Dear Doctor

AN: This is short, I know.

Note: The Doctor has received four letters – ie: the letters from part one – from Rose.


Dear Rose,

The strangest thing. I was in Cardiff, when Jack gave me four letters… they were addressed to me, from you. Apparently they came through the rift and he found them. I don't know how you did it, but well done! Hearing from you was… well it was good. Very good. Brilliant, in fact!

Anyway, don't expect much, I've never been much into writing. But I figure if you can send letters through the rift I can send one or two back. Jack doesn't agree, doesn't think it can be done. But you managed it, so of course I can – me being brilliant and everything.

You said you weren't planning on sending them out? I guess you must have changed your mind… found a way. You know how clever you are.

Anyway, where was I – right, your letters! First one; I know what you mean, feels like forever and yesterday at the same time since I saw you. Then again, I'm in the year 1560, so over here it hasn't even happened yet. Although for me it's been a month actually. I mean in TARDIS time that is.

You're doing domestic? Oh, I feel bad for you. Routine's the worst, I know. But it's alright, you're human, you can get used to it can't you? You work at Torchwood, though? That's ok then, Defender of the Earth and all that! You'll show them a thing or two. Stay optimistic! No matter what.

It's ok over here. I met this woman. Martha, her name is. Quite brilliant, not a patch on you of course, but you know…

That Andy sound like a nice bloke. You're friends, then? Or are you… Not that that matters! Or is any of my business! But then short blonde hair would never work for you. Ha!

Seems a bit down over there, huh? Well don't worry; maybe it's just the way things are in that universe. It'll be ok, don't look too much into it... unless it gets worse.

Right, second letter. Mickey and a girl?! Wow, that Claire is a, um, lucky girl. Ha, I'm only joking – she is really, I'm sure. Don't tell him I said that. You caught them kissing? I can imagine Mickey's face, ha.

Third letter. I know. I miss you too.

Fourth letter – right, um. Can't find the letters? Well, I suppose you must have in the end to have sent them through the rift.

A holiday? That sounds good – could be good for you. I'm sure this whole depression of the earth thing over there won't last long. Always raining, well you kept the great British weather in that universe then. It's going into autumn by the look of the date. Don't worry yourself too much.

Jackie's getting bigger. Your mother and hormones? There's a scary thought. Glad I'm not over there. Don't half wish you were here though. I mean Martha's ok, but… well, you know…

You could get pregnant if you really wanted. Don't let anything stop you, least of all, me, I said I wanted you to have a fantastic life, so you'd better. For me.