Chapter 1 Chapter 1

When 3 best friends suddenly became mermaids by a full moon at Mako Island, their lives were turned upside down, when water and the skin on their bodies is in connection with each other, they are turned into magical creatures of the underwater world. With only a few close people who know their secret, they need to live their lives as normal as possible without the rest of the world finding out.

Rikki is a sarcastic yet strong character with a wicked personality

Cleo is a shy and sensitive girl, with a big heart.

Emma is a sensible and caring person who stands up for what she believes in.

"So, are we still up for our date this afternoon?" Ash whispered into Emma's ear as he walked round another table clearing up the cups. "Yeah sure I can't wait" Emma said grinning, knowing it was their fifth date now.

Emma turned round as Cleo, Rikki and Lewis walked into the Juicenet Café. "Hey" Rikki and Cleo said in harmony. " You looking forward to your date with Ash this afternoon?" said Rikki sarcastically.

"Yeah I am actually, at least I have a date. What happened to you and Zane?" Emma retreated. Lewis and Cleo giggled. "Anyway tomorrow nights the full moon we need to start preparing" Lewis explained.

"I know we don't want any of us under the influence of it again, like previous times" Cleo said. Emma replied" We need to be kept under control this time"

"Last time Rikki you nearly blew our cover."

" That wasn't my fault, you two should have been keeping an eye on me!"

" Anyway, you three girls are all going to be at Emma's house tomorrow, although you can still see the full moon, the house is in different position to the other two houses and I have brought some cardboard for the windows to be blocked by and all you guys need to do is stay in Emma's room all night. Can you handle that Rikki this time?" Lewis finished. Rikki gave him an evil but sarcastic smile. Ash walked over with their drinks on a tray and told Emma to go and get changed and he will meet her at the harbour dock in 20 minutes. " Have fun you two on your date!" Cleo smiled.