A/N: Well, here it is. The sequel to This or That?!

There's one little thing: this story is a little more serious, but don't worry, this or that will still be played.


Oh, and if you've read my other stories, you know that I enjoy writing like it's in a chat room.

So for the first chapter, it's gonna be like that.

Thank you.

Here's the deal:

whatwings- Angel
youdbettamilkdatcheesecake- Carole (Angel's friend #1)
souljaboyupinit- Dave (Angel's friend #2)
isthatroboverthere- Nina (Angel's friend #3)

Me: I'm not gonna say it.
Angel: You're gonna say it.
Me: I'm gonna say it. (Damn you Angel!!)
Angel: Good girl.

Me: I do not own the flock, Sam, Lissa, or anything else good ol' JP wrote.
Me: But I do own the new Sam, Christopher and all of the plot!
Me: So muahaha!

Angel: Sleep.

Me: Zzz...

No Hiding: Chapter 1

Like In Juno?

youdbetttamilkdatcheesecake: ... i didnt think sam had it in him.

souljaboyupinit: yea, i thot he wud least use a condom

isthatroboverthere: like in juno u mean? ange, y didnt u tel me?

whatwings: wel... sam and i always use protection...

souljaboyupinit: holy shit, u cheated on him?

whatwings: wel... yea.

youdbettamilkdatcheesecake: ... so huz da dad?

isthatroboverthere: are you gonna tel him?

whatwings: ... um

souljaboyupinit: huz da dude, me n ur dad fang'l kil him, and u gota tel sam

whatwings: ... nick. and dnt kil him, he duznt kno either.

whatwings: and NOBODY tel fang, ig or gaz.

whatwings: nobody tel any1, il tel wen i need 2.

souljaboyupinit: nick? the jock?

souljaboyupinit: o, hes dead.

isthatroboverthere: um... wat about max and nudge? do they kno? or total?

whatwings: i told u, stay away from nick.

whatwings: um... nudge and total kno... only b/c total dug the test out of the trash and showed it to nudge tho

youdbettamilkdatcheesecake: ... omg. so wat r u gona do?

whatwings: ...

whatwings: i dnt kno. i ges i hav to tel da flock.

isthatroboverthere: random q- y do u cal urselvz da flock? how bout da fam?

whatwings: o, jus force o habit. we usd ta hav a dude tak car of us, n he wuz obsessd w/ birds.

youdbettamilkdatcheesecake: weird.

souljaboyupinit: yea rite. w/e i gtg

youdbettamilkdatcheesecake: same here.

isthatroboverthere: r u gona get an abortion?

whatwings: ... i rly dnt kno yet.

whatwings: i gota go tel da flock.

whatwings: c ya

isthatroboverthere: ok, bi