Paybacks are a Witch

Synopsis: Someone didn't like the way things turned out after the final battle and got some payback for themselves and Harry. Set during epilogue and told in flashback.

Warnings: Dumbledore, Ron, Ginny and Hermione bashing. Why? Why not?

It has been nineteen years. Nineteen long, painful, unfulfilling years for Hermione Weasley. She constantly complained to herself about how her life turned out. It wasn't supposed to be like this. This had been her mantra for a very long time. She was currently dragging her children, ten in all, through the busy terminal towards Platform nine and three quarters. Her swollen belly, due to another pregnancy, did not help in controlling her unruly brood. Her worthless husband Ron couldn't be bothered with woman's work such as this. Every one of her sons acted just like him.

She succeeded in reaching the platform on ushered her brats onto the train. She had six attending Hogwarts this year. Money was always tight and her children never had the best of anything. She never worked since she was always pregnant and never took her NEWTs. Ron never took his either and the joke shop didn't pay that much. He couldn't get a job at the ministry because it came out that he ran away from Harry during the war. He received the fame he never wanted as The-One-Who-Ran. She was labeled as The-Woman-Who-Chose-the-Coward-over-the-Hero and was looked upon with disdain. She never blamed Harry for this, but often wondered how it happened.

The train started to pull away and she spotted the Potter Family. Harry and Luna Potter were standing with their three children waving their oldest daughter off. She looked upon them with a hit of jealousy. They wore nice but not overly expensive clothing and gave their children the best without spoiling them. The three young children were well behaved; a stark contrast to her own children. They had the life she wanted. They were both successful in their fields. Luna was naturalist and catalogued many new species and ran the Quibbler with her father. Harry worked with the international relations department and was always learning new things. She herself hadn't read a book in ages and her children weren't interested in her favorite pastime. They were only interested in Quidditch, like their father.

She sighed heavily and thought back to when her life truly ended. The night she slept with Ron and her dreams died. She became pregnant that night and Molly pushed for a marriage quickly. She couldn't even retrieve her parents because they were just muggles and her husband forbid it. Ron pulled some pure-blood loophole and she became nothing more than his property. Had she known this, she would have never pursued him. She thought back to when she chose Ron over Harry and berated herself time and time again.

She spotted Luna coming towards her and felt uneasy. She never truly liked her that much and Molly didn't like her because she stole Harry from Ginny. Because of Luna, Ginny became a scarlet woman in her eyes. Luna approached her and said.

"Hello Mrs. Weasley. It's been a long time."

"There's no need to be so formal Luna." Hermione said.

"But isn't that what you truly wanted, to become Mrs. Weasley?" Luna questioned.

"What do you mean by that? I never asked for this." Hermione said angrily.

"Then why did you abandon Harry? He loved you back then."

"Harry didn't love me like that. If so, why didn't he say something? I never abandoned him, how dare you." Hermione retorted fiercely.

"You're wrong. He loved you very much but all you could see was Ron. It was probably because Dumbledore kept the two of you separated so much. You always spent more time with Ron than Harry." Luna stated.

"What are you saying? This was all a set up."

"Of course. It was for the greater good after all. I just gave you what you truly deserved." Luna said.

"What did you do you bitch?"

"Language Mrs. Weasley there are children present. Sit down and I'll tell you what happened when Ron made you a woman." Luna said calmly.

Hermione took a seat on a nearby bench, her feet were hurting anyway. Luna waved her wand and large circle formed around Hermione's children. Luna spoke.

"That's a corral charm. I use it to keep animals in place for study. Now let me tell you what happened after the final battle. While you were with Ron were shagging, I. . . "


Luna was frantic. She knew Harry well enough to know he didn't need to be alone. She knew he would blame himself for all the deaths. He said he was returning to Gryffindor Tower but never asked anyone for the password. She searched all the empty classrooms between the Headmaster's office and the tower with no luck. She had one more room on this floor then she would have to move on. She checked the room and found a powerful locking charm on the door. She knew Harry was inside and hoped she wasn't too late. She worked frantically to remove the charm but could not. She prayed to the God and Goddess of Magic for the strength to save her friend. By their graces the charm lifted and she cautiously entered.

She found Harry sitting against the far wall that hadn't been damaged. She also spotted the wand in his hand being held against his wrist. She slowly made her way towards him, carefully navigating through the debris. She observed him for a moment and her heart broke. She spoke very softly to him.

