"yes 'cough' sorry love, I can't help it" he said, sounding very embarrassed, if vampires could blush, he'd look like a tomato.

"it's going to be a long night" we said together.

The Right Time

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I watched as Bella slept, her chest rising and falling in a slow rhythm, 'she's so beautiful' , her slender figure turned over under the gold quilt as she tried to snuggle against my naked form. She had me in quite an awkward position with one of her smooth legs tangled with mine, my raging erection becoming painful despite being free, we had both been right by what we'd said before my beautiful Bella drifted off to sleep, I thought as my wife moaned my name in a passionate voice, this really was going to be a long night.

I could feel something cold beneath my fingertips, surprisingly it felt amazing, then thoughts of yesterday came flooding back to my mind, Edward and I at a church, the wedding reception, last night's events. I thought I was going to faint.

My eyes met Edward's as I looked into his angelic face, a warm and happy smile spread across both our faces, happy to be with each other and knowing we'd married yesterday and kept our promise to each other.

"Good morning my beautiful Bella, how did you sleep?" he asked, his butterscotch eyes gleaming in the morning light.

"That was the best night's sleep I've ever had, how was your evening?" I replied coyly, knowing he would have had a rough time.

"It was fine, although you didn't help in the slightest" he grimaced.

"And why was that?"

"Well Bella, you kept teasing me, it was kind of painful at one point" he pouted, looking like a child that lost his favourite toy.

"Aww, poor Edward, was naughty Bella too minxy for him?" I mocked, crawling on top of him again to make myself look seductive but at that moment I caught my toe in the blanket, "Ouch" I pouted, unhooking the my sore toe as Edward chuckled, his musical laughter filling the room.

"Silly Bella" he choked, still laughing heartily.

Straddling my Edward, I kissed his rumbling chest, knowing it would shut him up instantly, he stopped laughing at once and looked at me with dark brown eyes, lust flowing freely though us both, his hand coming up to caress my cheek as he sat up.

"I love you" he whispered, as he leaned in to kiss me, placing his lips gently against mine, his lips started to move urgently, pressing against me with need and discarding all of his old barriers.

"I love you too" I breathed as I came up for air, pushing into him as his hands skimmed my thighs, trailing across my hips and meeting at my back, making me feel increasingly hotter by the second.

"Bella, are you ready? We can wait if you wish" Edward looked into my eyes, searching for some kind of answer,

"Yes Edward, I want to be yours" I said back, love flashing through both our eyes.

He claimed my lips again, running his tongue across my bottom lip, begging for entrance and I granted it, swirling our tongues together in a complicated dance to unheard music. Edward's hands were slowly pushing my silk nightdress up, exposing me fully to his adventurous features, I broke the kiss to breath and Edward took advantage of the space to pull the silky garment over my head, leaving us both naked to the others delight.

"You're so beautiful Bella, please don't be embarrassed" his eyes pleaded, wanting me to feel happy with him,

"I'm not embarrassed, I'm just abit scared and self conscious" I admitted bitterly, wishing I felt as at ease as he did.

"It's ok, this is new to both of us love" he said, bringing me back to the realisation that this was a strange to him as it was to me.

I rested my head on his shoulder, kissing his neck lightly, this granted me a soft sigh from him so I went further, nibbling his skin as he moan slightly. His hands moved across my stomach, rising to my breasts and cupping them with his palms, my legs wrapped around his waist as I released his neck, panting from the pleasure building inside me as his cock touched me.

He was truly teasing as he kissed me again, but stopped his exploration as he lifted me up,

"I'm so sorry Bella, this will hurt, I'll be as gentle as possible" his eyes filled with sorrow, I nodded, letting him continue with what we both wanted and needed.

Edward looked into my eyes as he brought me back down slowly, his head entering me first and making me shiver slightly, he released one hand, holding me up with the other as he reached for the quilt and wrapped it around us, he replaced his hand and pushed me down more.

I felt a twinge of pain as his huge member entered me but his cool flesh soothed it momentarily, he pushed more as I placed my hands on his shoulders, as he reached my barrier, Edward pushed in with a bit more force, making me scream and put my head on his shoulder as tears swam in my eyes. His arms wrapped around me, pulling me as close as possible.

"Are you ok? I'm so sorry my love, we can stop" he whispered, pain evident in his voice,

"No," I chocked out, "It's fine, the pain's going, just give a few seconds Edward, I'm ok" I said, meaning every word, hoping he wouldn't hate himself because of my pain.

"If you're completely sure Bella"

After a few seconds the pain was gone, I rocked my hips against him, telling him it was ok to move but instead, Edward rolled us over so he was hovering above me,

"This will be easier for you" he said, before kissing me again.

Edward started to thrust into me slowly, I squirmed with slight discomfort but it subsided as my breathing became short pants, as did Edward's, I ran my fingers across his back, digging me nails in slightly as I wrapped my legs around him again.

"Bella," he panted, "a-are..you..O..ok?" he said between thrusts, barely able to form coherent words, I nodded my head as I began to moan "faster!", the quilt slipped to the floor, forgotten as we both moan in pleasure.

"Ah!...Oh, Edward...don't stop!"

"Mmmm...Bella..feel...so good!"

Edward's bedroom door burst open at that moment. Emmett, Alice, Rosalie, Jasper, Esme and Carlisle ran in and stared at us, at vampire speed Edward jumped off me and grabbed the quilt off the floor, covering us both.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE ALL DOING?!" he yell at his family, pulling me closer to him as I clutched the quilt to my chest, making sure I was full covered.

