Lady of the West

By Advi


Here in, lies the story, unknown previously to humankind, of how the legendary Inu Taiyoukai, Sesshoumaru, took a human, a Miko, as his mate. She is known infamously as Kagome, Lady of the West. The human Lady Kagome survives still today, alongside Lord Sesshoumaru. Though, the legendary Court of the Western Lands or better known as Seibu no Kyutei now no longer exists, the story of their romance and courtship shall last till the end of humanity.

It is through their close relationship that youkais, who took on human mates, found that their mortal mates would survive and remain ageless, as long as the pair stayed mated and faithful to each other.

Throughout youkai history, Lord Sesshoumaru was known as the first youkai to take a human as his life-long mate. The first hundred years of their mated life were not peaceful, and on many occasions, Lord Sesshoumaru had to defend his family, saving them from annihilation. But, seeing Lord Sesshoumaru's happiness at being mated to a human soon changed many youkai mindsets about mating humans and producing 'hanyou'. This in turn saved numerous youkai tribes from extinction.

It is little known that Lady Kagome was previously mated to Lord Sesshoumaru's younger half-brother, Lord Inuyasha of the Central Lands. It is also not quoted in other texts that Lady Kagome was a time traveler, who hailed from the late twentieth century.

Though she did not give permission for this author to reveal exactly when it was that she was born. Lady Kagome was kind enough to reveal that she was born somewhere in the 1980s, though when specifically, it is unknown.

Our story shall start from the day Lady Kagome and Lord Inuyasha mated.

Now, before the story begins; a few words from Lady Kagome herself.

My love for Sesshoumaru was not at first sight,

Nor did I feel it immediately.

It was a love that developed, out of friendship and understanding.

A love that was realized after hardship,

A love that filled us both,

It was a love that conquered our fears

And a love that melted our enemies

This is the story of how that came to be.