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Chapter 19: Tears For Fears

Gabriella sat in the hospital with her mother and her sister while she waited for anything new on Troy. It's been two hours, two freaking long and miserable hours since the doctors took Troy into surgery. It's killing her, she's freaking. She just wants to know anything new on Troy. She doesn't know what she would do if she ever lost Troy, she's probably go crazy if she ever did. She's just hopes that he comes out of this in one piece. Her mother sat next to her, Vanessa sat on the other side of her. The tears kept coming down her cheeks and she couldn't do anything to stop it, not that she wanted to. All she wants right now is for Troy to survive the surgery. She won't ask for anything else, the only thing she wants is for Troy to live. There's nothing else more important to her.

She laid her head on her mother's shoulder as more tears came to her eyes. "What's taking so long?" she asked, causing everyone to look at her. "Shouldn't he have come out of surgery by now?"

Her mother pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. "Gabriella, these things take time" Maria told her. She looked at her mother as more tears came to her eyes. "Oh baby" Maria pulled Gabriella into her arms and let Gabriella cry into her shoulder.

"It's just taking longer than I want it to mom, if Troy doesn't make it I don't know what I will do, I love him so much." Gabriella cried into her mother and felt another pair of arms hug her. She could see her vision blurry from all the crying she has been doing since this whole morning started and saw Chad give her a small smile. Gabriella let go of her mother and went into Chad's arms and cried again.

Troy's strong he will make it through this heck he lasted a long time without passing out because we all were telling him not too, if I were in his place I know I would have been passed out just an hour of getting shot this is all my fault." Chad looked at the floor while Gabriella got out of his hold a little bit.

"This is not your fault, Chad. Troy told you himself that he doesn't blame you, please Chad just stop blaming yourself for something that was completely out of your control. It won't be good for you to think like that." Chad nodded his head but he still new it was his fault if only he could do something to make it up to Troy.

Sharpay was with the gang, along with her parents and her younger sister Samie, wondering how Ryan was doing. She looked all over and saw all her friends and their parents waiting along about the news on Ryan and Troy. Sharpay could feel something wasn't right but she didn't want to think about it. She walked over to Samie and hugged her tightly. Even though Sharpay and Ryan were twins, they were just as close to Samie. Both her and Samie cried in each other's arms. "Sharpay I'm scared. I saw Ryan when they took him in the ambulance and he looked so pale. He's going to be ok, right?" Samie hugged Sharpay tighter to her and cried more.

"Ryan will get through this. I know he will just keep on praying. Ryan would not leave us after what happened. I'm his twin I know he will make this out alive." Just then, they saw a doctor come out the emergency room holding a clip bored in his hands.

"Ryan Evans." The doctor saw the group of people and saw the Evans family stand up all holding each other and the rest of their friends and family watched as the doctor started to talk to them.

"The surgery went well. The bullet was really in his back and it was hard to get out. Other then that, he's expected to make a full recovery." The doctor looked at the Evans family and walked back into the surgery room to move Ryan back into his room that they had him in before his surgery.

Mrs. Evans hugged her husband, crying into his shoulder. She couldn't help but cry. Her son is going to be fine. She kissed Sharpay and Samie on their foreheads. A couple minutes later the doctor came back out and told them they could go in and see Ryan. All of their friends knew it was a family moment for them to be with Ryan at this time so now everyone was waiting to see any news from Troy.

Jack was pacing back and forth waiting for news on Troy. Jack couldn't believe his son was in surgery fighting for his life. He just wished that he was with the gang when Logan took them hostage. He just wishes he could have done something to help all the students even Logan but he couldn't. Two of his students ended up having to fight for their lives and one of was them was his son.

Lucille saw Jack pace back and forth walked over to him and stopped him from pacing. Lucille saw in Jack's eyes that he's trying hard not to cry and be strong for everyone in the room and for Troy. Lucille hugged Jack and silently heard Jack cry on her shoulder. "Just let it all out, Jack. Our son, our baby boy, is going to do just fine. He's a fighter just like his father." Lucille kissed Jack on the cheek.

"I know he is Luc but I should have been there with the students at the time but I wasn't, it's my fault that Troy and Ryan ended up getting shot." Jack whipped away a tear that was coming down his eyes he did not want to see everyone watching him cry.

