Pairings: Xander & Dean (main) I'll list the rest as they come up.

Rating: R or the equivalent

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe, Rape, Self-Harming, Family disowning, Murder

Chapters: 32/?

Summery: when Xander dies the 1st evil wins but the Powers That Be have other plans, they turn back time in the hopes of saving all, but this means Xander must leave Sunnydale forever and Make a new life for himself by uniting all the Hunters that could save them all.

Chapter Summery: it's time to pick up the pieces and figure out what's next

Authors Note:

Last Chapter everyone thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it's been as fun to read as it was to write. If you want to carry on reading please do if not its up to you but the next part is:

Part 2: We'll make a man out of you - Children of the Hellmouth

The calm after the storm

After almost a week Xander was quite frustrated to find that the base under the collage was as big in sizes as the BPRD itself, Xander thanked his gods and goddess though when General O'Neill brought in reinforcements from both the SGC, their new friends in the black suite and the mysterious Torchwood team.

Xander was exhausted as he pulled himself into a meeting with the teams and their new friends, Xander took his usual seat next to Dean as a man they'd come to know as Jack boss General Gorge Hammond took central stage.

"Along side several members of BPRD we have managed to bring in the last of the creatures that thing created, now from what I know Mr Harris I know your tired and sore and after what we've seen from you we can understand this but after all this is your town. What is to be done about it should fall on you?" said General Hammond.

"thank you General, well if it's ok with the other members of our team I'd like to see the base cleared out and ok before we actually leave? If you want to take anything out of the base that you can use feel free just let us know what's being taken.

After that I'd like to leave a team here to watch over the Hellmouth and those of us have spent our lives defending this place. You all will be welcome back to help out as long as you clear it with House first but we might need your help again at some point in the future?

We will help you guys out if you need it to? Saying this and I'm probably going to regret it but I need a team here I can trust and can act as one from the get go, not only that they can deal with all these strange thing and not panic if they come across something they've never faces before?

So if I need to chose I want to know if you think your up to guys?" asked Xander as the looked at Blade and the Nightstalker's, they looked at each other and without hesitation they nodded.

"that's fine with us Xan, are your lot sticking round to help?" asked Whistler.

"yeah, Angel and the LA Crew will have to return to LA at some point but the rest will stick around and help. If you need us too I can't see House stopping us coming back?" said Xander as they agreed.

"Good Angel knows this town better then most of us he's been here for close to a 100 years" laughed Xander as Angel objected.

"oh shut up Deadboy" replied Xander making everyone laugh went suddenly two soldiers entered the tent.

"Lou?" asked Jack as they saluted.

"we found something you all might come and look at?" said Lou as they all followed.

They followed him down into the bowls of the base, into a part that wasn't even on the map that Finn had given Xander. They came to a stopped outside a large room that from the outside looked like a hospital wing.

"Prepare yourself for what's in here, when we found it we wanted to dig up Walsh and kill her again" said Lou as he opened the door and they went in an stopped dead.

" John you know that guy you knew in NCIS?" said Xander as John nodded

"Call him he and JAG are going to want to get involved with this" said Xander with a growled as John looked over his shoulder and disappeared.

"when Finn wakes up I want a go at him once you've had him" demanded Xander as Jack nodded and growled himself.


Well that's the end of this part next part up soon !