Crazy Peebos

Chapter 2

Don't ask why I decided to make a second chapter. The urge just hit me is all.

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"There we go." Brianna muttered as she wiped some sweat from her brow. The past three hours had been long, cleaning the lab of all the excess Peebo parts. She was clad in short jeans, which showed off a majority of her legs, and a tank-top that she tied under her breasts. "I just hope nothing like this…" She trailed off when a beeping from the communicator on the wall went off. "Oi…" She muttered and walked over to the communicator, before turning it on. "Bri here, what's up?"

She blinked as Gina's face appeared on the screen. The shorter blonde's hair was disarrayed and soot was covering her face. "Brianna…" She started with a deceptively calm voice. "Have you made any new Peebos in the last few days?"

Brianna groaned and shook her head. "I'll be right up." She muttered as she turned off the monitor. She just hoped that she was wrong and maybe one of her other peebos had gone slightly crazy or one of them had a malfunction and exploded. At least it would be easy to clean up.


Stepping into the general chaos, Brianna was pulled down to the floor and behind the couch by her older sister. "Gina! What the heck's going on here!?" Daring a peek up over the couch, she sweat-dropped as she saw a bunch of Peebos, though they were less than what was in her lab just a few minutes ago, going around and causing havoc.

"I just got back from getting the groceries and I see this mass chaos. So, what were you doing?!"

"Wasn't me! PeeBri and PeeGi decided that our DVD library would be a great place to start to give Peebos personality."

Gina blinked and stared at her incredulously. "Oh."

"Yeah…" Brianna said as she stood up. "I got to…"

"HELLO NURSE!" Came a loud yell before Brianna felt two add-ons to her chest.

"What the heck!?" Brianna yelled as she looked down, on the outside of her tank-top were two peebos, both black and white and had a grinning, mischievous look to them. "Get off of me!" She screamed as she pushed the two offending Peebos off of her. 'This can't be happening, I do not make Peebos with hormones and perversions.' She thought to herself desperately.

"Hey! Don't do that to Mommy!" A third one, looking like the other two rolled up and scolded them.

"She's our mommy?" The one on the left blinked before looking at the one on the right.

"Our mommy's a MILF!" The first two exclaimed, causing Brianna and Gina to face-fault hard, shaking the floor.

"Who are you three?!" Brianna twitched from the floor as she sat up, crossing her arms over her chest. She didn't mind it if people wanted a quick feel of her chest, but this was so sudden, not to mention that they WERE Peebos.

"We're the Peebo Brothers!"

"And I'm the Peebo Sister. You can call me Zot. Call me Zotty and die." The female sounding one said seriously.

Brianna rubbed her head and groaned. "Computer… How many Peebos have been activated in the last six hours?"

"The number of Peebos activated in the last six hours has been…"

Brianna blinked as the computer trailed off and scrambled a bit. "Yes?"

"OVER NINE THOUSAND!!" The computer screamed, in a deeper male voice.

Brianna and Gina both twitched and fell to the floor. The shorter blonde grumbled and made a note to hide her DBZ collection in the future.

"I'm sorry, that would be my fault." A new Peebo rolled up, this one having a crab design on its head.

"And you are?"

"The greatest scientific Peebo in the universe! Peeboshu!" The Peebo laughed and somehow stood tall and dramatic, despite being only a foot tall.

"Yeah! " Two small puppets appeared from inside the Peebo, looking like badly drawn versions of it.

"You're the greatest, Peeboshu-chan!"

"There is none better!"

"Oh, stop it, you're embarrassing me." Peeboshu chuckled, before grinning. "Even though it's true. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Brianna groaned and rubbed her head. She was getting a major headache. 'Well, at least it can't be worse than what was in the lab… Could it?'


"…You and I possess! Peebo SLAVE!" A red peebo finished saying, before a beam of light shot out from between its eyes and blew up several green Peebos. "That'll teach you to mess with Peebo Inverse!"


PeeBri and Peebochu twitched and quickly rolled away from the three grinning Peebos. Something about the way they were grinning was frightening.

"Why so serious?!"

"Now that… Is a secret!"

"Beat them both up… Shinzou!" The last one said as its back opened up and a long stabbing object poked out from its back and started smacking the other two around.


"Peebo Peebo wants to play with PeeBrit-nee-chan!" A pink Peebo said as it started chasing the other Peebo around. Amazingly, this one was able to keep up with PeeBrit, causing the cheetah-based Peebo to freak out and go even faster. "Yay! PeeBrit-nee-chan wants to play!"


"I am the Peebo that flaps in the night!"


Brianna sighed and twitched. "Peebri, PeeGi, PeeBrit, Peebochu, get out of the room, now!"

"Yes, mommy!" The four yelled and raced out of the room as fast as they could go.

"Computer, localized EMP pulse, NOW!" There was a static burst and the Peebos in the room stopped, twitched and fell over. "Oi vey, this is getting ridiculous." Brianna muttered to herself, hoping that these were the last of the Peebos that were based off anime, movies and cartoons for awhile.

Don't expect me to do a whole lot of new stuff for this fic. This is just whimsical. Oh, and sorry for the over 9000 joke.