The Love Test

The Love Test

Chapter 1

"What to do? What to do?" Wandissimo pondered to himself, floating back and forth in his god kid's mansion room. Remy was counting his money while his god father pondered.

"900,800,990!" Remy said out loud to his godfather when he was done. "We're rich like always Wandissimo!"

"Not now Remy!" Wandissimo. Told him. "Can't you see your god father is trying to win the ultimate game of love?"

"Now I'll cont the money in my piggy bank!" Remy said going to where his piggy bank was.

"Ugh!" Wandissmo said. "What do I not have that idiot green haired Cosmo have?" he pounded the wall.

"Careful Wandissimo!" Remy told him, carrying his piggy bank back to the sofa. "That wallpaper is made for only rich people like us!"

"Sorry amigo." Wandissimo said. "I'm having a very bad day I guess." He sighed. Then he looked at his picture of Wanda hanging on the wall.

"Oh Wanda!" he said. "How can I ever save you from that fool Cosmo that separated us?" he sighed again. Remy chucked to himself.

"Why are you laughing?" Wandissimo wanted to know. "Can't you see that I have a broken heart?"

"Oh silly Wandissimo." Remy told him. "I just thought up a solution that will fix all of your problems!"

"You do?" Wandissimo floated quickly to Remy. He grabbed Remy by his shirt collor. "Tell me amigo!" Remy backed a little way from his god father.

"I saw this in a cartoon before." He began. "First we hire a breatiful fairy woman to make Cosmo fall in love with her instead. Cosmo will be spending more time with this new female than Wanda. When Wanda has enough, she will divorce him, and when that happens she will have no other choice but to merry you! I am a genius!" Wandissimo looked at his god kid.

"You saw it in a cartoon?" he asked. Remy nodded his head.

"Sure did, although she became nice at the end, but we don't have to do it exactly!" Wandiissimo Wandissimo looked at the picture of Wanda.

"Don't worry my love," he said. "Very soon we shell be reunited again and forever." Then he turned back to Remy, looking like he was about to fight in a war.

"Remy, it's time to hunt down some ladies!"

"Oh right!" Remy jumped up, with a poof, he and Wandissimo went to Fairy World.

Fairy World was jam packed with fairies everywhere! They poofed at a street corner.

"Ok Wandissimo," Remy began "You go this way," he pointed left. "And I'll go this way." He pointed left. "Now let's go!" he and Remy began their "girl hunt."

After 45 minutes, which seemed like hours, Wandissimo and Remy were back where they started.

"Did you see some pretty girls?" Asked Wanddissimo

"No." Remy answered. "Did you?"

"No." Wandissimo sighed. He looked hopeful. "Give it up Remy, we can never find a fairy far more breautiful than Wanda."

"Don't give hope up yet Wandissimo." Remy told his god father. He patted him on the back. "We won't know unless we try!"

"It's hopeless my amigo, we can't…" Then his gaze fell upon a blue haired pony tailed fairy.

"She's lovely!" said Wandissmo.

"What Who?" Like lightning, Wandissimo raced towards the fairy. Remy fallowed, and tapped Wandissimo.

"Uh Wandissimo?"

"Not now Remy!" he poofed up a bouquet of flowers and chocolates for her. "I'm Wandissimo, what's you name?" The fairy looked at Wandissimo who was smiling sweetly at her.

"I'm Stella." She answered. Wandissimo sighed heavenly.

"Uh Stella, the name reminds me of a starry night!"

"Uh, can I help you?" Stella asked.

"Will you go on a date with me my sweets?"

"What!?" Remy nudged Wandissimo.

"Wandissimo, what about using her as bait?"

"I'm getting to that Remy."

"What bait?" Wandissimo began to sweat.

"The bait we were going to use you to get rid of Cosmo by making him fall madly in love with you." Remy replied. Wandissimo tried to shush Remy, but Stella herd everything.

"Love Cosmo? No way! He's an idiot! There's no way I can fall in love with him!" she crossed her arms.

"Oh well, you can still take me out!" Wandissimo said, lost in Stella's eyes.

"No way!" Stella cried. "Get away from me!"

"Time for plan B!" Remy jumped up and attached a small red sicker on the side of Stella's crown. The sticker had a skull and cross bones on it.

"What do you think you're doing?" Stella shouted. "Get off of me!" Remy jumped down as Stella became completely still.

"What did you do amigo?" Wandissimo asked Remy.

"I put a mind control sticker on her crown." Remy replied. "So now Cosmo will fall in love with her the moment he sees her."

"Will it work?"

"Oh it will, it will!" Stella became active again.

"Let go find my true love!" She said.

"Oh don't worry, we will!" Remy, Wandissimo, and Stella all started laughing evilly.