could be capable of, which would make her a powerful force to be reckoned with.

"Just what the hell is she?" she wondered aloud, and left the stadium not wanting to be caught in the upcoming crowd.

Despite the urge to simply just leave the city and be done with it, there was something that she just couldn't put to rest. What had started off as her labelling Zelda as being interesting, had quickly evolved into outright curiosity and desire to have her questions answered. Although she had originally cleared her schedule just so that she had time for just the tournament, she was somewhat glad she had no jobs that were waiting to be completed. In essence, she had all the time she wanted to have her questions answered.

But the question was whether or not she wanted to stick around that long and have her questions answered. She could have all the information she wanted about Zelda by looking her profile up in the Smash's databanks. It was free for public use, and all the relevant information about her was there readily. It would be a lot easier just to get the answers from that, rather than her. But somehow, a part of her wanted to get see Zelda again and learn about this fighter in person.

Although learning about one's opponent through their data was just as effective, the same could be said about learning about the opponent in person, if not better. Thinking about it, while she could spend time and master Zelda's profile and history, in that same span of time, she could learn Zelda in person. She could see what she was like, what her personality was like, her mannerisms, even her train of thought. She might even be able to catch a glimpse of her training, see what she was capable of and see what her abilities exactly were, without the heat of combat forcing her to plan on the fly, compared to having a predetermined plan set out.

Unfortunately, she couldn't decide. Both had their ups and downs. Learning about her information was faster and it was streamline, but it was all technical data. She would only be able to learn a portion of what made Zelda tick. If she spent time with her and learned about the fighter slowly, it would stand that she'd learn about Zelda a bit more in-depth as she would see the real her, rather than a compilation of Zelda's bests and worst points. But the downside would be that it was time consuming, and it would take her away from her work.

Her thoughts eventually took her back to her work. Less than two months ago, she had finally destroyed one of her worst enemies to date: the Phazon beast Dark Samus. Another reason she had wanted to participate in this was that she could just get away from all the demands for her work, so that she could relax and let the scars heal and the memories of that particular nightmare eventually go away. She still had occasional nightmares when she had almost become corrupted. The every thought to this day still made her skin crawl.

'Maybe I should just stick around,' she thought to herself. Eventually, she came to the conclusion that she needed more time to recuperate from dealing with Metroid Prime, Dark Samus, and Phazon. Perhaps staying here and learn from the real thing was the best thing she could do for now. Lost in thought, Samus stumbled back as she realized that she bumped into someone.

"Pardon me," the person she had bumped into apologized.

"No problem," she mumbled, taking a look at the person she had bumped into was none other than Zelda herself. Smiling wryly, Samus said, "Funny running into you. I was actually looking for you."

"Oh? May I ask what it is you wish to speak to me about?" Zelda politely asked, curiosity flickering lightly in her eyes, along with something else Samus couldn't exactly figure out.

"Is your offer for dinner still up?"