"I'm sick of both you and Chad blaming yourselves for what happened to Troy. This is not your fault ok, so could the both of you stop blaming yourself." Lucille looked at Jack not saying it to just Jack but also Chad.

"Yeah, Mrs. Bolton is right. Stop blaming yourself for Troy getting shot. Troy doesn't blame you because it's not your guys fault. Now stop blaming yourself and think about Troy fighting for his life in that room, because I, for one, am scared to death of what they will say about troy when that doctor comes out." Gabriella tried to calm down again, only to have her mother Maria and her sister Vanessa hugged her closer to them to let Gabriella cry again.

Gabriella was just so tired from all the crying she has done. She just wants to see Troy's ocean blue eyes again and have him hold her in his arms, smell his fresh cologne or his shampoo; she wants him to tell her that. "Why don't you lie down and rest? You had a rough day too." Maria looked at Gabriella. Gabriella shook her head no. How could her mother expect her to rest? She can't rest until she knows Troy's going to be ok.

"No, I'm not going anywhere until he I know Troy is going to be ok." Before anyone else could say anything the doctor came out with a nurse with a clipboard in hand.

"Troy Bolton." The doctor said Jack Lucille Gabriella and Chad all stood up. "He's still in surgery at the moment. The reason why I'm here is to tell you all that Troy lost a lot of blood and he needs a blood transfusion to survive. The problem is we don't have in his blood type, here, so he needs a donor" The doctor looked at the group as they let the information sink in.

"Test me. He's my son and I'll do whatever takes to save his life." Jack begged the doctor as tears began to come to his eyes.

"Ok, follow me." the doctor instructed Jack. He turned to Lucille and gave her a quick kiss before he followed the doctor.

"Wait," Gabriella said, earning the doctor's attention. "test me also" she begged. She'll do whatever it takes to save Troy's life also. He means everything to her.

"And me" Chad said, desperately.

"One at a time. First, we'll test you," the doctor said, pointing to Jack. "Then you two." the doctor said as she started to walk down the corridor of the hospital. Jack followed right behind her.

After about a couple of minutes, Jack came back out, followed by a nurse. The nurse instructed Gabriella to follow her. She never did well with needles, she's always hated needles since she was little but if it means saving Troy's life, then she'll do whatever it takes. Troy's more important to her then anything.

"I take it your Troy's girlfriend." The nurse looked at Gabriella and got all the stuff ready. Gabriella nodded her head while the nurse got ready to put the needle into her arm.

"Yeah, I know we're both young but he means a lot to me." Gabriella looked at the nurse the nurse just smiled.

"I remember the first time I fell in love." the nurse said and looked at Gabriella. "I was around your age" she told Gabriella as she stuck the needle in Gabriella's arm. Gabriella cringed when she felt the needle go in her arm. She has a fear of needles. She's been afraid of needles ever since she was a little girl. It's a fear she can't seem to get over. She can only imagine how Troy felt in that classroom. That must have really hurt.

"I just hope he comes out of this alive. I'm so scared I could wind up losing him." Gabriella said as more tears came to her eyes. It's no use to try to stop crying. She can't seem to stop her crying.

"Sometimes, you just need to let it all out" the nurse told her. She looked at her. "You probably were holding your emotions back while you were in that classroom and you felt overwhelmed." She nodded. The nurse definitely seemed to understand what she's feeling right now. How could she understand what she's feeling through. It's not like her boyfriend has ever been shot, much less in a hostage situation. How could she understand what Gabriella is feeling?

As she sat here lost in her though, she didn't notice the nurse pulling the needle out of her arm. "I'm done now." she said. "I'm gonna have to run tests on you to see if you're a match. Just wait in the lobby." the told her. She nodded and left the room. As she walked to the lobby, she couldn't help but fear what will happen if neither her, Jack, or Chad are a match. What will happen to Troy if they're not? That's really scaring her.

Jack got up from his seat and walked over to Gabriella. He hugged her tightly. Gabriella let her feelings out against his shirt. "It's ok, Gabriella. Just let it all out." he told her. Gabriella started to cry hysterically and she couldn't help it. She couldn't hold her emotions any longer.

Chad was the next to step up when he saw the nurse coming. "Troy is like a brother to me and I want to help save him. He's helped me through stuff in my past and he was always there for me. It's my turn to help him." Chad looked at the nurse and followed the nurse back into one of the rooms.

