Lavender Time

Part One

They were seven and eight again. On another adventure sneaking into Bulma's lab, where Trunks would show him his mother's newest inventions.

Goten, who wasn't literally seven, but seventeen, peered cautiously into the huge lab of capsule corp. productions. Trunks, only a year older, was already at a table picking up and handling an invention that looked like a colorful gun with ease.

Goten closed the large security door behind him, and walked over to where Trunks stood. The other teen's eyes lit up as he approached.

"Check it out," Trunks cooed, "Its something mom has been working on for a while now."

The older boy gently placed the gun into Goten's eager hands. The saiyan's large black eyes stared at the invention with awe, "What is it?" he asked.

Trunks shrugged nonchalantly, "I don't know, all she says is that it's something she's been wanting to do for a while now."

Goten pursed his lips, examining the item intently, as if he could determine its propose by starring at it. The feeling of two strong arms wrapped around his slender hips jerked Goten back to where he was. He turned his head to see Trunks' head resting on his shoulder, nuzzling his neck gently. "Trunks," Goten breathed, unsure of what to do.

A smug smile found its way on Trunks lips, "What's wrong. We're alone." The older boy purred.

"Yeah but, not here." Goten said.

He felt a sloppy kiss being placed at the base of his neck, and Goten's knees buckled. Then as quickly as they came the arms and Trunks' mouth were gone. The Lavender haired boy had turned away and was starting towards another table. "Fine Fine," Trunks called, sounding a bit put off, "What ever you want."

Goten heaved a sigh of relief. It was all new to him, his relationship with Trunks. They'd only started being a couple two months ago, granted neither their parents knew. However, Goten was sure Gohan suspected something, only because Gohan was very insightful about everything. And he was sure Piccolo knew, but only because the namek was more insightful then Gohan.

However, being with each other seemed like a good idea at the time. Goten knew he had feelings for Trunks that was more then "just friends," and Trunks felt the same way. But Goten also knew Trunks' reputation with women.) His friend was defiantly more experienced when it came to sex, and the younger boy found himself tensing whenever they brushed hands.

"Goten come look at this." Trunks said, as he bent over a gadget on the nearby table.

I'm such a baby, Goten told himself, If I like Trunks, I should be able to show him that.


I'm going to do it. I'm going to stop being so skittish. Its only Trunks. I'm just going to march over to him and…

"Goten? Come on Chibi."

Without realizing it, Goten's grip had tightened on Bulma's newest invention. His thumb moved to the side ever so slightly, and as Goten turned to face Trunks, his thumb brushed against a button...

And he disappeared.

Trunks' jaw dropped in horror as he looked up just in time to see his best friend disappear before his very eyes. He blinked rapidly, again and again, as he tried to convince himself that Goten was still standing before him.

"Goten?" Trunks' voice called out. The room only echoed silence back. "GOTEN!"

The young saiyan was at such of a lost of what to do, he didn't even realize when the invention that Goten had been holding fell to the ground with no one there to hold it up, and broke into a million pieces.

Goten blinked, and in a flash he went from standing in Bulma's work lab to standing in a collection of rubble, where a building might have once stood. Goten worked his mouth, but couldn't find any words.

Where was he?

He looked around but nothing looked familiar. "Hello?" he called, "Trunks?" He waited for a moment, his heart pounded in his rib cage as silence rang around him. "Okay Goten, don't freak out," he found himself saying, "Just figure out where you are."

Jet black eyes absorded their surrounding, and to Goten's disappointment, nothing looked familiar. He was surrounded by rocks and what might have once been buildings.

Maybe I can locate Trunks' Ki, he might be here too.

Goten took a deep breath, and started searching for the familiar ki that belonged to his best friend. It took a moment longer then Goten had thought, but he found the energy seemed to belong to Trunks. Goten felt himself relax slightly, but his body were still tense, there was something different about Trunks' ki. It was stronger then it had been last time, much stronger, and the bond he had once felt with Trunks' ki was no longer there.

