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Chapter 1 – Snowy Owl

~Scene 1 – 1:15 p.m. – Classroom During Lunch Break~

If things continued like this, she'd need a bigger mop.

Kaito was currently making the class's textbooks fly around and chase Watson, Hakuba-kun's pet hawk. Granted, it was lunch hour and things like this were normal, but still. Watson swooped around the room, tearing bits of pages here and there.

Kaito looked absolutely gleeful. She took the opportunity to swing her "weapon" at him. He ducked.

"Aoko, what's up? Can't you take a joke?"

She swung it again.

"Sure. But-"


"-It's not a joke . . ."


". . . It's animal cruelty!"

He let the mop hit him. "I'm not hurting the bird."

"You're teasing the poor thing. I'd call that cruel!"

Kaito sighed and snapped his fingers. The textbooks dropped to the floor. Watson pecked at them a few times before flying out the window to find her master.

"Killjoy." Kaito muttered.

"What was that?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all." Kaito sat on his desk, legs swinging freely. "Aha! I know why you're such in a bad mood!" He leaned forward toward Aoko. "You're upset because Kaitou KID got away again."

"Of course! Who does that guy think he is, anyway? Prancing about, making fools of everyone. I can't stand him!"

Kaito flinched. She'd insulted his idol again. "Why? He's a master of his art, nothing more. He always returns what he steals."

"Exactly! He has no motive. He only does it for attention, not caring if anyone gets hurt. I can't count the number of times my dad and the other members of the task force were almost fired because of him! What about their families?"

Kaito sighed. They'd had this conversation every time there was a heist.

Aoko was still ranting. "And what about the people he steals from? KID returns everything he steals, but until when? Jewel owners live in fear that they'll be the first real victims. And he's greedy too! We got another notice last night after the heist. He'll strike tomorrow night. He's barely given them enough warning!"

No one was really paying attention. Hakuba-kun had come to see what the fuss had been about and was now busy trading insults with Kaito, while complaining about the treatment of his bird. Aoko sighed and returned to her desk as the teacher returned and began the lesson.

~Scene 2 – 9:45 p.m. – Aoko's Room~

"And then he – "

"Aoko," Keiko interrupted. She'd been out with a cold and had missed that day's antics, "I don't know why you get riled up. That's what he wants. He's only doing it to get your attention."

Aoko sighed. "If only. He's doing it for attention period. It doesn't have to be me. It could be anyone."

"Maybe. But your fights seem to be about one of two things: Kaito flipping your skirt or Kaitou KID. I don't know what to tell you about the skirt, but you can get rid of the KID problem." Keiko's voice sounded horrible.

'Poor girl,' thought Aoko, 'the fever's gone to her head.' "I don't see how that's possible. KID is practically my sworn enemy and Kaito worships the guy."

"Just don't talk about him." Keiko replied.

"Don't talk about him? Don't' talk about him?! Keiko, other than Kaito's constant pranks, he's the source of all my misery! How could I not talk about him?!"

Keiko sighed. "I didn't mean completely stop talking about him. Just stop talking about him around Kaito. If Kaito brings him up, ignore him. Eventually he'll get the hint, and KID won't be an issue for you two any more. Then you can worry about the sexual harassment."

Aoko thought about it. It wasn't that bad of an idea. It might even work. "Thank you, Keiko."

"You're welcome." Keiko sneezed. "Now can we hang up so I can get some sleep?"

Aoko laughed, "Sure," and hung up.

After getting ready for bed, she crept out of her room. She wanted to say goodnight to her dad but she wasn't sure if he was still awake. She saw him, hunched over, sitting at the kitchen table, sipping his alcohol. He sighed sadly and poured himself another glass.

"Goodnight Dad," she whispered.

As she climbed into bed and tried to fall asleep, she cursed Kaitou KID. One day, he'd fall.

~Scene 3 – The Next Day – Class~

Aoko was totally focused. Other than Kaito flipping her skirt, a crime she'd punished him with her mop for, there had been no fights, no arguments, no trouble. And she was determined to keep it that way.

Keiko was still out with her cold, but Aoko wanted to make her proud. Aoko hadn't mentioned KID once all day! Granted, part of that may have been Kaito's doing. He was probably trying harder than usual not to make her angry. Firstly, because it was heist day, a day that made her almost as irritable as post-heist day, and secondly, because he probably wasn't sure whether or not she'd gotten over yesterday. She hadn't, but she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of knowing.

Today's class was Geometry; something about circles, or squares, or something along those lines. Aoko didn't care. She just made sure her hand never slowed, never stopped taking notes, regardless of whether or not the material registered in her brain.

"Psst." It was Kaito. Why wasn't she surprised?