'I have to be a match. This is my way of making this up to Troy. It's my fault that he got shot in the first place. I have to be a match, I just have to be' Chad looked at the nurse as she stuck a needle in his arm.

Chad looked up at the nurse as she finished up. "I just have to run tests on your blood so wait in the lobby while I do so, ok?" the nurse asked him. He nodded and walked out of the room, to the waiting room. Chad walked over to his parents and let hug him tightly. Chad felt like crying but he refused to cry. He has to stay strong, how will Gabriella and Taylor feel if they saw him crying. That's something he doesn't even want to think about.

About twenty minutes later, the doctor came over to the group. "I have the test results back. Chad, you're a match. Are you really sure you want to do this?" the doctor asked. Is Chad sure he wants to do this? Of course he is. It's his fault that Troy got hurt in the first place. He'll do whatever it takes to save Troy's life and if that means his own life being at stake, then so be it. Troy's the best friend he ever had.

"Yes, I'm sure. I need to do whatever it takes to save his life. I don't care about what about what happens to me." Chad said. The doctor slowly nodded and told Chad to follow her.


Gabriella sat on a couch in the waiting of the hospital. It's been four long and miserable hours since Troy had brought into surgery for a blood transfusion. What is taking so long? Shouldn't he have been done by now? She can't help but wonder how he's doing. Is he holding his own in there? Troy has to survive, she can't lose him. She just can't. Troy means everything to her. She loves him so much. He can't leave her just yet. But if there's one thing she knows about Troy, he's fighting to come back to her. Troy would never go down without a fight; he's one heck of a fighter.

"The surgery went well," The doctor said looking at all the family. "He's expected to make a full recovery" the doctor said to the group. Gabriella smiled as she started to cry happily. Troy's going to be ok, he's going to survive. She couldn't be any happier then she is now.

Both Jack and Lucille started to cry also. Their son made it through this nightmare. He's going to be just fine. Neither of them could be any happier. Troy is one heck of a fighter.

Chad wrapped his arms around Taylor while he looked at the doctor. Troy is going to be ok. Oh thank god, that's huge lift. He doesn't know what he would do if Troy didn't make it through this. He would never have been able to forgive himself if that happened. Oh, thank god.

"When can we see him?" Jack asked as he wrapped his arms around Lucille, pulling her close to his body.

"In a few minutes, we're still getting him settled in his room, once he's ready for visitors, the receptionist will let you know" the doctor said as she put the clipboard underneath her armpit and held it with her arm.

"Thank you so much for all that you've done" Jack said as he extended a hand for the doctor. The doctor smile and shook his hand.

"No, problem. Just doing my job" the doctor said as she turned on her heel and walked away from the group.

Gabriella sat down and let her mother hug her. She couldn't help but smile. Troy did it, he made it through. She couldn't stop crying. She's so happy. "He's going to be ok, mom. He's going to be just fine." she let Maria pull her close to her body. Maria wrapped her other arm around Vanessa and pulled her daughters into a family hug. She smiled and kissed both of her daughter's foreheads.

"Excuse me, the doctor said that he's ready for visitors now. His room is three twenty six" the receptionist told them.

"I think Gabriella should go first" Jack said, looking at Gabriella. Lucille looked over at her husband and nodded. She agreed with him, Gabriella should go see Troy first.

"You want me to go see him first?" Gabriella asked confused. Why in the world would Troy's parents say that she should go see him before they do?

"Yeah, after everything you did for him, you deserve to" Lucille said as Jack wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against his body.

Gabriella clearly was confused. She doesn't get why Troy's parents would say that she should see him first. He's their son, enough said right there. So why are they telling her to go see him first. She's not complaining through. She wants to see Troy badly. She just wants to hold him in her arms and never let him go. She wants to tell him how much she loves him. She just wants to see his beautiful ocean blue eyes staring back into chocolate brown eyes most of all. She stood up and wiped a few tears away from her eyes before she walked over to the elevator. For the first time in hours, she's finally getting to see her boyfriend.

