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Chapter 15

About two hours had passed, and the sun was starting to go down when Eric felt himself being nudged awake. He groaned, not wanting to open his eyes. The feeling of complete warmth and comfort covered every limb of his body, and he didn't want to leave it. Going back to the real world was not always fun.

"Eric," said a low, hushed voice which sent shivers through Eric's body.

Finally, it was the loss of contact against his chest that made him open his eyes and realize he was completely naked just feet from where his parents were.

Shit. Oh, shit. Shit, shit, shit.

Eric immediately sat up, shivering when the blanket that was covering him fell down below his chest, exposing his body to the frigid, winter air that plagued the basement. Looking up, he saw the soft eyes of Steven Hyde stop zipping up his pants. He only faltered for a second before he reached down to take his long sleeve shirt and toss it at Eric.

"My shirt's warmer," said Hyde as he continued to get dressed.

Eric smiled and temporarily forgot about where they were and how cold it was because of the gesture that was just made.

"Thanks, man. That's real-"

"Shut up, and get dressed," urged Hyde, breaking Eric off in mid-sentence.

And Hyde was back to being Hyde.

But Eric didn't mind that. He put on his clothes, taking care to put on Hyde's shirt. Once dressed, he sneezed again, still not completely warm, and looked to the door that went outside. He noticed now why it was particularly cold. The door was completely snowed in.

"We should probably go upstairs," Forman said, using the t.v. as a mirror to comb his fingers through his tussled hair.

"Yeah before Red and Kitty come looking for us," agreed Steven as he turned around and headed for the stairs.

Eric hopped next to Steven on the stairs, and with lightning speed, he placed a firm kiss on his lips. Before Hyde could even react to it, Eric was already through the door at the top of the stairs.

"Oh, hi, boys," Kitty said with a smile as she set dinner on the table. "I was just about to come looking for you two. You've been awfully quiet."

Thank God Hyde had woken up when he did. Eric didn't even want to think about the reaction of Kitty finding her son and his best friend naked in a rather compromising position. The yelling. Oh, God, the yelling.

"The dinner looks great, Mrs. Forman," Hyde said, helping the woman set the dishes.

"Aw," Kitty started to say, giggling, "thank you, Steven. I thought we could all use something nice and warm. It looks like we're snowed in!"

Eric looked at the kitchen door and noticed that, indeed, the blizzard was worse than it was a few hours earlier. This meant that trying to go anywhere by car in the next day or two would be completely futile. Not even the force could help. That meant that the only people he could see were the Pinciottis. That was fine with Eric. It meant more alone time with Hyde when Red and Kitty went over there to play their weekly game of cards tomorrow.

"I guess you boys will just have to stay here for a few days," Kitty said with a pout on her face.

"Yeah, I guess so. That's a real shame," Eric replied, a smile on his face as he winked at Hyde behind his mother's back.

If Hyde had noticed, he gave no inclination that he had.

"I just hope it clears up for the party," Kitty said, looking outside again.

"Don't worry, Mom. Even if it's like this, you know that everyone would brave the weather to come," Eric said, sitting down at the dinner table.

"Those idiot friends of yours owe me thousands of dollars worth of food. Of course they'll come to steal some more," Red said, walking through the doors and sitting down at the table.

"C'mon now, Mr. Forman, I've been the most guilty there," Hyde said, putting the rest of the food on the table and pulling out a chair for Kitty.

"You paid me back in full," reminded Red.

"And even if you hadn't, you know you're a son in my heart," Kitty said, tearing up as she reached up to capture Hyde in a half hug with her arms.

"And that," acknowledged Red, too gruff to say it himself.

"Welcome to the house of the hard ass. It's like the House of Mouse except happy people get beaten," Eric quipped, jumping out of the way of his father's hand when Red tried to slap him upside the head.