Hey guys! I started writing something a while ago, while Wilson was with Amber and the season finale was still far away… It doesn't fit that well now I guess, but I decided to just post it anyway. :)

It starts off about two months after episode 4.12 ("Don't ever change") and goes AU from there. - One year in the life of our favorite doctors. Through hurt/comfort goggles of course… ;) Hope you enjoy!

"Shabbat shalom, Wilson…"

"Shabbat shalom, House…"

(House M.D., "Don't ever change")

April (Prologue)

"How are you doing…?"

House was slightly startled by the gentle question, raising his head abruptly to meet Cuddy's questioning gaze. Unable to come up with a sarcastic reply quickly enough, and being much too tired anyway, he finally just shrugged, hoping to appear casual. "Fine… Good."

She slowly nodded in response, her warm gaze still resting on him, assessingly. "So… What have you been up to lately?" She also obviously concentrated on sounding casual now. Non-threatening. Even though it was a rhetorical question really. What everybody around the hospital knew was that he hadn't been hanging out with Wilson lately… Except for the occasional lunch, that era had, apparently, passed.

Since Amber.

Her relationship with Wilson had somehow changed everything. And to everyone's surprise, House seemed to have actually on some level accepted that, for once… He seemed to have, somehow, understood that Wilson wanted this, wanted more out of his life than just his job and their lopsided friendship, and he had apparently forced himself to let the younger man go. No hysterics this time; no drama. Just some quiet words of parting. Once he'd been certain of the benigness of Amber's motives, he'd simply given them both his blessing and quietly left the scene.

It wasn't as if they'd had a fight over it or even any sort of official discussion or agreement. It was just that, after their final talk about the subject and House's denial of any tendency of self-sacrifice, Wilson had turned to Amber and House hadn't stopped him. Hadn't even attempted to fight for part of Wilson's attention. Or time.

Maybe Wilson hadn't even realized it at the time, but House had somehow severed their ties. Had given in to Amber. To Wilson's apparent longing for a 'normal' life. A stable relationship with a woman. A break from House and his problems.

House gave another small shrug, before turning towards the clinic counter again, resuming his scribbling in some random patient's chart. "You mean besides the usual? Drugs, hookers, and late-night porn…?"

Instead of replying anything, Cuddy gently touched his arm, the comforting gesture somehow unsettling him. "If you want to talk, I'm here for you. I hope you know that…"

He raised his eyebrows comically at that, gaze now travelling southwards, provocatively coming to rest on her chest. "Well, which part of you would be here for me, Dr Cuddy?" He asked innocently, in classic House manner, his eyes never leaving her décolleté.

She just smiled at him in response, patting his arm once more, before turning towards her office.

"You know…" Came the overly loud call after her. "If the girls wanted some attention, all you'd have to do is say so!"

With a somewhat sad smile, she continued walking…

tbc… :)