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From Light to Darkness

By ChristinaPotter09

"You die as the Hero or you live long enough to see your self become the villain…" Aaron Elkhart – Batman The Dark Knight

Chapter 1 – The Master of Death and his Bride

Hermione entered Harry and Ron's room, Harry was still sleeping in a bed next to Ron's. Hermione moved closer and sat close to her boyfriend.

"Wake up, love," She whispered lightly. Only a few weeks had gone after the end of the War and Harry and Hermione were secretly together, they saw the light a few days after the end of the battle, when they realized how much they needed each other. Since then, Harry and Hermione were together, in spite of everyone believing that Harry would end up with Ginny Weasley and Hermione with Ron.

Apart of their relationship, Harry and Hermione were hiding something more, something more important. Harry finally opened his eyes and looked at her with a smile on his face. His hands automatically moved on Hermione's back and stomach, caressing her body lightly. Hermione smiled sweetly at him and placed her own hands above his hand on her stomach.

'We have to talk to them and then leave for Australia.' Hermione whispered and Harry nodded in worry as he looked at her. They were together for so little but they were sure of what they had. Harry sat up on the bed and hugged Hermione, his hand still on her stomach.

'We will, and we'll leave so they can have time to think, to decided, and if we ever return, we'll try to be accepted again.' Harry said reassuring her. 'Everything is going to be fine.' Harry said and Hermione nodded her head and kissed lightly his neck.

'I love you,' Hermione murmured against his skin.

'I love you too, Hermione.' Harry answered with a smile and a kiss on her curly hair.

Harry opened his eyes at the scene of his past repeating in his mind as a dream, he looked around. He had fallen asleep, a small smile on his face appeared as he tighten his hug to his wife. He was laid on his side with Hermione in his hug, she had another nightmare, and he was always there when she had nightmares, to help her, to comfort her. He was still in his black robes and he knew he had to be fast as his meeting would soon take place in the dining room of his house.

He stood up slowly, not wanting to disturb her after so much effort of her to fall asleep and moved close to the closet, with a spell only he and Hermione knew since she had invented it herself for this propose, Harry opened the closet and took the two of the three objects of his absolute power and terror. The Wand was safely placed in a box guarded by other spells only Harry and Hermione's magical signatures could be allowed and the Cloak was in another box, safely placed close to the Stone. He took the cloak and threw it around him; he took the Wand and put his original Phoenix Wand in the box of the Elder one. He closed the closet and the furniture glowed in for a second, signaling the effect of Hermione's charm on it.

Harry moved away still in his cloak and headed for the door or the chamber. He glanced at Hermione a last time and then exited the room, making sure with spells the room will be safe for her. He moved down the stairs connecting the upper floors of Grimmauld Place no 12 with the hall and the rest of the rooms. The portrait of Mrs. Black was long gone by the Elder Wand and its place was taken by a dead unicorn's head, Hermione had adored and placed there. Harry smiled at the dark beauty of the unicorn's head, it was beautiful indeed. He loved his wife's taste. Harry still under his cloak moved in the dining room from the opened door, many people were around the table, talking to each other, arguing about methods they should follow, about the people they should recruit and the ones they should have killed.

Harry moved close to the head of the table and looked around him with the cloak still protecting him from the eyes of his army's head ones. Sometimes, he hoped things could be different, sometimes, he hoped things could be less complicated. With a wave of his arms the Invisibility Cloak was off his body and each and every voice of his subjects died down as everyone bowed to their master.

'Master,' Everyone said in one voice as they bowed in front of him. Harry nodded his head to his subjects and they straiten after awhile, some of them looking at him in awe, others in terror… Harry placed his arms against the table to stead himself and looked around him as his subjects gathered to their seats. He sat down first and everyone followed suit. He looked around and spoke.

'So… report yourselves.' Harry said and his subjects started talking one after the other about how their missions had been. Most of them had succeeded to their tasks of taking people in the ministry under the Imperious, or to kill people who had stood in their way without leaving evidence of their actions.

'I think we're close, my lord,' A tall grey haired man spoke, 'I'm sure we'll soon be able to take the ministry over.' He went on and many agreed with him.

'Maybe it's time to concentrate on Hogwarts and-'

'No,' Harry said flatly.