"Hello Harry."

"What are you doing here Luna? Leave me alone." Harry spat at her.

"I can't do that Harry. You're my friend."

"I don't have any friends anymore. They all left me. She left me. She promised she wouldn't leave me." Harry said with a strained voice.

Luna was wise enough to know Harry was on the verge of a breakdown. She also knew she didn't have the skill to save him if he were to follow through with his plans. She slowly moved closer to him and spotted a strange bit of parchment in front of Harry. She spoke softly.

"What is that?"

"It's a map my dad and his friends made. Their all dead now." Harry strained to say.

"May I see?" She asked.

Harry shrugged his shoulders and Luna moved closer. She sat next to Harry, keeping one eye on his wand, and looked at the map. She mused about the intricate charms needed to create such a thing. She spotted Ron and Hermione together and their dots were overlapping. She was well aware of what they were doing. She scanned the map and spotted Ginny and Dean in the same manner. There were many other couples in the same position. She was pulled from her thoughts by Harry's voice.

"I can't believe she would leave me for him. He wanted to save the house elves and she shags him. I DIED FOR HER! WHAT DO I GET?! I DIED FOR EVERYONE AND THEY TURNED THEIR BACKS ON ME! THEY USED ME!" He shouted breathing heavy. He caught his breath and continued.

"They all died. All those people died. I could come back. Why couldn't they? Why should I live and people like Tonks and Remus die. They have a son. He needs them. WHY AM I ALIVE? I don't want to hurt anymore." He finished in a whisper.

Luna knew Harry was ranting randomly but understood much of what he said. She carefully placed her hand on his cheek and gently caressed him. She spoke softly.

"I'm here Harry. I won't leave you." She said as she moved even closer to him.

"Go away." He commanded.

"I'm not leaving you." Luna said as she gently started pulling his head towards her.

"Let me go." He protested.

"I'm not leaving." As she pulled his head to her shoulder and held him.

"It hurts." He said whimpering.

"I know. Let it out. It helps." Luna said while gently stroking his back.

"I can't." He responded.

"Yes you can. Let it out. Let it out." She said continuing her ministrations.

Harry's resolve was weakening. He never cried at the Dursley's because it was proof they had won. He couldn't take the pain anymore. One tear fell, then another. Before long the flood gates opened and sixteen years of anguish rushed out. Sixteen years of being used, forgotten and tormented were released. Sixteen years of pain unleashed. He cried like he never cried before.

Luna held Harry as he wept. Her own tears fell in the process. She didn't cry for the ones who were lost. She cried for her friend and the cruelty he was forced to endure. She held him until he was cried out. He passed out from exhaustion and fell asleep in her arms. She shifted her weight slightly to get more comfortable and conjured a blanket. She looked at the map and decided to exact some justice.

"God and Goddess hear my plea. I ask for retribution for my friend's anguish. Ginerva Weasley you do not deserve Harry's heart. You are a selfish little girl who only sees his fame. I curse you to have many men but never truly know love until you admit the truth about your feelings towards Harry. Ronald Weasley you are a selfish arrogant little boy who is unworthy of Harry's friendship. I curse you to become the pure-blood wizard I know you want to be. Hermione Granger you abandoned Harry to die so you can become a woman. You threw away everything for a shag. I curse you to become truly Mrs. Weasley. Just like Molly. In the name of justice, grant my pleas."

End Flashback

"My pleas must have been justified because they were answered. I took Harry to St. Mungos for Mind Treatment. He was in poor shape. He had severe survivor's guilt and dangerously low self esteem. So low it was to a point that he felt he didn't deserve to live. All of you knew where he was but never visited. You were all wrapped up in your own world you just couldn't find the time. His self esteem issues came from the fact that Dumbledore made him that way. He conditioned Harry to die and he couldn't break his training. When we questioned Dumbledore's portrait he admitted he separated you from Harry because you gave Harry a reason to live. You were given to Ron for this reason. Harry loved you deeply but didn't know how to express it properly. By the time he figured it out, you had already slept with Ron. He felt like his heart was torn out." Luna stated.

"You didn't have to do that to us Luna. How could you ruin our lives like that? If Harry loved me so much, why did he just ignore me during the after Ron left?" Hermione spat.

"Who taught you how to comfort someone who was hurting? Just humor me." Luna asked.

"My parents. What does that have to do with anything?"

"Who taught you how to love and be loved? Just answer me." Luna said.

