Charlie and Bill stepped into Charlie's apartment in Romania, after a short trip from the Burrow via apparition.

"Who's she?" Bill was shocked by the presence of a woman sitting in the small one room home.

"Oh, she's Lena." Charlie said, non-chalantly as he took off his jacket.

"Why is she here?"

Lena, or Len (as she was called), answered for Charlie, "She lives here."

"You have a girlfriend you didn't even tell us about?" Again, the question was directed at Charlie.

"Are we dating?" Charlie asked Lena.

"Hm. Yeah." Len said dryly.

Charlie turned back to Bill. "Then I guess I do." He quipped.

"Mum's gonna kill you! What were you thinking not telling us? And she's been trying to set you up with all of those women while your home!"

"I guess I never thought about mentioning her." Charlie shot back.

"That's real mature charlie. You're 35, aren't you supposed to act it? Wait a minute, how old is she?" Bill was now trying to take charge of the situation.

"I'm 17." Len shot back at the older brother.

"What? Charlie are you crazy-?" Bill started ranting, but was soon cut off by laughter.

That laughter was coming from the direction of Len. "I'm 32," she said with a smirk.

Bill looked stunned, but Charlie said, "Mum's just gonna love her isn't she?"