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Here it is, the only slightly humorous sequel to my most famous story, This or That?!

And it's about to get interesting… someone's got a new power on their hands… (insert eyebrow wiggle here).

No Hiding – Chapter 3 – Newest Power Since Cheetos!

We were all gathered in a circle, and I was starting to really doubt my plan. Maybe it would've been better if she'd told the Flock…

Too late now.

"Alright, Gaz, this or that. Have to eat peanut butter off of Fang's wing, or stand outside for the rest of the game." Iggy said, smiling at the weather.

"Dude, it's a freaking hurricane." The Gasman replied, glaring at him.

"I'll get the peanut butter." Iggy said, and I grimaced. Somehow in this game, Max and I always get tortured.

Max seemed to be having a good laugh about this, so that made it a little less disgusting. Either way, I had to sit there while a kid licked peanut butter off my wing.

But it would all change soon enough.

"Ugh, Fang, your wing tastes like desert rat," The Gasman said, "Uh… Nudge, this or that. Let us duct tape your wings for the rest of the game, or make us all food. Iggy can help."

"Aw crap. You know what, I don't want my feathers pulled out, 'cause that would really hurt and all, and it's easier to make you guys a bunch of sandwiches, and then if I make sandwiches I can hang out with Iggy in the kitchen for a while and-" Iggy clapped a hand over Nudge's mouth and lead her to the kitchen.

"Wait! Fang, this or that. Wear bright colors for the rest of today or sleep on the roof tonight, alone." Nudge said, trying to get back to the game.

"Roof," I said, "Alright, Ange, this or that."

Tell the Flock your secret or let me and the Gasman kill your boyfriend.

The Flock was looking at Angel, waiting for her to say something.

"Um… I have to tell you guys something…" Angel started, but trailed off.

We all looked at the Gasman then, who started cursing.

"Language!" Max said, but it didn't stop him.

"Who the fuck got you pregnant." Gazzy said, looking like he was about to explode.

Right now I missed the little kid who used to throw his voice and knock us all out with gas.

The rest of the Flock was looking at Gaz, while some were staring at Angel.

Just then Nudge and Iggy came out with sandwiches.

"Your timing sucks." I said, looking at them.

"Someone explain!" Max said.

"Looks like Gazzer's got a new power." I said, ignoring his realization about Angel.

"Angel. Tell me who the hell it was." The Gasman said, looking ready to kill.

At the same time, Nudge and Total yelled, "It's the newest power since Cheetos!"

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