"Edward honey, we're so sorry! We got back early and Emmett wanted to check you two were ok, we all followed because we thought he was going to walk in on you both, we all crashed into him which forced the door open, we're sorry, it's just you know Emmett, he's fascinated by you and Bella" Esme explained hurriedly, obviously embarrassed by the situation.

"Esme, it's ok, it was mostly an accident" I replied calmly, my face still bright red, but Edward was still angry, he was breathing heavily and glaring at Emmett. All of a sudden, he had he pyjama bottoms on and was wrestling Emmett to the floor, punching him, everyone but Carlisle and me were laughing at Emmett as Edward punched every available place.

I yanked my nightdress on and ran over to them as Carlisle tried to pull Edward off,

"Edward, stop it! Please!" I cried, tears pouring down my face again, but he didn't stop. I put my tiny hands on his shoulders, pulling as hard as I could while Carlisle yell "Edward, Emmett, give it up, stop now!"

He still didn't listen so I pulled with all my might, his face flipped up to meet my eyes and he stopped, jumping off Emmett and engulfing me in his muscular arms.

I heard murmurs of 'Sorry' as the rest of the Cullens left our bedroom, Edward picked me up and we went back to the bed, both laying back down in silence.

"I'm sorry Bella, he just made me so angry, we're not a freak show for people to view!" he sounded so frustrated, I couldn't help but wrap my arms around him, trying to sooth him.

"It's ok, I was angry too but please don't do that again, you really scared me" he hugged me back, resting his chin on my head.

"I'll try not to" he chuckled, "I love you, you know that right?"

"I love you too, you never let me forget!" I laughed back, capturing his luscious lips in a searing kiss. His tongue found entrance, lapping at mine with hunger as his fingers tangled in my hair, pulling me closer.

"Edward," I gasped, " again?"

"We didn't finish round one" he chuckled, nuzzling my neck, "I know neither of us are even slightly satisfied yet" he said in a seductive tone, picking me up again and walking with me to the bathroom, never breaking the kiss.

"Why in the bathroom?" I asked, as he locked the door.

"So we're not disturbed and I need to wash you off Bella. I didn't notice before but when I hurt you, I'm sorry love, but you bled abit, I've heard it can happen sometimes" he answered, rather shyly. I felt my face heat up instantly as Edward went to turn the shower on, I looked down and sure enough, there on my thigh was a smear of blood, Edward came back over and picked me up, walking us to the shower.

"Come on love, don't worry about it. It's not your fault" he whispered, kissing my cheek as he removed our clothes and jumped into the shower where he put me back on my feet.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as the hot water soothed us, kissing along his jaw to his chin and up to his lips as my hand skimmed down his muscular chest to already hard cock,

"Edward," I purred huskily, "how big?"

"Bella, I'm not telling you and that's cheating" he said, I griped tighter and started to rub him, slowly up and down,

"Uhh! 9 ½!" he half yelled, I marvelled in the effect I had on him, "Right, pay back!" he growled,

"EDWARD!" I yelled, giggling like a little girl, as he picked me up. I wrapped my legs around him, as he kissed me full on the mouth, pushing his tongue greedily into my mouth and pushing me against the shower wall.

He entered me slowly, pushing with less force than before, I gasped from pain as he filled me to the hilt,

"You ok honey?" he questioned, both hearing and feeling my gasp.

"yea, I'm fine, it just hurt a little, Keep going big boy" I chuckled, trying to lighten the mood, he smiled his crooked smile at me, making me feel goofy happy.

"Is that my new nick name?" he laughed as he started to move slowly, rocking his hips back and forth while lightly gripping my bum to keep me up.

"uh huh," I answered breathily, finding proper speech impossible.

Leaving one hand on his shoulder, I let my other wander over the muscles on his chest, touching his nipple lightly and hearing him groan as he did the same, letting his hand play with one of my nipples as his mouth went to lavish the other with attention, making me moan loudly in approval.

"Oh!..Uh!..t..te..tease" I gasped, moaning from the sensation.

Edward started to go faster, making us both breathless, he brought his lips back to mine, kissing me with passion but also love, trying to be gentle and pleasing.

"Uh..Bella..You're..B..Beautiful" he panted, still managing to be sweet when in the throws of passion.

"Don't stop" I breathed, feeling my release close as our bodies moved together.

"Bella, I..I going to.." he huffed, his breathing getting even heavier.

"Me too"

We came together, moaning loudly.



My head went back against the wall and Edward rested his forehead against mine, both of us still panting heavily.

"Wow" we said together, proud that we'd finally consummated our marriage and relationship for the first time and thankful that there were no more interruptions.

We both heard the cheers and shouts from downstairs, our family obviously happy that it had happened.

"I love you Edward Cullen" I said, rubbing my nose against his,

"And I love you Bella Cullen"

"Umm Edward, why didn't You react when I started bleeding?" I asked, truely curious,

"Well Bella, It's because your blood doesn't effect me anymore, not as harshly anyway. I told you when we were In the woods remember" he said, shutting the water off and wrapping a gigantic towel around us both. He picked me up bridal style and walked us both to the bedroom where we flopped onto the bed giggling.

"Edward, Bella, we're got a problem. Alice just had a vision. The voulturi are coming, they want Bella..." Carlisle said, panic evident in his voice.

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