Author: Sparta666

Title:Your not ready

Pairings: Xander & Dean (main) I'll list the rest as they come up.

Rating: R or the equivalent

Crossovers: Buffy & Supernatural (Main) more to come and will list as they come up

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning, Murder

Series:When the Hunters become the hunted

Chapters: 1/?

Completed: No

Timeline: After Graduation (Buffy)

Summery: when Xander dies the 1st evil wins but the Powers That Be have other plans, they turn back time in the hopes of saving all, but this means Xander must leave Sunnydale forever and Make a new life for himself by uniting all the Hunters that could save them all.

Chapter Summery: The world starts again

Authors Note:

This is a major AU & Crossover fic, it is based on two songs that I love that seem to go well together for this.

I'll make a man out of you - from Mulian since Xander always seemed to be the one doing the training or weapons.

Standing (once more with feeling) - This song belongs to Giles but if you listen to it and put Xander in his place and it goes too. If he hadn't stood by her she might have seen just how evil the world was.

We'll make a man out of you - Your not ready

Born again out of the fires of war

As louder explosions and stronger cries of pain filled the air Xander watched as another young girl fell, Xander kept on fighting he long ago lost what little of his humanity was left. After Sunnydale had fallen all except for Xander had believed that the First Evil had been destroyed, but as usual Xander's protests had fallen of deaf ears.

After all who would believe that the most powerful evil would die so easily, so Xander had used his 'research time' as Giles called it. Xander called it traipsing all over the planet as Giles's personal slave, to do something Buffy had always neglected to do. He sort out and befriended as many of Hunter's that travelled in their circles as he could.

After all Sunnydale wasn't the real world, it had been the worst of the worst but after all it was a Hellmouth. Eventually after almost five years Xander's black book of Hunter's names was full, so when the attack finally came he had been prepared. Buffy, Faith and Willow were the first to fall out of surprise they hadn't been prepared.

Giles's death was at his own hand and the LA Crew where ambushed, for over seven years Xander and the few Hunter's that hadn't been caught out plus what was left of the Slayer's in training had held them off. But now Xander had seen to much death as he'd watched the Winchester brother and John Constantine fall only hours ago, they were the last of those Xander had recruited to help to fall.

In Xander's mind he'd killed them, their deaths weighed heavy on his heart and soul. Now Xander understood why most Slayer yearned for death at such a young age, even with his friends Xander couldn't see how they would recover from this.

High above the battle a young blonde man dressed in blue jeans and a Tee-shirt watched cringing every time someone got hit, he was soon joined by the brother and sister Oracles and Doyle. They all watched as the battle got more violent and bloody.

"I can't watch this, their getting slaughtered even we can see they wont survive" growled the blonde as he threw up his hands in defeat and turned to the others.

"this is true Leo, and with him dies the last of our Hunters. This world is destined for darkness" said the sister Oracle

"Oh that's a crock of shit and you know it, that kid had done more for us then any of the Powers Hunters, Slayer and Chosen combined. And what's he gotten for it?

Jack Shit!!

That's what, the kids lost an eye, seen his lovers and friends killed, suffered the worst abuse I've seen and now he will die knowing that he's opened the gates of hell upon the world.

The kid don't deserve that, even they should see it?" growled Doyle.

"They do" came a voice from behind them, turning round they came face to face with a man dressed in a while suite that looked a lot like Brad Pitt.

"Archangel Michel, how goes the new position? Lets hope that you don't let the power get to you? Though I can't say that Constantine will be around to deal with you the way he did Gabriel?" said Doyle sarcastically as the male looked at them.

"Seems the kid has made an impression on us all" came a harsh New York accent.

"Whistler's right the Powers have taken a likening to the kid but he's about to die, they don't want to stop it but they want to change things. When he dies time goes back to the day the boy started down this path, but this time the Powers believe the boy need a nudge in another direction. He has the potential to be a very powerful leader in the army of the Light, all he need is an army that's where you guys come in.

Leo you and Doyle here need to befriend the kid, if you two want to that is? Keep him with the Slayer until after he saves her from the Mayor, then it's his destiny to bring them together. Make sure he finds them first, the rest of us will work on spreading the kids fame a little" laughed Michel as they watched the battle.

"So are we in?" asked Michel as Xander took a sword to the chest, the other all nodded as they felt the world around them change.

"Good luck kid were all counting on you" said Leo as the world dissolved into white light.