"My parents. I still don't see what you mean." Hermione stated firmly.

"You really don't get it do you? You may have been the brightest witch of the age but you are a stupid woman. Who taught Harry?" Luna scolded.

Hermione sat there and looked like a fish out of water. It was so simple she couldn't believe it. Harry would have held her if she would have just asked him. He didn't know how to comfort someone. She took it for granted that he would just know but just didn't care. She spoke.

"How did Dumbledore give me to Ron? I need to know."

"Simple separation. Harry was locked away until he was needed. He moved you to be with Ron before fifth year. He made you both prefects, when it should have been Harry. By sixth year you were so enamored with Ron you couldn't see straight. Ginny slipped Harry a love potion while he was staying with them that summer. Harry was jealous of Dean that year. Harry doesn't get jealous. He wouldn't show jealousy at the Dursley's because they would punish him. It was all for the greater good. Harry wasn't supposed to live."

"That still doesn't excuse you from cursing us like that. How could you?" Hermione admonished.

"The only way those curses would have worked is if they were just. The God and Goddess of Magic are old beliefs. Magic itself deemed those curses acceptable. They were for justice not revenge. Magic itself gave you what you all deserved." Luna said.

"How is that justice? You turned Ron into a right bastard and me into a baby factory. I didn't deserve this life. I should have changed the world not just nappies." Hermione said with tears forming.

"The only difference between Ron and Malfoy was money. They were both bigots. They both insulted you regularly. They both were jealous of Harry for different reasons. But most of all they are both pure-blood wizards in a male dominated society. You left Harry to die so you could shag Ron. So you got what you deserved, a healthy sex life. You want the curse to end; stop shagging Ron." Luna stated.

"He used pure-blood law on me. I have to even if I don't want to. I don't even like it. I never have." Hermione said tearfully.

"I guess you should have read up on pure-blood marriage laws before jumping into bed with Ron. You didn't research it enough did you?" Luna asked.

"I never thought I would need to with Ron."

"I was home schooled with Ron. He knew the laws as well as any wizard. It's the culture." Luna stated.

"What about Ginny? Why was she punished that way?" Hermione asked.

"Ginny was an amorous girl. If even a portion of the stories I heard about her at Hogwarts were true then she was a scarlet woman in her fourth year. She was always a fan girl; you knew that but didn't really listen. She bragged during the war that she was going to marry Harry and live the good life. All the while she was going off with different boys. I know of at least three, there may have been more. She did use a love potion on him as well. She couldn't allow her own ego to accept that Harry didn't want her. Besides that is how Molly got Arthur." Luna stated.

Hermione started sobbing. She had only herself to blame. She knew what Harry was like but Ron had just lost his brother and needed comfort. Never once did she think of what Harry had lost. She was caught up in the moment and made a terrible mistake. Luna spoke.

"In case you didn't know, Ron used a book to finally hook you."

"I know. I found out at our wedding reception. I heard of that book to, from other girls in the dorm. How could I have been so stupid?" Hermione sobbed.

"You had a choice between the last Potter and just another Weasley and you lost. Sometimes the answers aren't in the library. They may have called me Loony but I was never a dumb blonde. I have to go. I'll send you a copy of the Quibbler that has the coral charm in it. I think you could use it. Goodbye Mrs. Weasley."

Luna got up and released the charm from Hermione's children and departed. Hermione sat there crying briefly but collected herself; she had to get home and feed Ron. Three days later Hermione Weasley committed suicide. The note read: I chose poorly. She was finally at peace.

Disclaimer: I own nothing Harry Potter.

A/N: This is my first attempt at angst. I wrote this because the ending of the final battle was horrid. Harry blamed himself about Cedric and Sirius. He would have major survivor's guilt over all the deaths. I know how that feels personally. I lost two friends in a car crash that I walked away from. That woman is an idiot. Go to bed and have a sandwich indeed.

A/N-2: How did you like my Ron/Malfoy comparison? Harry's jealousy was completely off from his upbringing. Dudley was treated like a prince; he would have plenty of opportunity to be jealous. The Dursleys would have punished him if he showed it. Not being jealous would be survival instinct for him. She messed that up as well.

A/N-3: I always believed Dumbledore separated Harry and Hermione. He didn't want Harry learning too much. Pure-blood inbreeding could be a cause as well. New magical DNA comes from muggle-born witches.

A/N-4: I always felt Luna was a very spiritual person. She had Christian beliefs about death.