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Chapter 01 Stay Off My Bed (Gotta Love That Title ;P)

All was black. Standing in darkness, he faced himself, his shadow.

He saw both ways.

Human to Shadow.

Shadow to Human.

Yet one thing was common on both sides.

Behind him was a man-Not a man but a Shadow.

"Sh-Shirogane?" Two voices rang out.

The Shirogane's leaned forward, their mouths near his ears. The Human's right, the Shadow's left.

"Akira-kun, why do you say things that conflict with your heart?" He whispered.

Akira's eyes widened, "What? I don't-"

"Akira? Akira-kun!" A worried voice shook him from his sleep.

He sat up suddenly slowly becoming aware of his surroundings. Shirogane was leaning over him, hands on his shoulders.

"Are you alright?" The Spirit's face was right in front of his, a beautiful yet unnerving sight.

Pushing the man away, he rolled over to the other side of the bed, "Yea, I'm fine... Shirogane?"


"...What are you doing in my bed!?"

A gloved hand slid down his side, resting on his hip, "What else would I be doing?" Was his dreamy reply.



Akira made a beeline for the Master's bar as soon as he was up and ready. Thankfully, Master had allowed the small group to begin gathering at his bar in the mornings as well as the afternoon, as long as it wasn't open. The HighSchooler was just happy for a way to escape being alone with Shirogane.

"You seem to be quite drained today, Akira, your presence is very lifeless."

Akira looked up into the Bar Masters closed eyes. "I didn't sleep much last night... Because of somebody!" He gave a pointed glare at the man sitting at the table behind him.

"Oh, Akira-kun, what's that glare for?"

Akira gave a groan, "I'm gonna tie him up one day..."

Master gave a chuckle and leaned over toward him, "As long as it's you, Akira, he'll enjoy it."

Aya nearby, heard that and joined Akira in choking on their drinks.

Akira gave him a desperate look, "That's not funny."

Slowly they all began to remember the day that Shirogane had been captured on before, and finding him chained up against a pillar was a nightmare. Everyone was quiet for a moment.

"Were you worried for me, Akira-kun?"

The teen jumped at the familiar feeling of the man whispering in his ear.

"Quit doing that, damnit!"

Kengo broke into the conversation there, "Don't we have class soon?"

"Yea," Aya agreed, she took a glance at Akira, who was pushing Shirogane away from him, "Let's go."

The two stood up and gave the other a questioning look when he didn't follow, "Aren't you coming?"

"Tch, like I care about class anyways." Which caused Aya to take on a seething look.

But Shirogane perked up at that, "Then, we're hanging out on the roof again? We get some alone time Akira-kun, that means we can-"

"Kengo, Aya, let's not be late for class, eh?" He quickly rushed out the door, "Bye Master."

Class is definitely better than 'hanging out' on the roof, alone, with him...'


"Well, almost better," he muttered.

It was just his luck that the teacher heard him and stopped by his desk, "Do you have something to say, Mr. Nikaido?"

Luckily, the bell saved him from having to create a passable excuse. The class exited swiftly and loudly.

"That was boring as ever," he commented on the way home.

"Yep," Kengo agreed, then, "Ah, see you later Akira, Shirogane," he said as they arrived at his house.

A "Sure," from Akira, and a "Good-bye" from the Shadow, sent him on his way to the front door.

Then the duo walked on, it wasn't much farther to their destination. When they reached the front steps, Shirogane turned and placed a hand on Akira's shoulder. "I won't be staying tonight."

"Fine, maybe I'll actually sleep well tonight," the teen replied, shaking the hand off roughly. He continued walking up to the house, not looking back.


Perhaps it was the sadness and the hurt in the man's voice that made him stop and turn around, if only slightly.


The Shadow's voice was hesitant as he replied, "... Do you really not care where I go or what happens to me?"

"Heh, you're old enough to take care of yourself, so I don't need to."

"I was captured before, what if-"

"You were sick then," came the retort.


"Shirogane!... If it gets you to shut up, I would try to rescue you, but-"

"Oh, Akira-kun, you're so-"

"But if you go and get captured on purpose, I won't help you, whether or not the torture is gruesome, you'll be on your own," he finished hotly.

"You really think I would do that?" He sounded hurt.

Akira gave a snort, "With the way you act, who knows what you would do."


With that the teen started to turn back, but then he stopped and looked back to see the man still staring at him, "And Shirogane?"

"Yes?" The Shadow asked hopefully.

"If you come back tonight, stay off my bed."

At the Spirit's saddened look, he sighed and regretfully added, "Please?"


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