Goten shook his head at this nagging thought, and took to the sky, I'll find Trunks first and worry about it later.

As he flew over this new world, his heart began to sink. He must have flown over dozens of places that once inhabited life, but now all that remained was debris and rubble. A chill ran down Goten's spine, and he picked up speed. This strange place was creepy. He wanted to get to Trunks as soon as possible.

He was flying over another abandoned city of rock, almost to the source where he felt Trunks' ki, when scream echoed out. Goten stopped immediately, unsure if what he heard was real or not, when a second scream followed it. Adrenaline made his ears ring as he stared at the town below him, torn.

He was so close to Trunks, but… whoever was still alive down below needed help.

Goten flashed a longing look in the direction of Trunks' Ki, as the obvious solution came to mind. He would have to go down and help. Trunks will be there when I get back, Goten reassured himself, and with that thought in mind, he descended to the earth.

She screamed as the torched body of her husband was thrown in front of her. The creatures that were the cause of his death snickered at her horror. One stepped forward threatening, and the woman spun on her heel and started to run, but her legs failed her, and she fell, face first into the mud instead.

She could hear their footsteps as they approached, and reality wrapped its cold fingers around her heart. She was going to die.

With a soft whimpering noise, she clutched her eyes shut, hoping they would finish her off quickly and put her out of her misery. A familiar clicking noise was heard. They were loading their guns, the end was in sight. Another whimper escaped her lips, and tears started flowing down her cheeks as she prepared for the blinding light that would end her life.

But the light never came.

Instead she heard a surprised yelp come from one of the creatures, and she opened her eyes to see that the alien that had been approaching her had dropped his gun and was back peddling from a man who was suddenly standing protectively in front of her.

Goten's eyes narrowed at the three aliens in front of him. They were a species he had never seen before, human looking, but their skin was white as snow. Elf like ears hung low on their heads and hair that ranged from teal blue to ocean green covered their heads. The aliens were staring at him in surprise, they seemed to be in shock. The dark haired saiyan glanced back, and saw the woman he had just saved.

She looked very banged up, and was shaking uncontrollably. The look of shock and disbelief was etched deep into her features.

"Ma'am," Goten said over his shoulder, "Can you get away?"

It took the woman a few moments to process that he was talking to her, but she nodded numbly, "My… My jet is a few blocks away."

Goten motioned for her to go, "Then head over there quick, I'll handle these guys."

Slowly, the woman picked herself up. She hugged her arms tight around herself, still shocked to be alive. "Thank you," She whispered.

Goten felt a burst of pride in his chest, but his face remained stoic. "No problem," He answered, and watched as she trotted off.

"Hey," one of the aliens in front of him snapped, "The female is getting away."

Goten turned to them, his face set in a cold glare, "If you want to try to catch her you're going to have to get past me."

The aliens looked at each other, their faces showed uncertainty for a moment, before they all grinned. "Okay," One snickered, before he disappeared.

Goten's body tensed, and suddenly the same alien was standing in front of his and throwing his leg at the saiyan's lower stomach. Goten's arms moved without thinking to protect himself. Suddenly a second alien appeared behind him and threw a punch, Goten threw his body to the left and managed to avoid it. A third creature appeared at his side, and pointed his weapon at Goten, "Die," the alien smirked, firing.

Goten jumped up into the air swiftly, and watched at the blast missed him. This is too easy, the saiyan thought excitedly, his adrenaline and saiyan instincts were kicking in from the fighting. It was something he hadn't even realized he'd missed, unfortunately it would be short lived. He had to find Trunks. But its time to end this.

He extended his hand out, and felt the energy rush into it before a Ki blast exploded towards one the aliens. The creature disintegrated with a scream of agony. Its companions looked at each other with wide eyes, "Now for you two." Goten said moving his hand to face the remaining creatures. Each shrieked and turned to run away, but just as Goten felt the energy flow into his hand again, a powerful Ki blast hit his back.

