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Chapter 1: Normal Day

Sharpay Evans groaned she looked over at her friends as they walked down the hallway "Come on, Pay. We all know you like Zeke. Stop pretending you don't. It's so obvious. Right, Tay?" Gabriella Montez said to her best friend, Taylor McKessie about Sharpay's crush on Zeke Baylor. She doesn't like Zeke. She doesn't like Zeke at all. Why do they keep insisting that she does when she clearly doesn't.

"Enough, Gabi. Just drop it" Sharpay said and looked over at her "I don't like Zeke" Gabriella's face turned from a smile to a frown as she looked over at Sharpay. Why does she have to be so stubborn? Why does she keep denying that she doesn't like Zeke? Everyone knows she does. It's completely obvious seeing the way her face lights up when he's around.

Taylor watched as Gabriella kept interrogating Sharpay. She looked over and saw Gabriella's boyfriend, Troy Bolton, putting his book away in his locker "Gabi, look, there's Troy" she said and pointed over to Troy, who was still putting his book away in his locker. Troy and Gabriella are the perfect couple. They have no secrets. She wished she could have a relationship like they have with her boyfriend, Chad Danforth. She loves Chad but they didn't have the kind of relationship Troy and Gabriella have.

Gabriella smiled when she saw her boyfriend. "I'll be right back guys" she said to her friends "I'm going to completely surprise Troy" she said and looked at her friends, who gave her nod. She smiled and walked over to Troy, who seemed to be unaware that she's coming as he put his books away in his locker.

She snuck up behind Troy and saw Chad coming with Zeke & Jason Cross. They noticed her behind Troy. Chad was going to open his mouth to say something but Gabriella covered her mouth with her finger. They knew that she wanted them to stay quiet. They nodded and watched.

Troy was putting his books away in his locker when he felt 2 hands come out of nowhere and cover his eyes. He laughed as he immediately knew who these hands belonged to. He had been in them before "Guess who" a voice said in back of him "I'll give you a hint: she's the hottest girl you will ever meet in your life and has an IQ above 150" the voice said again.

He smiled when he heard the voice "Hmm., Vanessa Hudgens" he said and laughed. He knew exactly who it is. He couldn't help but laugh. He loves doing this to her. He knew it gets to her and that's why he loves doing it. She does the same thing to him only she calls him Zac Efron. He doesn't really think he looks like Zac Efron at all. It's really funny. At least in his opinion it is.

He smiled when he heard the person behind him groan. "For the last time I don't look like Vanessa Hudgens" the person said and moved their hands. "Why does everyone think that except me" Troy turned and saw Gabriella standing behind him, well now in front of him. He smiled when he saw her and greeted her with a kiss.

Taylor walked over with Sharpay. "Yes you do, Gabi. You should really consider that a compliment considering how pretty Vanessa Hudgens is" Taylor said. She thinks it's really funny how Gabriella doesn't think she think she looks like Vanessa Hudgens at all.

Gabriella looked at Troy and shook her head "Don't encourage him, Tay" Gabriella said to Taylor as she wrapped her arms around Troy's neck. Troy wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned against his locker and kissed her again.

Chad pretended to gag when they kissed again "Please, not while I'm here" he said. That's when he felt his head get hit with something." What the heck?" he asked and turned around and saw Taylor standing right in back of him "Oh hey, babe" he said and kissed her on the cheek.

Taylor shook her head "Chad, seriously. Do you have keep doing that to them every time. Jason and Kelsi do it all the time and you never do it to them. But you always dot it to Troy and Gabriella. Why?" she asked him. She shook her head when she looked at him and folded her arms across her chest.

Chad stuttered for a moment. He didn't even know what to say to Taylor. He only doing that to Troy only cause he's his best friend. But Troy never does it to him and that's why he find it funny "I'm only messing with him, Tay. It's only a joke" he told her.

"Men. Can't live with them. Can't live without them" Taylor said and rolled her eyes. She just couldn't seem to believe how stupid Chad could be sometimes. She loves him. She's not going to lie about that but she can't stand him sometimes. She just can't seem to understand why he could act like towards Troy and Gabriella but not towards some of their friends when they kiss.

Both Troy and Gabriella laughed as Taylor smacked Chad in his head again before looking at each other. They're really nuts about each other. Troy would give his life up for Gabriella and he knew that she would do the same. They're just lucky to have each other

Troy smiled at his girlfriend and took her hand and they walked down the hallway. He looked over at Gabriella and smiled. He was so happy that he had her right now. He couldn't stop singing the song they sang together when they first met.

Gabriella looked over at him and smiled when he started singing Start Of Something New. She happily joined him. She thought that he had forgotten that song but she was wrong. She would never forget that song as long as she lived.

They both laughed as they heard their friends in back of them groan. "Sorry, guys. We just can't help it. We're crazy about each other and you would to if you were as in love as we are" Troy told them and looked at Gabriella, who nodded.

"You guys are just too cute for words" Taylor told them. They both smiled and looked at each other and they kissed again. They heard a couple of "Aww's" when they kissed but they paid no attention to it. The only thing that mattered to them was each other and that's how it should be.

