Chapter 5

The next morning, Timmy got dressed, then woke up his god father who was sleeping on the windowsill.

"Wake up Cosmo!" Timmy shook him up. Cosmo opened his eyes.

"Hey Timmy." He said. "Want do you want?"

"I have a solution to all of your problems with Wanda."

"You do?" Asked a hopeful Cosmo. He sat up. "What? Make Wanda fall in love with me again?" Timmy shook his head. "Nope! It's against the rules, remember?"

"Oh yeah. Darn rules! Then what is it?"

"Well the Latter said it was from Big Daddy's house, so all we got to do is somehow get Stella to tell the truth, in the meantime; you can tell Wanda how much you love her!"

"Will it work?"

"Well probably not, but it will if we try very hard!" Cosmo thought long and hard about this.

"Please Cosmo!" Timmy begged. "It's the only solution I got!" Cosmo looked at his begging god child, who was giving him the puppy dog look.

"Ok!" He finally said. "I'll do it, but only because you gave me the puppy dog look!"

"YES!!!" Timmy cheered. "I knew you come through Cosmo!" Then he hugged.

"I didn't!" Cosmo patted his soldier. "I didn't. Then hugged him.

"What you doing here Timmy and dork?" Blonda asked when she saw them in her house. She was putting on lipstick in front of her mirror in her room.

"Where's Wanda?" Timmy asked her. "Cosmo needs to speak with her."

"Then, why are you in my room?"

"Uh, Cosmo's so depressed that he poofed into the wrong place."

"And that place so happens to be here!" Cosmo and Timmy grinned innocently.

"WANDA!!" Blonda called. "Your dorky ex- husband and god child wants to speak with you!" They saw Remy enter the room, he was vigorously shaking Poof by the hair up and down. The baby wimpered, and had tears in his eyes.

"Hello Turner, hello Cosmo!" Remy sneered at them. "What a pleasant surprised.

"Stop doing that to Poof!" Timmy shouted. "Can't you see you're hurting him?"

"Yeah, I bet your mom didn't do that to you when you were a baby!" Cosmo added. "So don't do it to my son!"

"I never had hair you fool." Remy said. "So momsy couldn't have done it to me, now could she?"

"Well I guess not." Then Poof began to cry. Cosmo narrowed his eyes at Remy. "Don't you DARE do that to my son Remy! Now put him down!"

"Tsk, tsk, whatever!" Remy now started bouncing Poof like a basketball. "You're such a baby Cosmo."

"No, Poof is, and don't do that ether!" He stopped.

"Whatever!" Suddenly, Poof felt sick, then vomited all over the eleven year old!

"EEEWW!" Remy shouted, looking at himself. "Gross, Poof why you do that?"

"Well that what you get for shaking him up and down, and dribbling him." Timmy told him.

"DADA!" Poof rushed up to hug his father. His father patted his head, he laughed.

"That's my boy!" He said. "Pukng all over the enemy, way to go Poof!" Poof laughed a little. Then Wanda came in with Wandissismo and Stella. After Wanda was done talking, she turned and narrowed her eyes and folded her arms across her chest when she saw the grinning, waving Cosmo.

"Hey Wanda!" Cosmo said.

"Hello Cosmo." Wanda replayed sternly. "What do you want?" Cosmo stopped waving, took a deep breath, and then looked serious.

"We need to talk." He told her.

"Oh Cosmo." She sighed. "Can't it wait? I was about to go to a five star restaurant with Wandissimo in Spain."

"No, this is an emergency, I have to talk to you now. It's urgent!" He took her hands in his. Wanda looked at him and tried to get free, but he had a tight grip.

"What is this about?" She asked. "Let me go! Don't you see that it's over between you and me? I hope the emergency isn't anything stupid like you lost you rubber ducky, and can't bathe without it. Because that's your issue now, not mine! So let go of me!" She started kicking gently.

"Wanda, Wandissimo and Remy made Stella hypnotize me to make you not love me anymore." Cosmo blurted out. Wanda stopped, and looked at him.

"What?" She asked. "What did you say?"

"I said Stella hypnotized me, it was all a trick by Wandissimo to merry you by separating us, and by making you think that I'm a lousy husband and father." She stepped back.

"I-I can't believe it. Wandissimo loves me, why would he do a dirty trick like that?"

"Please Wanda? I can't live by myself without you, you know that! I love you, even better then TV, video games, and everything else in the whole universe! I love you with the itty bitty brain cell in my empty little head!"

"No!" She snapped. "I won't believe you! After that commit, you'll insult me us always. So just shut up and go away!" She turned away, and folded her arms again.

"But Wanda I…"

"Cosmo, I'm deeply irate with you right now. I said goodbye and I never want to see you ever again!" She stormed off. Cosmo looked down, he looked defeated.

"Man, can't you go away?!" Remy asked. "I mean we forced Stella to separate you guys by hypnotizing idiot Cosmo, what else do you need!" Everyone gasped. Remy realized what he just said and put his hand over his mouth. "Oopsys, I did it again." Wanda turned to Wandissimo.

"Is this true?" She asked. "Is this horrible scheme all true."

"Well yes, but.." The fairy said.

"I can't believe it Wandissimo! How could you!?"

"I did it out of love sugar." He said.

"I know why you did it jerk." She told him. "I just can't believe it." She looked at the frowning Cosmo.

"Oh Cosmo!" She said. "I'm so sorry this happened, can you ever forgive me?" Cosmo smiled.