Once she got up to his room, she pushed the door open and looked around the room. The lights are dimmed and a TV hangs from the wall. Her eyes wandered over to the bed. Troy was laying on his back, his eyes squeezed shut and his breathing seemed even. He had the covers pulled up to his chest. She took the chair next to the bed and looked at her boyfriend. She couldn't seem to help but cry. She took his hand in hers while her other hand brushed Troy's hair back. "Hey baby, it's me" she said as she ran the back of Troy's hand over her cheek. "I love you so much, Troy" she said as she placed a kiss on his knuckles. Her hand made its way down his cheek.

"I promise you, I won't leave Troy. I love you too much" she said. She's just so relieved that he's going to make a full recovery.


A couple hours later, Gabriella sat in Troy's room, alone, holding his hand. Troy still hasn't woken up yet. She just couldn't seem to wait until he opened his eyes. She's been here for like four hours already, but she refuses to leave, not until Troy is awake. She won't leave his side. She can't until he wakes up but who knows how much longer then will be. It could two, maybe three more hours until he wakes up. She just can't wait until she sees his ocean blue eyes, staring back at her.

"Gabs, any change yet?" she heard Taylor ask her, snapping her out of her thoughts. She turned around and saw Chad, Lucille, Jack, and Taylor all come in the room. She frowned and shook her head. Can't they see that Troy's still unconscious and he's been like that for hours now? It's not like his eyes are open and staring back at her. No, he's still unconscious. She just wishes that he would wake up already.

"You're probably hungry. You should go get some food. He'll be awake by the time you get back" Lucille told her. She looked at Lucille and shook her head. She doesn't care how much longer she has to stay here, she's not going anywhere until Troy wakes up. She just wants to see his ocean blue eyes staring back at hers.

"I'm not going anywhere until he wakes up. I know he'd do the same for me" she said. Both Jack and Lucille nodded. They know it's no use to try and convince Gabriella to take care of herself. She's more worried about Troy then herself. They know how much their son means to Gabriella and they couldn't be happier. They're so happy that their son met a good person like Gabriella, who loves him and would never leave him ever.

All of a sudden, they heard a groan coming from Troy. She looked over at him and she saw his eyelids twitching. She couldn't help but smile. Finally, Troy's waking up. She took his hand and held in between hers. "Troy?" she questioned softly as Troy's facial features twitched some more.

"Brie?" Troy asked, his eyes half open. He seems so tired and he's slurring his words. She couldn't really blame him though, that's an effect from the anesthesia.

"I'm here, Troy, your ok. I'm so happy your ok." Gabriella hugged Troy tightly too him along with his parents and Chad. Troy smiled at his parents, his best friend, and girlfriend but was totally out of it and was seeing things.

"Why are you all blue, Gabriella? Did someone paint you all blue?" Troy looked at Gabriella funny and he started to laugh. Gabriella knew this is just because the are drugs wearing off, in a couple hours he would be good as new with his mind thinking straight. So for now, just deal with the-out-of-it Troy.

"No, I didn't paint myself blue, Troy." Gabriella kissed the top of his head. Troy looked over at Chad and started to laugh hysterically. Chad rolled his eyes and smiled a bit. He knows exactly what's coming, Troy's sense of humor.

"What's so funny Troy?" Chad asked, walking closer to Troy and put a hand on his shoulder.

"You have two heads. I thought one Chad head would be bad enough. Now, two? That's just crazy." Troy said with a raspy voice. Clearly, he's still out of it. Both Gabriella and Taylor started to giggle with what Troy said. Two Chad heads? That is crazy.

"Yeah, that's crazy great to see the funny side of you is still there, after everything that's happened today." Chad looked at Troy and smiled. He couldn't hold the laughter anymore. He started laughing hysterically also

Troy looked at his parents and then back to Gabriella and smiled at her. He yawned a bit. Everyone could understand. After everything he's been through, they're not surprised. Gabriella put her hand on Troy's cheek, which made him look at her. "I love you, Troy. I promise I won't ever leave you." Gabriella leaned in and gave him a quick peck on his cheek.

He looked at the ceiling. "There's a monkey kissing a banana on the ceiling. That's so funny" Troy said as he started to giggle. Everyone else started to laugh. They're glad to have Troy back.

"Get some sleep Troy. I'll be right here when you wake up again. you need your rest." Troy nodded his head smiled one last time at Gabriella Chad and his parents before he fell back to sleep. All of them were happy to see Troy woke up.

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