Tezuka closed the club room door behind him after checking everything was in order and making sure no one else was still inside. He was only a second year, and not even the vice-captain of the tennis club, but still he found himself burdened with responsibilities, that his sempais weighed him with.

Tezuka locked the door and allowed himself a brief moment to ponder on his life.

It wasn't perfect, far from it. His friends didn't know how to react when they discovered that Echizen was no longer with Fuji, but with their buchou. Oishi's disappointment was hardest to bear; Oishi had always believed Tezuka was better than he was. Kikumaru was pulled between his hurt for Fuji and fondness for Echizen. The redhead's wish to have everyone happy was making him miserable, as his friends were divided by the love triangle, that none of them had known even existed, until it erupted in their midst.

Atobe hadn't vanished from his head after the confrontation with Fuji as he had thought, and Atobe had assured him he would. Atobe had claimed it was because Tezuka still needed to become a more open person. Tezuka figured the drug his neighbour had produced was faulty. Inui might have agreed with him, or given him a more accurate explanation if Tezuka had been willing to elaborate him with the details, but he did not wish to give Inui anymore data. But after two weeks Tezuka had seriously considered calling Inui to ask for the number of his uncle that was a therapist, but luckily Atobe vanished before he was forced to take such severe action.

But still, every time Tezuka saw Atobe anywhere, he had the urge to poke him, just to make sure he was really there, and not a figment of his imagination.

And despite all that, Tezuka was happy, because of the one thing in his life that was perfect.

"Buchou," someone called from behind him. Tezuka turned, and a smile appeared on his face. Those who had known him the longest would have been surprised at the easiness of the smile, but it was a familiar sight for the boy who had caused it.

"Not yet." Tezuka said.

"But soon," the boy smirked. "Did they leave the club room keys to you again?"

"Yes." Tezuka knew what the boy was thinking, and the thought had crossed his mind several times after he had first received the duty of locking up.

"We can't go to my place. The stupid old man is already asking if I'm seeing someone."

"My parents are already home." Tezuka said.

"What's the use of having all the responsibility, if you can't take advantage of at least a couple of the perks?" a raised eyebrow. "Besides, I think Ryuzaki-sensei is starting to get suspicious. We can't use the junior high's club room anymore."

"You still talking?" Tezuka asked, keeping the door open for his companion.