"Does this mean you love me again baby?" He wanted to know. "For infinity, and umbi umbi on?"

"You bet sweetheart!" They hugged each other while Poof and Timmy awed at the sight.

"That's it!" Stella stormed. She then poofed up a huge butterfly net, and scooped Wanda into it! Cosmo panicked.

"Hey what the?" Wanda demanded. She narrowed her eyes at Stella. "What on earth are you doing? Let me out of here at once!" Stella laughed.

"And fail my mission?" She laughed. "Ha, never! I'll let you go out if you merry Wandissimo and leave the jerky Cosmo for infinity!" Everyone gasped.

"What?!" Wanda said. "Never! I'll never merry Wandissimo as long as I live!"

"Then I'm afraid you're stuck in there missy, because I will not take in failure." Wanda pounded on the net.

"Stella, what are you doing?" Wandissimo asked. "Have you gone completely loco?!"

"I'm saving this marriage like you wanted." She replied.

"Yeah, but not like this! I just wanted to…" Remy nudged his godfather. He knelt down to listen.

"Um the mind control sticker makes it so that the mission doesn't fail miserably." Wandisimo slapped his face.

"Oh Remy, why didn't you tell me that before?"

"Because I just remembered it now!"

"Cosmo, you got to save your wife before it's to late!" Timmy told his godfather.

"MAMA!" Poof added.

"I know I know, I'm thinking!" He panicked while he thought.

"COSMO!" Wanda shouted.

"I'm coming buttercup!" Cosmo went towards the net.

"Ha!" Stella laughed. "Just as I thought, dumb as always!" She then pressed a button on her remote, another butterfly net scooped Cosmo up! Timmy and Poof looked in horror at the sight.

"Nooooooo!" Cosmo screamed. He tried ramming into the net. "I…will… not let you do this!" Stella laughed.

"Go ahead punk! Try to stop me!" She laughed some more as nets trapped Wandisimo, Remy, Timmy, and Poof. Blonda was downstairs while this was all happening.

"Now I have you all trapped! Tell me how this all turns out." She then left the room. Wanda then gave up and sighed sadly. Tears ran down her cheek. Cosmo looked at her.

"Oh Wanda." He said. "I'm sorry, this is all my fault. If I haven't hung out with Stella, none of this would've happened."

"Oh Cosmo." Wanda said through tears. "It's not your fault, Stella hypnotized you. You were forced to love Stella; I should've known that something was wrong. And I'm sorry, and now we will never get out of these nets unless I merry Wandisimo. It's hopeless!" Cosmo looked serious.

"Well I will not let that happen in a billion years." He was now deturmend. "Don't worry lambchops, I'll get us out!" He began ramming into the net again.

"Cosmo?" Wanda and the others looked up.

"Dada?" Poof looked at his determined father.

"Almost…!" Cosmo shook his head in tiredness.

"Cosmo!" Wanda couldn't believe her husband's determination to get them free. Then she shouted. "You can do it honey, I believe in you!"

"Go Cosmo, go!" Timmy shouted.

"Dada!" Poof joined in. With one deep breath and with all of his strength, Cosmo rammed the net again, this time he tilted the net and was free!

"Phew!" Sighed a received Cosmo. "I made it!" Everyone cheered for Cosmo.

"Nice going Cosmo!" Timmy said when Cosmo poofed him and Poof out of the nets. "I knew you could do it!"

"Well I did!" Cosmo happily told him.

"Dada!" Poof and his father hugged.

"And now, time for you my angel!" Cosmo told Wanda. Wanda smiled. He was about to poof her out when Stella poofed in and hammered nails into the floor around the net!

"Ha!" Laughed Stella. "Thought you could just get her free just like that? I think not!" She was about to push a button to trap all of them in nets again, but Cosmo was too fast for her, and poofed her into a net!

"Hey, no fair!" Stella said. "You cheated! Let me out now!"

"Sorry Stella!" he told her. "But you know the rules, never mess with romance!" He then poofed Wanda free. He went over, and held her hands.

"Or interfere with true love!" Timmy added.

"Espcially with this lovely couple right here." Cosmo said.

"Aweeeee!" Wanda said, admirably.

"I love you Wanda!"

"I love you to my great and brave stallion!" Then they both hugged and kissed. Timmy and Poof awed at the lovely scene.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Stella screamed. Her sticker on her crown came off.

"Shall we go?" Cosmo asked his wife.

"I'd love to!" Wanda answered. She and Cosmo began to leave.

"Wait!" Timmy stopped them. "What about Remy and Wandissimo? I mean, sure they were apart of this evil plan, but they didn't mean it at the end."

"Well true." Wanda said. "We should let them go, they weren't that heartless." Wanda looked at the grinning two in their nets.

"I know!" Cosmo whispered in Wanda's ear. Wandissimo and Remy's smiles both vanished, as they were wondering what will happen next.

"Woo hoo!" Cosmo said later on the beach. He, his wife, Timmy, and Poof were all wearing sunglasses on lawn chairs. Remy and Wandissimo were both laberously fanning all of them with a beach towel. "Now this is what I call life.

"You said it!" Timmy said. Poof agreed happily. "I can't be more relaxed then this, this is awesome!"

"How are you guys doing?" Cosmo asked the two workers. "Need a break yet?" Remy and Wandissimo both groaned and continued fanning them.

"You know honey." Cosmo told his wife. "I couldn't be any happier then I am with you!"

"Me too stallion." Wanda agreed. "Me too." Then the two kissed, and they all watched the sunset over the beach horizon.