Heavenly Day

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"Bella, are you ok?" Alice called through the door.

"Yes Alice, but can you come in and button me up?" I replied, my voice giving off an edge of nervousness. Alice walked in and started to push each delicate silk button through each hole, while trying to calm my nerves.

"Bella, don't worry, you look beautiful and Edward is gonna drop dead when he sees you!" she squealed excitedly, "and you are really going to enjoy tonight. Oh, I'll have the tissues ready for the reception!" she added with a grin and went to grab my bouquet.

I looked into the full length mirror which Alice had brought into Edward's room this morning so I could see the finished product, I had to take a step back, I didn't even recognise myself, I looked beautiful.

My hair was half pinned up in a slight quiff with my tiara placed on top, loose curls surrounded my face and disappeared over my shoulders, and the dress. Oh my god the dress. The pure white fabric clung to my slender frame from my chest to my waist, fanning out in a soft netting material from my waist down. It looked like something out of a fairytale, with my simple silver necklace with a blue sapphire heart and matching studs, I felt like a princess but still nervous of what Edward might think.

"Here Bella," she handed me a bouquet of white roses with forget-me-nots twisted through them in random places, " you look so amazing, if I could I would cry" she finished, hugging me with a human amount of strength thankfully.

"Bella honey, are you ready? Its going to start soon" Charlie called as he opened the door. I walked to him and took his hand,

"come on dad, let's make an honest woman of me" I chuckled lightly, trying to relieve his tension, We walked down the stairs with Alice holding my trail behind me. Rosalie, Angela and Jasper were waiting outside by the front door, waiting for me so we could all go to the church together, they all gasped in unison as I came down the stairs which made me blush and begin to feel self-conscious.

We arrived at the church and could hear a piano being played softly, a tune I recognised, it was my lullaby!, my Edward was so sweet, the melody instantly washed away all my fears and nervousness, replacing it with joy and happiness. Alice knew she didn't need to ask how I was feeling, she could see how happy I was just by seeing my face.

"Edward thought you'd like to hear it when you arrived" she said, dry sobbing, she seemed to be so emotional at the moment.

Rosalie and Angela floated down the aisle first in dresses of baby blue and baskets of forget-me-nots, which they dropped on there way to the alter, then Alice followed wearing a silk royal blue dress and a small bouquet of white roses.

"Ready?" my dad asks as Alice reaches the alter, already knowing the answer.

"Always" I say, confidence strong in my voice for once.

My lullaby fades away to be replaced by violins playing a soft wedding march and I start to ascend up the aisle towards the alter, to my future, to my soul mate.

Charlie kisses me on the cheek, tears swimming in his eyes as he whispers to me "I love you Isabella" and goes to sit with my mother and Phi. I take Edward's hands and Emmett starts the service.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you are here today to witness the joining of this loved up pair in holy matrimony..." he said, receiving a few laughs in typical Emmett style. Some time later he stated "...it is now time to recite the vows which Edward and Bella have written themselves. Edward, if you would like to continue"

Edward took an unneeded breath and poured his heart out in a gentle and calm voice, "Isabella Marie Swan, when we first met I found you fascinating. I knew you weren't like everyone else when I caught your eye across the canteen on your first day, I thought we could never be friends because I would hurt you, I did hurt you once but you still forgave me and I will be making it up to you for the rest of eternity. I glad we became friends and more. You have made me whole once again when I thought nothing could heal the pain in my heart. Thank you, I'll never stop loving you.". I could see a few people with tears in their eyes, as Edward finished his vows and kissed my hand, "Bella, if you'd like to say your vows" Emmett almost whispered, looking my teary eyes.

I looked at Edward's smiling face and started to speak "Edward, when we first met, I was drawn to you. I couldn't keep away from the mysterious Edward Cullen like everyone advised and I don't regret it, not for a second. When you left I never gave up hope because I knew in my heart we were meant to be. I know I can never heal the wound you parents left but I want to try. I'll be the one who loves you every second of every day, for eternity. I'll love you always, no matter what." I recited, speaking what my heart truly felt.

We exchanged rings and then Emmett's booming but joyful voice filled the church "I now pronounce you husband and wife, welcome to the family Bella and Edward, you may now kiss your bride!" he chuckled.

Edward's hand went to the side of my face, he leaded closer to me and pressed his soft lips to mine, I snaked my arms around his neck as his arms went around my waist but all too soon we broke apart to the sounds of applause. He took my hand and we walked down the aisle and out to the white limo, we slid in and waved to people as we were driven to the reception, I rested my head on Edward's shoulder during the ride.

"I loved your vows, they were exactly the right thing to say" I said, placing a gentle kiss on his cheek.

"Thank you love, I meant every word and I always will" he whispered to me, kissing my forehead.

5 minutes later we arrived at the reception, as we walked in I noticed Jasper on a small stage and a piano off to the right, Edward led me to the dance floor as Jasper said "Ladies and Gentlemen, the bride and groom will now have their first dance" and Jasper began to sing one of my favourite songs.

The strands in your eyes That colour them wonderfulStop me and steal my breathEmeralds from mountainsThrust towards the skyNever revealing their depthTell me that we belong togetherDress it up with the trappings of loveI'll be captivated, I'll hang from your lipsInstead of the gallows Of heartache that hang from above

"oh Edward, how did you know?" I asked, loving the choice of song. "I reminded me of how I feel about you" he chuckled "...and Alice saw it". We danced to the rest of the song, everyone was watching us but I didn't care one bit, I kissed him repeatedly, showing him how happy I was.

