Holy crap, guys. HOLY. CRAP. The finale? Did you SEE the finale?!


I can't even describe how magnificent Sozin's Comet was. The plot, the action, the animation, the music…and of course, the awesomeness that is Kataang. The EPIC KISS. The final scene in Ba Sing Se was probably THE best non-action part of the series EVER...

-cough- Anyway. That final scene was my sole motivation for this oneshot…or maybe threeshot, depending on how well it goes. So enjoy!



It feels like a dream.

It must be a dream, Katara muses silently to herself, as Zuko offers her a platter of tea cups with a small smile. Because this – relaxing in Iroh's reopened tea shop, together as a group, without any more running, or fighting, or war

This is normal. And she can't seem to recall the last time any such normality had taken place in her life.

"Zuko, stop moving!"

Katara pauses with the steaming cup of tea in hand and shoots a questioning glance at her brother, who's currently frowning at the firebender standing next to her. "I'm trying to capture the moment!"

Sokka holds his glare for another second or so before turning his attention back to the parchment in front of him. "I wanted to do a painting," he says wistfully, paintbrush sliding across the paper, "So we always remember the good times together."

Katara smiles and places her tea cup on the pai sho table before walking over to her brother. "That's very thoughtful of you, Sokka."

But then she catches sight of his "painting", and her eyebrow quirks in annoyance.

"Wait." Her eyes narrow and she leans over the table, pointing at the crude depiction of herself. "Why did you give me Momo's ears?!"

Sokka gives her a look, as if it were obvious. "Those are your hair loopies!"

She rolls her eyes, not amused, as the others gather around to inspect Sokka's work of art. It only takes a moment before their expressions mirror Katara's.

"At least you don't look like a boarcupine! My hair's not that spiky!"

"I look like a man!"

"And why did you paint me firebending?"

"I thought it looked more exciting that way," Sokka offers with a shrug.

Katara can't help but grin; her brother's lack of painting skills is still the same as ever.

A sudden movement in the corner of her eye catches her attention, and Katara turns from the group just in time to see a certain airbender leaving through the entryway, stopping for only a moment to pet Appa. Her eyes soften.

Yes…this has to be a dream. Because it's so unbelievably surreal. Because after a hundred years, the war is finally over, and he's alive.

She had very nearly tackled him into the ground the moment he had set foot in the Fire Nation Palace after the battle, sobbing so hard with happiness and relief that his shoulder had gotten drenched with her tears. And he had held onto her, comforting her, telling her that everything was alright; that Ozai had been defeated, and that it was finally over.

But she had barely heard his words. He was here. He was alive. And, although she would never admit it to anyone, she'd had a flash of doubt.

And that made her absolutely terrified.

She and Zuko had both seen the sky light up in a blinding mix of orange and blue. Even Azula, who had been screaming in anguish behind them, had quieted for a moment to stare wide-eyed at the clashing colors. Then the earth had started shaking, and the orange spread, overwhelming the blue until it was just a tiny beam of light in the sky; Azula started laughing manically, her eyes wild with triumph.

It was in that horrifying moment, even for just a fraction of a second, that Katara had sensed it.

And she saw her future shatter right in front of her eyes.


Katara quickly shakes the memory away and hurries towards the entryway after him, vaguely aware of the others laughing at the joke Toph cracks and Sokka's distinct whine that follows it. It sounds just how it should be – so normal, and so…right.

She finds him standing just beyond the fountain, staring out at the city, and Katara can't help but smile.

He's grown up so much.

A year ago, he'd been the boy running from a destiny he couldn't escape, the sole survivor of an entire slaughtered race. He was so naïve back then…just a twelve-year-old kid with the weight of the world forced on his shoulders.

And now…

She comes up beside him, and he slowly turns to look at her, a soft smile on his lips.

Now, he's the Avatar. The hero. He's been through so much – they all have – and now, he's going to change the world. He's practically a man.

And yet, he's so much more than that.

Without a word, she places her hand on his shoulder and pulls him into a tight embrace.

He's her teammate, her companion. He's her best friend. He's been there for her just as much as she's been for him, and together, they've managed to make it this far. Because of him, she's never been happier in her life.

The warmth is still there even as they pull apart and look out towards the horizon. And when she turns to him again, it's radiating from his eyes as well.

He loves her. She can see it; it's always been there, since the moment she found him in the iceberg, when he first opened his eyes.

He loves her so, so much. And he's been waiting for so long.

Too long.

She's not confused anymore, and she realizes that she never had been. She knows, without a doubt, that she loves him too.

And as she leans in and captures his lips with hers, she wonders for a moment if this is real. It's almost too good to be true. It has to be a dream…and yet, it's everything and more. It's absolutely perfect. It's so right.

He wraps his arms around her and pulls her close, and Katara finally comes to the conclusion that maybe it's not a dream after all.

Of course, after this, she can probably live without dreaming for the rest of her life.

Haha, over-romantic much? I have DEFINITELY watched the final scene one (or ten) too many times. xD

Anyways, comment and critique! I'm thinking of making another chapter in Aang's perspective, then maybe have a final short chapter telling the events after the kiss or something. Let me know what you think!