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Chapter 10 Tattoo Placement (The Epilogue)

Akira-kun, I love you...


A deep breath, and he awoke. Sunlight filtered in through the window shades. Sitting up with a yawn, Akira ran a hair through his hair.

Someone jerked up next to him, "Akira-kun?" A cautious voice reached his ears.

Nearly jumping with surprise, the teen looked over into the fearful eyes of Shirogane.

Don't be scared.

There's no curse.

I'm myself, now.

I won't run.

Akira smiled and leaned in for a kiss. "Good morning."


"Well, this is boring," Kengo complained, scratching the back of his neck. "Where's Akira?"

"He's probably still out looking," Aya answered, annoyed, "Be patient."

The door opened, and a teenager wandered in, yawning.

"Akira, did you find him?" Aya asked as he entered the bar.

"Yes, I did," he answered, right as the Shadow walked in behind him.

"Hello Master." He greeted politely.

"Good morning, it's a nice day isn't it?" The bartender replied.

"Yes, yes it is," The Shadow sighed, and wrapped his arms around Akira.

The bartender chuckled, and returned to cleaning dirty glasses.

Leaning his head back on the Spirit's shoulder, the teen feigned a glare, "You're not going to let go, are you?"

"No, not unless you make me," the man answered honestly.

Akira gave him a slight smile, "Don't worry, I won't," and then maneuvered them into a nearby chair, sitting on his lap.

This surprised the other two teens; Aya's eyes went wide, and Kengo gaped until she smacked his jaw shut.

Master didn't look affected at all; he just smiled knowingly and wiped down some glasses.

"What can I say? I listened to your advice and found 'the right eyes'." Akira said. "...and then got attacked..."

"I can tell." Master commented. "Wait, attacked?"

"Lulu and some Kokuchi. Shirogane saved me. I'm glad I was attacked, though, even with 'the right eyes', I don't know if I would've been able to find him..."

"Eh? The right eyes?" Kengo asked, still catching up on the conversation.

"Red sees black, better than grey." Akira replied mysteriously.

"What? A riddle?" Kengo was hanging on the edge of his seat, and when he saw he was being ignored, he pouted, "Akira!"

The others laughed at his child-like nature.

Akira shook his head and relaxed into the comforting arms of Shirogane. "You got really quiet suddenly," he noted.

The Shadow's hands searched for his, entwining as they met. "I'm just surprised I didn't think much of the tattoo that night."

"Weren't you drunk? I'm surprised you even remembered it." Akira muttered.

"Really?" The Spirit freed a hand and slipped it up the teen's shirt, causing a small blush to appear on the younger man's face. His fingertips caressed the mark, and slowly trailed down, slipping his fingers barely under the belt. "I can't imagine why not, it is right above your-"

"S-Shirogane!!" A fierce blush lit his face, along with many of the other's in the room.

"Oh? Maybe later then..." Shirogane replied dreamily.

The End.

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