Author: Oracle of the Mystics

Author: Oracle of the Mystics

Fiction Rating: T

Timeline: After "Losing my Religion", only Meredith didn't leave the dance floor and Derek and Meredith didn't sleep together. Basically, she's still with Finn, Derek's still looking at her and still angry over Finn and Addison is still caught in the middle of it all.

Characters: Mainly Meredith and Addison, but with mentions of others, especially Derek.

POV: Multiple POV, but mainly switching between Meredith and Addison.

Spoilers: Basically up to Season 2, though there will be mentions about things in the characters' past that are revealed in later seasons.

Author's Note: This stemmed from too much free time and a severe dislike of Derek's actions. In pieces, he is McDreamy, but when you look at his actions as a whole, he's with one woman but dangling another woman along, meaning that neither of them can truly move on. Those who love Derek will not be too happy by my portrayal of him, so be warned.

Disclaimer: Don't own them, never will.

Summary: Set after prom, only no MerDer sex. Meredith and Addison go out for drinks and talk. About everything. Not Derek friendly.


Back in New York, Addison Shepherd never had an opinion on elevators. For her, they were simply methods of transport from Point A to Point B. She had never realized how claustrophobic they were. How slowly they seemed to move. How you could only either look at the doors, or look at your husband lust after his ex-girlfriend.

Despite the heels, she decided to start taking the stairs.

She peered over the railing at the steps below as she walked, her Jimmy Choos echoing against the stairwell walls. Down and down and down. A downward spiral. It's horribly familiar…


The smack of tennis shoes against the floors stopped abruptly as the runner collided into Addison. Papers went scattering. She snatched a few from mid-air to prevent them from falling.

"Oh god, I'm sorr-," Meredith Grey was looking back at her.

"-ry," the intern finished her apology. "Sorry, Addison."

"It's alright" she murmured quietly in reply. It's quiet as the two of them pick up the charts.

"So, the stairs now?"


They both knew why the other was here. They both know better than to bring it up. Addison realized that while she and Meredith Grey had few similarities, the ones they did have ran deep. There weren't many people Addison could talk to about what she was going through. The Chief had a marriage he was trying to save. Preston had been shot. Miranda was trying to see more of her son. It wasn't as if she could talk to Derek.

And she knew that despite Grey's group of friends, with Stevens' late fiancé, the affair with O'Malley and Yang dealing with Burke, Meredith's own problems had been pushed to the back burner. She could probably use someone to talk to as well.

Which is probably why her mouth opened and said, "Would you like to out for drinks sometime?"


About Meredith being alone, while it's true her friends support her, her friendship with George is still shaky, she's not that close to Alex and Izzie and Cristina have their own problems to deal with right now. Meredith is not going to push because she knows that in reality, her pain regarding Derek is relatively minor.

And poor Addison moved across the country and made superficial "chat at the nurses' station friends" she has no one to really talk to. The two of them can get the other in a weird way no one else can.

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