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Chapter One

Brotherly Love

'This is a damn waste of time, Billy. Everyone knows this whole mountain was cleared out during the last rush.'

'Damn it Jack, you just ain't got a bit of patience in you, have you? We've only bin' here a half hour.'

Billy and Jack Bloom sat by the stream that ran down the side of the rocky mountain ranges that loomed over the town of Deadstone. Their wagon stood a little away with their horse, Amanda, picking at stray weeds that came up between the sandy cracks in the rocks. Above them the sun was at it's highest and as a result Jack Bloom put his pan down and sat back with a heavy sigh. Billy Bloom turned and frowned at his older brother.

'You ain't givin' up are you?' he demanded.

Jack wiped the thick sweat from his brow and shook his head. 'I can't sit here in this heat, Billy. Face it, there's nothin' up here. The whole place is empty.'

Billy snorted and continued sifting through the river. 'You're never gonna get anywhere in life if you can't do a little work.'

'A little work?' Jack half laughed. 'I've been working my hide off for Mr Decker down at the stables for three months now. I get paid, Bill. You don't do nothin' apart from sit up here and pan through dirt. There's nothin' up here but dirt.'

Billy whirled around angrily. 'You won't be sayin' that when I find a chunk of gold as big as your head. You'll be beggin' me to share.'

Jack shook his head and waved a hand dismissively. 'I'm gonna have myself a nap before I pass out in this heat. You keep wastin' your time and wake me when you're done.'

Billy grimaced. 'Yeah well don't expect me to wake you if a rattler gets in there.'

His brother ignored him and climbed into the wagon. Billy remained at the waters edge, sifting through the dirt from the riverbed. A small part of him knew that his brother was right, but there was a bigger part of him convincing him otherwise. He had heard of men coming up to pan for gold in these mountains and never returning to town. The townsfolk reckoned that there was something up here killing off the men for their greed, but Billy was no idiot. He knew the men had struck gold and had gone to somewhere a hell of a lot better than Deadstone.

Billy wanted nothing more than to get the hell out of Deadstone.

Ten minutes or so passed. Billy was sweating buckets but he wasn't going to give up any time soon. The sun scorched his already golden skin and he knew he was going to be sore later, but he didn't care. All he needed was one tiny glint of the yellow stuff and he would be out of here so quick the dust would still be settling in his wake. And his stupid brother would be sorry he didn't help.

Something glinted beneath the water as he scooped up another pan full of dirt and he froze. It was gold all right. Shining gold just beneath the surface, and it was huge. It was a heck of a lump of gold. Bigger than his head.

Quickly, Billy tossed his pan aside and reached into the water with both hands. He frowned in bemusement as the golden lump slipped through his fingers and moved about ten inches to the right. He hesitated, but then decided it must just be the current. He didn't allow himself to properly note that there was no current, and grabbed for it again. This time his rough hands clamped around it and he lifted it out of the water, eyes wide with exhilaration.

'I knew it!' he laughed triumphantly. 'I knew there was gold in these mountains!' He turned his head towards the wagon. 'Hey Jack! You get your sorry ass out here and lookit what I got!'

He turned back, grin plastered over his face. The grin slowly fell as he saw that the huge ball of gold was melting on his hands. He grimaced and tried to wipe it off, but it had a thick and sticky composition that was similar to tar. When he noticed that it was actually moving up his arms, he began to panic.

'Jack!' he yelled. 'Jack!'

Inside the wagon, Jack woke up with a start. He blinked groggily, taking a moment to figure out that it was his brother shouting of him, and rolled his eyes. 'Yeah I'm comin' Billy.' He sighed, pulling on his boots. 'Keep your hair on.' He climbed out of the wagon and put his wide-brimmed hat on his head. He looked towards the river and frowned. 'Billy?' He jogged towards his younger brother, who was lying on his back by the riverside.

Jack knelt beside him and shook his shoulders. Billy stared up at the sky unblinking. His face glistened with sweat.

'Billy!' Jack cried, shaking him. 'Billy what the heck are you doin'? You get bitten? Talk to me!'

He froze as Billy's eyes slowly changed. A golden colour swirled out from his pupils, taking over his whole eyes. Jack moved back a little and uttered his brother's name again. Billy Bloom looked at him, grabbed his brother's throat, and squeezed.

Ashley burst out of the door leading out from the maze of winding corridors and various rooms that made up the rest of the Tardis and skidded to a halt. The Doctor stopped what he was doing at the control panel and looked at her in bewilderment. They both looked at each other for a few moments. Ashley blushed and pointed over her shoulder with her thumb.

'I uh… I just uh…'

The Doctor smirked. 'You got lost.'

She winced. 'Just a bit.'

'I was wondering where you'd gotten to actually. How long has it been? About two hours?'

'I'd say about three. Really, why do you need all of those rooms? It's ridiculous!'

The Doctor shrugged his shoulders. 'Ah makes me feel important.' He replied. 'And don't worry. I've been lost in there a couple of times. The east wing is the worst. Go in there without leaving a trail and you can be lost for years. Believe me, I know.'

Ashley skipped over to him and peered at the control panel. 'So where are we headed? Past or future?'

'I fancied a bit of the past to be honest,' the Doctor replied, content in allowing her to lean her head on his shoulder. 'Rexom Six was a bit much, wasn't it?'

'Which one was that again?' Ashley frowned.

'The one with the people you said looked like the Michelin Man.'

'Oh yeah. They were weird. And I didn't like that whole having to give them your socks thing.'

The Doctor looked at her and frowned. 'You don't have to give them your socks.'

'Really?' Ashley looked puzzled. 'Because there was one who insisted on taking my socks. Thinking about it, he did go a bit flushed when he took them…' She trailed off with a troubled frown. The Doctor eyed her for a moment, and then stepped away to pull a few levers.

'Riiight,' he nodded. 'Okay then. I've set her for about 1874.' He grinned at her. 'You like westerns, Ashley?'

Ashley grinned broadly. 'Hell yeah I do.'

'Well hang on to your saddle bags little lady!' he cried, snapping back a lever.

Ashley gripped onto the control panel. 'Yee-ha!' she laughed as the Tardis jerked and lurched its way into the past.