A note landed in her lap. It was neatly folded in the form of a bird. She unfolded it. "You still sore about yesterday?" it said. "I already said I was sorry about Hakuba's stupid bird."

True. He had apologized. But he hadn't really seemed that sorry. She stubbornly scribbled on a piece of loose notebook paper and swore under her breath when the paper tore. She ripped out another piece and tired again. The paper didn't tear, but her handwriting was messy. She decided she didn't care.

"Call the 'stupid bird' by her name. It's Watson. And no, I'm not mad about that, it's-" she scribbled out "it's" and changed the comma into a period. She folded it and threw it onto his open textbook (which was torn on the edges from Watson's attacks).

In a flash, another note was in her lap. She felt self-conscious. Her clumsy folds were nothing like his elegant ones. This one was in the shape of a cat. "What? Is it Kaitou KID?"

She tore the note into little pieces that she threw into her pencil case. She just wasn't going to reply.

But the notes kept coming. They came in all shapes; dogs, hippos, bears, mice, dear, ducks. . . all about KID. She ignored them all.

He sent her a butterfly note. Its wings actually flapped as it flew to her and landed in her hand. It wasn't about KID. "There's something I think you should know . . ."

She blushed. Was it too much to hope for? "What?" she responded.

Another butterfly. "I liked your white panties more."

The bell rang and Aoko jumped out of her seat, mop in hand. That day, Kaito went home with more bruises than usual.

~Scene 4 – After Dinner – The Kitchen~

Her dad adjusted his tie as Aoko cleared the table and filled the sink with hot, soapy water.

"What time is the heist?" He was tense, she knew. She wanted him to relax before he went after Kaitou KID.

"10:45 p.m. The target is a piece of amber from the local museum. Not particularly expensive, but relatively large. We hope to catch him when he escapes. We've got 4 helicopters, tons of police cars, and officers at every traffic checkpoint. We also updated the museum's security system. But it might not be enough."

Aoko wished that Kaito was there. He was the only one who could get her dad out of a funk like this one.

The girls loved Kaito. Sure, he was pervert, but he was a charming pervert. People were naturally attracted to him, like bees to honey. Aoko knew he got it from his father.

Toichi Kuroba had been a world famous magician. The best in modern times, some had said. He died when Kaito was 9 in a stage accident. Kaito had inherited both his father's love for magic and his strong charisma.

Kaito and Aoko had first met when they were five, when he had moved in next door. Funnily, it had been at a KID heist. They had gotten along fairly well, surprisingly with all the constant arguments. Since the moment they had first met, they'd been best friends. Or as good as friends could be with the amount they fought. But it was never truly serious arguing.

They had gotten closer when they were nine. Shortly after Toichi died, Aoko's mother passed away from cancer. It had been a long and painful death. But Toichi had been there for her father. But then her father, Ginzo, lost both his wife and his best friend. He'd grown very protective of his daughter as a result.

Aoko didn't know what would have happened if Kaito hadn't been there. Kaito had always been cheerful and playful, but Aoko hadn't known how strong he could be as well. During the long, painful months following the tragedies, he had supported both his mother, and Aoko and her father. Aoko had never seen him cry.

Kaito often came over for dinner. It had helped fill the empty gap at first, but then it had become natural. He was a part of their family. Often, Aoko worried that Kaito coming over made his mother lonely. Mrs. Kuroba had never remarried, much like her dad, and the Kuroba household was big. But she was always telling Aoko that she didn't mind.

Mrs. Kuroba was a beautiful woman. Kaito looked incredibly similar to his dad, who'd been quite the looker, but Aoko thought it wouldn't have been bad if he had taken after his mother either.

Mrs. Kuroba had also always wanted a daughter. She was always helping Aoko out. Teaching her to cook, helping her with her homework, and telling her useful things she'd have been embarrassed to learn from her father. Needless to say, both Aoko and Ginzo had been endlessly grateful to have avoided that conversation.

"Well, I'm off," called Ginzo. Aoko had just finished the dishes. She ran to the door and kissed his cheek.

"Good luck Dad."

"Thanks Aoko."



"Don't worry so much. It'll be fine. Hakuba-kun will be there."

He merely nodded and went out the door. She sighed and made a note to herself to tell Kaito to talk to her father.

~Scene 5 – 10:45 – Crowd at the Museum~

Aoko struggled to keep afloat the sea of Kaitou KID supporters with their banners and T-shirts and signs. Many, many people supported KID.

Aoko had gone to the heist without permission. She usually wasn't allowed to go. But she was still worried about her dad, even though part of her knew it was an unnecessary worry.

