Ten Things That You Should Never EVER Let The Maximum Ride Characters Do

Fang said he'd eat my little sister if I didn't do the disclaimer, so, here goes... I don't own Maximum Ride. I am not James Patterson. /everyone is in shock/


1. I will not let him make out with Max in front of the kids.
2. I will not let him think ditry thoughts around Angel.
3. I will not let him go to a really serious meeting, turn invisible (or whatever he does) and then start screaming really loudly.
4. I will not let him become a kung foo master.
5. I will not let him run around chanting 'Death bat, death bat, nananana, death bat!'
6. I will not let him kidnap people and force them to live in his coat cupboard.
7. I will not let him buy an emo coat.
8. I will not let him scare the little kiddies by hiding in alleyways and then jump out pretending to be an avenging angel.
9. I will not let him buy a plane - because that would be redundant.
10. I will not let him enter 'America's got talent' (or any show like it) and sit there for three hours staring evilly at Simon Cowell for his act.

A/N Had this idea for some time, so now it's finally a reality!

A/N Update: I lost this chapter while trying to update Iggy's chappie, so this may bbe slightly different from the original, as I can't remember all the stuff I did, and I didn't save it (stupidly). Thanks for reading this, anyway!

- SparxFlame

(P.S. In case anyone is wondering about Fangles, they are F angles in maths. Corresponding angles or something. You know, like x angles and c/n/u angles and z angles?)