Author's note: This is my first That 70s Show fanfiction after writing Harry Potter, House, and Gilmore Girls for a long time. I realized how much I loved the show after watching it again. So, tada! Enjoy.

It may become rated M later, depending on how it goes. I've gotten a few chapters written out. I'm choosing to make it more in the format of an episode, making short scenes/chapters. Some are longer than others (chapter five, for example, is much longer than any of the previous ones).

It starts out as comedic and general, but trust me, it turns slashy very quickly. Which makes this my first slash. But don't be scared! Heh. Give it a try.

Chapter 1

Eric fidgeted under the stare of his father, meeting his eyes before dropping them down to the floor again. Red was coming down on him hard, no matter the fact that the boy was no longer a boy, but a twenty-five year old man.

"Now, I don't care if your mother thinks you should laze around the house all day. You need to take some responsibility and sweep the garage. You're not a guest here. Neither one of you is," said Red, now addressing both men in front of him.

It was actually the first time Eric had been home in almost two years. He missed last Christmas because he was spending it with Jackie, Fez, Hyde, and Kelso in California where the first two now resided. The rotation called for the gang, this time Donna included, to come back home. Red picked up right where he left off.

Forman's only comfort was the fact that his best friend was standing next to him, As always, Hyde was silent and calm behind the same sunglasses he'd been wearing for ten years now. They were different than the ones he wore when they were in high school (which were different from the ones he wore before that), but that didn't matter. The purpose was the same. Not a trace of expression or emotion was found on Hyde's face.

Of course, Eric knew better. He knew his best friend was borderline starting to get pissed off, the clock in the kitchen ticking loudly when Red stopped to take a breath, reminding them that they'd been standing there listening to the lecture for almost fifteen minutes now. Fifteen minutes of being torn down. There was no way in hell that either one of them was going to stand up to Red and tell him how overly cruel he was being at that moment: Eric out of the sheer fear he still had (and always would have) of his father; Hyde out of respect.

But Eric knew. Oh yes, yes, yes. Hyde's jaw was twitching, Eric noticed out of the corner of his eye. The slight movement unnoticeable to anyone else showed that Hyde was clenching his jaw more than usual, and this meant that he was not in his usually Zen place.

Steven Hyde. Pissed off.

"Steven, stop skirting your responsibilities," Red said, addressing the curly-haired man, pointing to the broken shelf behind him before turning back to face his son. "And you," he spat with his usual contempt, "stop being a dumbass."

That usual remark signaled that the verbal assault was over. "Yes, Sir," Eric answered dutifully, immediately heading outside to sweep the garage.

The door wasn't even closed before Hyde followed him, his walk less casual and more hasty than usual. Another way to tell he was peeved.

"Man, Red's an asshole. Did he even tell you to sweep the gar-"

"Nope," answered Eric swiftly, taking a broom from the corner and starting to sweep.

"He's not a dictator, man. This isn't a commie country where we all have to just shut our mouths and work for nothing. We're supposed to walk through a cesspool of consumerism every day and survive it, but then we come home, and it's the polar opposite? This isn't some, like, radical camp we're coming to, and I'm not doing shit," Hyde said, the movement in his body causing his black AC/DC shirt to stick to his body.

Eric listened to his friend and nodded along rapidly, just like he always did. He stopped sweeping. "Wait a second. Did you just call this home?"

"No, I didn't," Hyde denied, his jaw unclenching for the first time in twenty minutes, his hands dropping to his sides.

"Yes, my friend, you most certainly did," Eric confirmed, a sly smile coming to his face as he continued sweeping, his beady eyes meeting Hyde's before focusing on the dust on the floor.

"No, I didn't," Hyde repeated in the same flat tone of voice as before.

"Oh yes. Yes, you did," Eric countered again, licking his dry lips before the smile came back onto his face where it stayed planted.

"Whatever, man," Hyde said, walking back toward the kitchen door.

"Where are you going?" Eric asked as he started on the driveway.

Hyde stopped for a moment, and turned to look at Eric over his shoulder. "I'm gonna go fix the shelf," he said shortly, walking through the door.

Oh yes, yes. This was definitely home.

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