Kaitou KID had many names, though KID was the one he was most commonly referred to by. His "official" name was "Kaitou 1412." His first appeared in Paris 18 years ago. His heists had taken place all over the globe, and he had had the world in an uproar. Then 8 years ago, he'd simply vanished. Poof. He'd left everyone guessing. Two years ago, he'd reappeared making more trouble than ever, though his operations remained mostly in Japan.

KID's physical appearance and methods were even more puzzling. He dressed in a suit, cape, and top hat, all in blinding, pure white. He meant to stand out against the night, adding to the humiliation when he got away unscathed. He also wore his trademark monocle on his right eye.

KID's strategies were also unusual. He always sent the police a polite note letting them know when and where he'd appear and what his target was. The notes themselves were a sign of his genius; they were word puzzles, mind games, codes. Never what they seemed. They gave the task force headaches.

The reason why Kaito and Toichi had always been occasionally consulted as "extra help" was because they were both magicians. And so was KID.

The thief was a master of disguise. He could duplicate a person's face, body shape, voice, and personality to perfection. He used this to get close to his target. Then he revealed his true form, stole the item (always a jewel), and used stage magic to escape. And completely humiliate his pursuers.

Then, he'd returned the jewel, safe and sound. The time he kept the jewel varied, but it was never longer than a month. And the returned jewel was always real. No one could figure out his motives. Though one thing was for certain. Anyone who went to see a KID heist was guaranteed a show that put reality TV to shame.

The crowd erupted into cheers as the police car sirens sounded and the helicopter's searchlights scanned the sky. 50 feet directly above the museum, Aoko saw a tiny, white spec. The white dot changed into an arrow. Aoko knew that when KID sent an electrical current through his cape, the material stiffened and it was transformed into a hang glider, his trademark getaway trick.

Everyone knew KID would probably be caught if he was shot down. But Kaitou KID was a self-proclaimed pacifist. No one had ever been injured, let alone killed, on a KID heist. He had even taken a bullet for an officer on one of his more well known heists. And it had been agreed upon that KID would be caught in a humane, nonviolent way as a sign of appreciation. But that was where the friendliness between KID and the police ended.

Kaitou KID's hang glider dived and soared above the crowd, just inches above their heads. This only got him more cheers and shouts. Aoko was disgusted. She'd meet Kaitou KID several times, though never up close and she'd never said more than a few words to him, none friendly.

Despite Kaitou KID's claims to be a pacifist, he carried a gun. Granted, it didn't shoot bullets, but it did shoot paper-thin steel cards that could slice through solid concrete. They were painted as poker cards. KID never used them on people, but who was to say he never would?

And then he was gone. Kaitou KID had simply vanished in midair. Though Aoko knew, as the crowd knew, that he had disappeared into the crowd. He'd get away.

~Scene 6 – 12:00 a.m. – Nakamori Household~

He'd gotten away. Though they'd never admit it, Aoko and Ginzo had kind of expected it.

Ginzo lit another cigarette. He was a heavy smoker, always had been, and always smoked more than usual before, during, and after a heist.

Kaitou KID was his obsession. He'd been chasing KID ever since he first appeared those 18 long yeas ago. His enthusiasm and effort had quickly made him head of the Kaitou KID task force, a position he continued to hold.

It was another reason why she hated KID, the most important reason. When they had lost her mother and Toichi, they had lost KID too. The result was that Ginzo had had hardly the will to get up in the morning and eat regular meals for the many months following.

He had almost drunk and smoked himself into an early grave. Aoko had lived in constant fear that her father would die and leave her all alone. She hadn't blamed Toichi's death. She hadn't blamed for mother's disease.

She had blamed Kaitou KID.

~Scene 7 – 12:40 a.m. – Aoko's Room~

The howling wind was horrible. It caused the branches of the tree in her backyard to rub against her window making a sound not unlike nails on chalkboard.

Aoko had the pillow over her head, but it didn't do any good. She threw the covers back and stomped over to the window. It was too cold to have it open, but she'd do just about anything to stop that evil screeching.

As she opened the window, a gust of icy wind blew in. She shivered and glanced up at the starry sky. She thought she saw a falling star. She leaned out, she saw that it wasn't a star. It was some kind of . . . bird?

Aoko put one knee on the windowsill, steadying her self with her hand gripping the edges of the frame. The bird appeared as if it would land in her open yard.

Suddenly, her hands slipped and she felt herself falling. If she hadn't had the expectation of landing head first with a broken neck, she would have enjoyed it. But a moment later she wasn't falling.

Aoko cracked open one eye. She found herself in the arms of a man dressed all in white. The bright moon's glare kept her from seeing his facial features clearly, but she did notice his monocle, its glass as brilliant and reflecting as a mirror.

He gently set her down. "What are you doing out so late, Nakamori-san?"

~End of Chapter 1 – Snowy Owl~