They kept walking until they reached Gabriella's, Sharpay's, and Taylor's homeroom. Troy turned and looked at his girlfriend "Well, here we are" he said to her and took her hands in his. He didn't want to leave her just to go to class. He wanted to stay with her all day long. He loves her. Can you blame him?

"Troy, you better get going. I would hate to get you in trouble with your dad. You're supposed to be in the gym practicing right now for the game and you dad won't be happy if you miss practice cause of me" Gabriella told him. He knew that she was right. He knew that he had to go practice for the big game coming up . But he didn't seem to care. The only thing on his mind was Gabriella. He just wanted to stay with her.

"Ok" he told her "I'll see you during lunch" he smiled and they kissed. Troy just felt like he belonged with Gabriella and no where else. He wasn't crazy about having to leave her but he knew he had to. He needs to practice for the big game.

"See you then, Troy. I love you" she said to him, causing Troy to smile. She smiled when Troy pulled her close to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him for all that he was worth. They both smiled through the kiss. This is how a relationship should be. They have the perfect relationship. No one can ever tear them apart.

She smiled at him when they pulled apart. "I love you too, Gabi" he told her. She just needed to hear him say he loves her. She has never been with a guy quite like Troy. She loves him too much. He's just so sweet and he spoils her. What more can a girl ask for from a guy.

"Bye" Troy calls out to Gabriella when Chad grabbed his arm and started to pull him down the hallway. He could see Gabriella, Sharpay, Taylor and Kelsi all laughing when Chad pulled him down the hallway. He rolls his eyes before turning his attention to Chad "Will you let go of my arm. I can walk by myself" he told Chad, who let go of his arm and they walked down the hallway.

Gabriella was still laughing, even when Troy disappeared from her sight. Leave it to Chad to something like that. "Chad can never seem to wait to practice, can he?" she asked Taylor, who nodded. She laughed one more time before she walked into her classroom with Sharpay, Taylor, & Kelsi right behind her. She just couldn't seem to help but miss Troy. She always misses him when he's not around. She loves him so you can't blame her for that.


Logan Graham walked down the hallways of East High as every student continued to talk. Some of the students were actually talking about him. He knew about it and it just pissed him off. He had always gotten made fun of ever since elementary school. He was sick and tired of getting made fun. His life was going to change from this day on forever.

He watched as all the students were talking. None of them seemed to be aware of how much he hated his life. His father had left him when he was a baby and his mother constantly abuses him. She blames him for his father leaving them.

He can't seem to take it anymore. He knows that it's not exactly the school's fault for his miserable life but who else could he blame? He has a horrible life at home and even worse life here at school. He was fed up with being treated like shit and his life was going to change once his worst enemy was out of his way and he could finally have the girl of his dreams.

That's when he saw Troy Bolton walking by with all of his friends. God, he hated Troy Bolton so much. Ever since Troy had become the king of the school, he just couldn't seem to stand him. He used to be best friends with Troy before but Troy goes to be this jock, who ruled the school. They had stayed best friends until high school when Troy ditched Logan and became friends with the jocks. He knew what kind of jerks the jocks were and he couldn't wait to see the day the hurt Troy worse then he had hurt Logan and he would just laugh in Troy's face.

When Gabriella moved to East High, he really liked her. She was really nice to him. Not a lot of students were nice to him like she was. She was the sweetest girl he had ever met and she was beautiful. He had finally gotten the courage to ask her out but instead, he finds she's dating none other then Troy fucking Bolton. He doesn't get what she sees in Bolton. She can do a lot better then him but she chooses to go out with him anyway. What the heck is she thinking? If he only knew.

Troy had seemed to take everything away from him and he hated it. He just wanted Troy to suffer the way he did. He just wanted Troy to know that he was probably the best friend Logan had ever had. He was pretty sure that they were going to become friends forever. But no. Troy just had to go on and become the king of the school and ditch him.

He quickly dug through his back pocket of his pants and pulled out a gun and pointed right at Troy, who seemed to unaware until he looked over and saw a gun pointed right at him. "This is for the hell you put me through, Bolton" Logan said to him and pulled the trigger.

Troy turned around and saw that Logan was pointing a gun at him. He was watching frozen in fear. Logan was pointing a gun right at him. He couldn't bring himself to move. He was too scared to move. What was he supposed to think? His old best friend was pointing a gun right at him. He didn't know that Logan hates him so much that's he willing to kill him.

Troy just stood there completely frozen "Troy, LOOK OUT!" he heard a familiar voice yell out and few seconds later, he was pushed to the ground and he heard the gun fire. He looked over and saw Chad right on top of him. He couldn't believe it. Chad had saved his life.

"Come on, we got to get out of here!" Chad yells as he pulled Troy to his feet and dragged him down the hallway. Troy's mind wasn't able to comprehend all the students in the hallways or the fact that Chad had saved his life. All he could think about was the fact that Logan was pointing a gun at him before. He was just too scared to move.

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