'But, my Lord-'

'I said no,' Harry repeated this time angry, he could lose his temper easier than ever the last years. 'Hogwarts is an entirely different matter, many members of the Order are still defending it and we won't turn against it, yet. People like McGonagall and Shacklebolt protect it. I had been in the Order and I know how they work, I know their methods and how good spies they can have… I won't let us hurry and spoil everything we have achieved so far.' Harry said and everyone nodded. 'What happened with the Death Eaters in Albania?' he went on and a redhead woman raised her arm, Harry nodded to her to speak, she stood up and smiled shyly at her Master.

'I and my husband captured them my lord, we'll bring them here anytime you and the Lady want.' She said and Harry smiled satisfied. He started clapping his hands and everyone followed, praising the young witch.

'Very well, Margaret, I'm extremely satisfied with you. When the Lady will be better I will request their move here. I haven't entertained my self and the Wife in a long time.' Harry said and many chuckled at his ways of "entrainment". Harry looked at the one of the eldest men on the table as the woman so called Margaret sat back down and thanked a brown haired man for his praise.

'Mr. Brandon,' Harry said and the old man stood up and bowed with respect, he was one of the few people who looked at Harry Potter's eyes with respect and understanding than fear and the awe.

'Master Potter,' he said with his deep voice. Harry smiled and placed his hands on the older man's shoulders, something he did rarely with his subjects or other people accept his wife.

'As you all know, the Lady and I are soon having our fifth anniversary, and I need to "refresh" my marriage with the repeat of the wedding in the standards the first wedding took place. A wedding banded with Dark magic is like a flower, it needs to be refreshed and the fifth anniversary of my marriage is the perfect moment, I think.' Harry said and everyone nodded. He looked at Brandon

'It would be my honor if you could lead of the ritual… My wife and I trust you as not many people, we also would like to have you blessing us in the try of the arrival of a child…' Harry said and everyone started murmuring excitedly and clapping at the idea of the ceremony.

'It would be my honor, my Lord, my family and I are more than glad to sacrifice everything to your and the Lady's name.' Brandon said as he bowed once again, making Harry smile for his servant's loyalty.

'It's settled then, in the next full moon, we'll have the rituals, call all our friends from Europe, make sure none will be here uninvited. And get ready for a night full of interest…' Harry said and everyone nodded and started congratulating their master for his decision.

'My love?' a feminine voice was sound and everyone stopped and bowed to the woman standing at the door in her black satin cloaks, the symbol of the Deathly Hallows hanging from her neck in a delicate necklace, Harry had made for her years ago, a big scar starting from her jaw's line moving down her neck and hiding in her cloak's V neck was ruining her beautiful image. She started for her husband's opened arms without a second glance at her subjects' bows and looks of awe, respect and sympathy. She wrapped her arms around Harry's neck and breathed in the intoxicating sense of his aromas.

'Sweetheart,' Harry whispered in her ear and kissed her neck, pecking the small bruise he had caused her the previous night with his teeth. 'How you feeling?' he asked with concern as he looked at the black circles under her eyes. She smiled tiredly and pecked his lips and the small scratch close to his upper lips she made the previous night as an answer in her neck's mark.

'Better than ever,' She said and smiled at him, her smile almost reminding him the old, good times of her true smiles. After a small nod of Harry's towards the rest of the people in the room, showing her she had to be polite with their subjects, Hermione finally turned to them and with a cold voice spoke.

'Ladies, Gentlemen… I hope none of you have betrayed me and my husband so far.' She said with an ice cold voice, making many people shiver at the thought of the tortures they could experience if their Lady persuaded their Lord for her suspicions about someone of them. They had seen how people ended up with their mouths full of their cut off ears and fingers because the Lady believed they were guilty. Their Lord always made sure his bride was satisfied and if that meant that someone even from the inner circle of the master had to be tormented to death then so it had to be… Harry chuckled and tightened his arm around Hermione's waist.

'Now, now, darling, don't scare our friends here, it's not nice…' Harry said as he looked at his terrified subjects, wondering himself for a second if any of them had indeed betrayed him.

'I'm just making sure you'll be safe my love, we've both have seen how a Lord falls because of his subjects, we have also seen how cruel the subjects can be…' Hermione's voice trailed off and some people dared to glance towards her. Hermione seemed lost for a moment or two with her eyes stuck someone between the floor and table's legs but recovered soon and looked at her husband.

'I will be in its room.' She said and Harry sighed and nodded, kissing her forehead and lips. She smiled at him and traced her finger down along his face. 'Ladies, gentlemen,' she abhorred to the people around the table which bowed again as she moved out of the room. Harry looked at his beautiful bride and smiled as she left, she was the only reason for him being where he was now, fighting for a better future even in the ways he had to fight with…

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