Goten's vision flashed white for a moment, a loud grunt escaped his lips as he fell to the ground, a small crater formed at the impact. His eyes blinked rapidly, as he tired to figure out what had happened. His back felt like it was on fire, but his mind blocked most of the pain out. All he could think about was that he had another opponent, a stronger one.

When he looked up, he could see the silhouette of his attacker, standing at the edge of the crater he had made. The man was a bigger, buffer version of his little henchmen. He wore a skin tight battle suit, and his hair was cut in a brisk Mohawk. He wore a smile of satisfaction as he stared down at Goten. "Well, I haven't seen you around these parts. Where did you come from? Under a rock?" He cooed.

Goten gritted his teeth, and pushed himself up into a sitting position. "Who are you?" he asked.

The man's face fell in shock, before he burst into laughter, "Well, you really must have crawled out from under a rock if you don't know who I am." He stifled his laughter, and turned to Goten with intense green eyes, "I am Jaden, second in command to the Elysian people. And you are a saiyan," Jaden said more as a statement then a question. Goten stared at the alien, not answering, but Jaden continued on, "I can tell by how you look. The messy hair, black eyes, the way you're built… mmm, but your only half." Goten scowled at how Jaden had said this. As if he was a experiment gone wrong.

"And what are the Elysian people doing on earth?" Goten asked.

This seemed to amused Jaden even more. The smile on the alien's lips broadened, "You don't know? What a interesting fellow." He mused, "and I don't even know your name."

Goten locked his jaw. Like hell I'm going to tell you.

Jaden waited a moment, giving Goten the time to respond, but once he saw he wouldn't, the man sighed heavily. "Not going to cooperate? That's a shame." Jaden raised his hand, and pointed it at Goten, "Good bye Saiyan." He said, and a large blue blast started in Goten's direction.

Goten gawked for a second, before quickly throwing his hands in front of him, and powering up to the second level super saiyan, in hopes the power would be enough to block the blast, or at least keep him alive.

The blast hit, and Goten screamed as he felt his hands burn. Agony raced to his mind, and a scream tore from his throat as he tried to power up even more. Slowly the burning sensation began to spread to his entire body, and eventually Goten's arms went limp at his side. His mind dizzy from the pain, Goten felt his body fall back, and hit the ground with a loud thump. His eyes stared blankly up at the dark sky, and his mouth felt like someone poured sand into it.

Was this death?

He tired to blink, but he found he couldn't even do that. He had so many questions, who was that Jaden guy and the Elysians? Was this earth? Where was Trunks?

At the thought of his boyfriend, Goten felt a heavy tug on his heart that made him want to cry out, if he had the strength.

A dark figure stood over him again. Goten saw Jaden's curel smile on the figure, and he realized what was about to happen. "Still alive?" came Jaden's voice, "I'll fix that."

Goten's head rolled to the side in defeat, this was it.

Jaden chuckled over him, and pointed his hand at Goten's chest. The young saiyan was just barely hanging on the consciousness. As the Elysian prepared for the final blast, he saw something heading towards him out of the corner of his eyes. Jaden looked over, and was shocked when a power yellow ki blast knocked into his chest. Throwing the alien off balance, and into the rubble.

The Elysian sputtered for a second, confused at what had just happened, before the smoke cleared and he saw a familiar figure standing over the nearly dead saiyan. Jaden's eyes narrowed in hate, "You." He spat.

"Me." The man replied.

Goten's heart thumped when he realized there was a second person there, and he was standing right over him. Was this a enemy? A friend? He tried to lift his head to look, but he had no energy left at all. His body was dead weight, and a nagging blackness was taking over his vision.

But Goten did see something out of the corner of his eyes, and he wasn't sure if what he saw was because he was hallucinating, or if it was real. But his savior had long purple hair.

The same shade lavender as Trunks.