Well, I haven't written anything in awhile. Ducks flying interments of doom So! I thought I'd write this up to get some writing juices flowing.

Gold Digger belongs to High Lord Fred Perry. All other cultural references belong to their respective owners.

This is just a spam/short fic.

A slightly loud clanging noise filled the air as metal hit metal in a fairly large room. There didn't seem to be too many comforts in the area, other than computers and some soft chairs in front of them. "There we go!" A female voice suddenly spoke up, elated as she surveyed her work. She was wearing a one-piece suit, the front zipped down a bit, showing a good portion of her cleavage and abdomen, not that she was expecting anyone to be around. Taking a towel, the tall blond wiped off the grease on her arms and face. Stretching, she grabbed another towel and walked to the shower stall, slipping her one-piece off as she did so.

As the hot water poured down on her, she started humming a tune while she cleaned off. Granted, showers in labs like hers were only meant to be used to clean off chemicals that got into the eyes normally, she didn't deal with chemicals too much and decided that it wouldn't hurt to have a shower in her lab. Quicker than returning to the house and showering at any rate.

While she was lathering up and rinsing off, three small figures slipped past the door and were inching up to the machine. "You sure this is okay, PeeBri? Mommy will get upset if you cause her work to get destroyed." The spotted one with a rather sleek body said as it turned to look at the woman in question as she showered.

PeeBri, the one with a cannon on its back would've shrugged, but didn't have any shoulders to do so. "You worry too much, PeeBrit! With this device, we can have lots of Peebos around!" She turned to the pink member of their triad. "Do you have them, PeeGi?"

PeeGi rolled her eyes and rolled up to the machine, crawling up it and popping out a USB drive-slot. "Yes, I told you before. This will give all the Peebos lots of personality!" She exclaimed as she connected the device to the machine.

PeeBri grinned and raced up the other side of the machine. They were lucky that this was designed to mass-produce Peebos. They wouldn't be as dangerous as the PeeBees that Brianna had made awhile ago, but the good thing was is that they wouldn't be as boring as some of the other Peebos that Brianna had been designing as of late. Saying that she wanted them to grow into a personality. BAH! With what PeeBri and PeeGi had planned, the Peebos would be made with a personality already made. It was win-win! With that thought in mind, PeeBri looked at PeeGi, her antenna hovering over the red button. "Can I?"

"Upload complete!" PeeGi said as she pulled back her USB jack and disconnected.

"Then let us begin!" PeeBri yelled as she slammed the button down, causing the machine to start up.


Brianna sighed as she cleaned her body off. After working for the past three days on the new Peebo designer, she thought she deserved a break. After this was over, she'd need to run some tests, but she was sure that things would be slightly easier now.

An eruption that shook the lab caused her to stumble and fall onto her butt. "Oww! What the heck?!" Quickly turning off the shower while rubbing her butt, that fall had hurt, she grabbed her towel and wrapped herself in it and stepped out, expecting to be under attack by Hurt Bots gone berserk, genetic rejects from the year 2245, a few concerned Jade citizens that ended up in a place that they shouldn't have, or maybe her sisters were going through PMS, she wasn't sure. Stepping out, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped. "What the heck?!" She blurted out as what she saw wasn't what she expected. She ducked a blast of cannon fire, causing the shower to get destroyed as she rolled behind one of her computer tables. Grabbing a Peebo on the floor, she glared at it. "PeeBri... What the hell is going on here?! Why are there Peebos I've never seen and why are they attacking!?"

"What makes you think I know anything about it?" PeeBri looked up, smiling innocently. Seeing Brianna glower at her, she whimpered and lowered her head. "We knew you were going to make more Peebos, but I thought that the new peebos were too boring..."

"So... What did you do?"

"I had PeeGi take all your, Gina's and Britanny's DVDs and download the contents inside and use the characters for personality bases."

Brianna blinked and paled. "Wait... All those movies and anime we have?"

"Uh huh. Why, is that bad?" PeeBri blinked and looked at the carnage that was being caused.

"It could be..." Brianna said as she peered out and looked at the chaos.


"OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!! You think that you peasants are a match for me! Peebo the Black Rose?! Take this!" The black Peebo with a white flower on its side popped its top and a whip appeared, slapping aside various other Peebos.


"Oro... This one is most confused with what is happening." A red peebo blinked as it looked around. Its top popped off and a small stabbing object appeared, blocking another stabbing object, this stabbing object was a dark brown compared to the silver one the red one was holding, but still couldn't hurt the red peebo. "Who might you be?"

"I am the rising star of the Peebo kendo world! I am the Blue Thunder PeeKuno! State your name, red one!"

"This one is Himura Peebo."


We are the Peeborg! All your base are belong to us! You will be assimilated! All your tuna and screws will be added to our own." A group of similarly designed Peebos stated in a monochrome voice as they bared down on several Peebos which were dressed in what looked like a red shirt.


"Whoo hoo! Metal Donuts! Mmmm... Donuts..."


"FINAL FUUUUSION!" Five different colored Peebos yelled and came together. "Form feet and legs!" The green and pink one connected to the black one as it stood straight up. "Form hands and arms!" The orange and yellow ones connected to the side. "And I'll form the head!" The black one's head flipped over, forming a new head. "GaoPeeTron!"


"Koo-ha! Koo-ha!" A black peebo with a weird mask "breathed" as it faced off against a Peebo in what looked like white cloth. "Prepare yourself, young Peewalker! Peebowon never taught you everything."

"Peebowon taught me enough, Peebovadar!"

"Use the force, Peewalker!"


"In the name of Peebos everywhere, I, Peebomoon, shall punish you!"


"Peeboyasha, SIT!"



"I am Peebocron." A VERY large Peebo said as it floated around and faced down another Peebo, that was also large. "You will not survive, Peebostar."

The other peebo was quiet, save for five lights that converged together and fired a powerful laser into the golden Peebocron.


Brianna's eyes widened and she pulled PeeBri up and glared at her. "YOU MADE PEEBOS BASED ON THE DEATH STAR AND UNICRON?!"

"That bad?" PeeBri asked innocently. Honestly, she had never watched any of those.

Brianna twitched and blinked as PeeGi and PeeBrit were next to her, trembling. "What's wrong?"

"The Shikimabo touched us in a bad place with those tubes."

Brianna twitched and glared at PeeBri. "You and I are going to have a LOOONG talk about using porn as a basis for peebos. Computer!"


"Disable all Peebos, save for PeeBri, PeeBrit and PeeGi in the lab, now."

"Affirmative." A spark, a flash of light and a warm pulse filled the room, causing all Peebos to stop instantly and fall to the floor.

Rubbing her head and standing up, causing her towel to fall to the floor, Brianna shook her head. "What a mess."

No, I haven't given up on Grave's New Life. Inspiration has been low lately. That's all.