I'll be your cryin' shoulderI'll be love suicideI'll be better when I'm olderI'll be the greatest fan of you life

As Jasper sung the last lines of the song, Edward and I stopped swaying and he pressed his nose to mine "I love you" he whispered, but still loud enough for everyone to hear as I heard most people sigh exclaiming "aww" which made me giggle as I replied "I love you too Mr. Cullen" with more sighs coming from the background, we both clapped Jasper for his wonderful performance, Edward gave him a hug as he approached us and I kissed him on the cheek. We went and sat at the table as I was abit tired from dancing, I went to sit on my chair but Edward pulled me onto his lap and handed me a drink.

" This is perfect, I'm glad I agreed to marry you, it's the best decision of my life" I breathed, taking a sip of my orange juice and resting my head against his chest, this was it, pure heaven. I was suddenly pulled out of my peaceful state by my mother's voice "Bella honey, congratulations, you looked beautiful and I'm so happy for you" she started to cry with Phil's arm on her shoulder, I stood up and hugged her, "Thanks mum, please don't cry" I hated it when my mother cried, Renee was always a teary person at a wedding or something, but I left Phil help her, he took her to get a drink and hopefully calm her down.

"May I have this dance?" Charlie asked me, holding out his hand, I looked towards Edward and he nodded with a smile on his face.

"I'd love to Charlie" I giggled

"hey, you may be married but its still dad" he laughed

He lead me out to the dance floor and Jasper's voice echoed through the microphone, "ok guys, Edward would like to say a few words, all yours Eddie" he said

"Thank you Jasper, the father of the bride and my lovely wife will now be dancing. I'd like to play a song for a father and his daughter."

Edward stepped off the stage and sat at the piano, his talented fingers touched each key lightly as he started to play my lullaby.

"I love this song, my lullaby, he played this for me when I first met his family" I sighed, resting my head on his shoulder as we swayed to the twinkling melody.

"Ed-Edward composed this?" Charlie asked me, shock evident on his face

"yes dad, he wrote it for me because he wanted to put his feeling into something he loves"

"wow, its amazing! Has he ever thought about music as a career? He could go far!" he exclaimed, eager for his son-in-law to go far.

"Dad, Edward doesn't want to be famous or anything, he wants to be a doctor like Carlisle" I said as the song ended, "Thank you for the dance dad, it was amazing. I love you" I said, kissing his cheek, Edward came up behind me then.

"I hope she behaved herself," Edward said to my dad in a polite but joking voice, "thank you for being here Charlie, it means a lot to both of us" he said, changing his tone to a serious voice.

"I won't deny I wasn't happy at first, but I know you'll treat her right" he said more to Edward than me.

"TOASTS!" someone shouted from one of the tables, Edward and I went and sat down, ready for the toasts. Charlie stood up first, looking strong but we could all see right through his mask, he was in pain to see his little girl grow up and find someone she loved and who loved her back, meaning he had to give her up.

"Bella," he started, "I've watched you grow since the day your mother brought you home to me, even though I missed a lot of time I was lucky enough that you've lived with me for the last two years. We've had some problems and some disagreements but I wouldn't change it for the world. When Edward left you, you were a mess but he came to his senses and realised that what's best for both of you is to be together. To Edward and Bella, may you have many more happy years than me and Renee! Well, all that's left to say is, Edward, son, Welcome to the family!" with that he sat down and buried his face in a napkin.

Next up was Carlisle, he stood just like Charlie with a gleaming smile on his handsome face, "When Edward became part of our family, he was unhappy, everyone could tell, no matter how hard he tired, he couldn't understand why his parents had died and he'd lived. We didn't think he could be happy again. That was until he met Bella. They are truly in love and I know they will be together forever. Edward and Bella!" he said, finishing off with raising his glass and everyone following.

The last person to toast us was Emmett, he stood up and I knew instantly that he'd have us laughing or crying. "Bella, before you moved to town Edward was a moody twat! He acted like a 70 year old virgin with constipation" when 'Smack' right on cue Rosalie hit him around the head amidst gales of laughter "ok, ok I'll be nice, but honestly, it was horrible to be around him because he was never happy, we knew something was missing. Amongst a house full of happy couples, he was an odd one out so he spent a lot of time on him own, wandering through the woods. But the day he met you, he changed and changed for the best. He had a sparkle in his eyes, he had a wash more often therefore he smelt better, ouch! He was so happy that I could nick his CD's and he didn't even care! I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you, thank you Bella for teaching my brother how to live again." and he sat down.

I was overwhelmed, I burst into tears in front of everyone, Edward noticed straight away and pulled me onto his lap, planting a kiss onto my forehead and rocking me back and forth gently.

"Shh Bella, its ok" he chuckled in my ear "She's fine everyone, Emmett just seems to know how to get Bella" he said to the on-looking guests. "Calm down love, you ok now?" he asked as my sobs subsided.

"Emmett," I said, as I got off Edward's lap, grabbed his hand and walked over to him, "thank you, that was very sweet" and I hugged him, to show him I really was grateful.

"That's ok sis, I knew I could make you cry! Cough up Jasper!" he yelled.

"Come on love, lets cut the cake, go home and start our honeymoon" Edward whispered huskily in my ear, gently biting my earlobe as he said it.

"ok" I squeaked.

Everyone gathered around as we cut the cake, Edward stood behind me, his arms around my waist with his hands above mine on the knife. Pictures were taken, goodbyes were exchanged and we headed out to Edward's shinny Volvo which had two white ribbons from the front two windows to the bonnet. He opened my door and helped me in like a proper gentleman and we drove off towards our home.

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