Hi everyone. I'm so sorry. I have issues, I know. The only problem with this story is that I'm having some partial writers block and I'm extremely busy with school. I mean, I know exactly what I want to do with it. I just…can't get it out. I don't have enough time. Until further notice, LTLG is delayed. Again, I'm sorry. I know I suck. Never again will I get head of myself. Never again. I promise to never post another story on here unless its mostly finished. Meaning I only have the last 2 or 3 chapters to write. Promise.

But wait! There is some good news. How many of you like Aro? I love him! He's…divine. Haha. A bit creepy? Oh yes. Well, back to the good news. I'm writing a one shot with Aro. If ya'll like it enough, I might write a few more chapters with it. Hopefully it will be steamy. It will be posted soon, hopefully.

Who's excited about the movie?! I'm going to the midnight showing!!! So excited. Foaming at the mouth. I. Am. Going. To. Melt. Just like butter in the sun. God, Robert Pattinson is beautiful. Did I mention that I got to see him in Dallas? Oh yeah. It seriously was a dream come true. Anyhow, please don't be mad at me. I will continue to write. I'm not giving up. I promise.

The title of my one shot is 'The Mistress of Volterra'. It'll be posted soon.

Please stick around to see what happens with Edward's precious Bella and our favorite vampire family.