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Okay, so this is my very first Fan Fiction….it's not much, but I'm working on another one-shot that's a lot longer! :D read&review!

I walked down the hallway to Alice's room. She had told me that she wanted to talk to Jasper about something and she would be back in two minutes. Those two minutes turned into fifteen. When I reached the door to her room I was thankful, for the first time, that I wasn't a vampire. I heard someone moan.

"Oooohhh Jasper!" Alice moaned louder this time. Jasper chuckled.

I wanted to turn around and run out of the house, but I couldn't. I knew they would hear me if they did. They only reason they didn't hear me coming was probably because they were too wrapped up in each other.

"Harder…harder" They both groaned at the same time. I thought I was going to be sick!

Alice moaned even louder and Jasper said, "Do you like that?" He chuckled softly.

"Turn around. I want to try something new." Jasper said so low that I almost didn't hear it. I really wish i hadn't.

"It feels so good …oh Jasper!" ew…ew …EW! I didn't want to know things like this about Alice and Jasper! This was so embarrassing.

She moaned so loud I could have heard it from the kitchen. "I think we're done Alice."

"Come on Jasper, just a little bit more," Alice pleaded "why not?"

Jasper sighed, "Bella's waiting for you, remember?" Uh oh.

"Yes. Just promise me you will do it again tonight." Gross!

"Of course." Alice giggled and I prayed she wouldn't open the door. My prayers were not answered.

I blushed "I swear I wasn't listening! I just came to see if you…oh my god. I'm sorry! It's just that you took so long and I-I- I got bored. I didn't know! Ugh! Sorry…" I couldn't believe I had just been caught listening. They looked at me confused and then burst of laughing. This was not funny! Why aren't they embarrassed?!

When they calmed down Jasper smiled apologetically and Alice said, "Oh Bella! I asked Jasper to give me a back massage! What do you think we were doing?!" I blushed crimson. That just sent them into another fit of laughter.

Okay. Very short i know. I just wanted to try it out. Did you like it?! yes or no?! Review! :D