A/N - Due to the tragic paucity of Joker x Rachel fics, I decided to take a stab at one myself. After seeing The Dark Knight yesterday, it's literally been all I can think about...Ledger gave an AMAZING performance, and I seriously wish they could've done more. :( Just be aware that even though this takes place during the movie, it won't have anything to actually do with it since I'll be taking creative liberties. In fact, the only thing remotely similar to the movie will be the scene I'm writing here, but even that will be changed, so have no fear about spoilers. ;) Also, this will NOT be some namby-pamby, lovey-dovey relationship, because I seriously don't think that either Rachel or the Joker would behave that way with one another. The rating will most definitely go up due to sexual situations, violence, and all the like, so this will basically be a story your mother wouldn't want you to read. :-P And btw, if you haven't seen the movie...GO SEE IT NOW!!

CH 1: Remembering


Cursing softly, Rachel Dawes retrieved her remote and hurriedly changed the channel, her heart still pounding as she watched the Joker's face transform into an innocent scene from a movie about familial relations. With a shiver, the attorney pulled her blanket closely about her shoulders and reached for her shot glass, her tongue swabbing her lips before she downed the corrosive liquid in one burning gulp. It wasn't that Rachel spent her evenings drinking, but after her experience at Bruce's elaborate gathering for Harvey, she'd decided that she needed to forget everything that had just transpired. For one, she had been faced with the proposition of marriage; most women would've jumped at the opportunity to be Harvey Dent's blushing bride, but she couldn't help but feel riddled with guilt about Bruce. She'd made a similar commitment to him only years before, but she knew there was no way Gotham would stop needing Batman, especially not when there were still thugs like...

Rachel shuddered. There was no escaping it -- she would never forget the man who had invoked such terror within her soul and brought her to her knees. How could she when he was...? Oh, God!

In that instant, the image of a poorly made-up face appeared amidst her mind's eye, its red lips slowly curling back in order to reveal rows of yellowed teeth. Gripping at the arms of her chair, Rachel whimpered as she could suddenly smell the Joker's trademark scent of blood and gun powder, his glassy eyes boring into her own as he flicked a small blade out from the cuff of his sleeve. With the finesse of a well-practiced politician, he traced the blade along her cheek without drawing even the slightest drop of blood.

Although Rachel knew she was merely reinacting the incident within her psyche, it all seemed so horrifyingly real, her eyes squeezing tightly closed as her horrible experience continued to unfold within her mind.

Despite being in a room filled with hundreds of people, no one seemed brave enough to come forward for Rachel's ever-dire rescue. The Joker was revealing all sorts of tid bits that she presently chose to ignore, for all she could truly concentrate on was the knife that he kept so persistently sliding across her cheek.

When he finally seemed to tire of the knife caressing, the Joker allowed one of his gloved hands to stray along the small of Rachel's back to her bottom, her eyes fluttering closed in disgust as he brushed his lips along the svelte curve of her jawline and inhaled deeply. Pushing against his chest with the hopes of getting him to release her, Rachel gave a cry when the thug only pulled her closer amidst her struggles. With his scarred lips placed strategically at her ear, he spoke the words that were sure to be her downfall: "Until we meet again."

A/N - I apologize for the ridiculously short chapter, but I felt that it'd be far more "ominous", if you will, if the Joker wasn't featured just yet...but believe me, I'll have to include him in the next chapter, because I'm definitely looking forward to taking a stab at dissecting his character. :) I ADORE the challenge of depicting complex individuals, so this should be interesting. I'd also like to point out that this is just testing the waters, because I'm not so sure that there are other people out there who think the concept of Rachel x Joker is neat like I do. After all, I only saw one fic with them as a pairing, so that was disappointing. :( If this is the case, I may not continue this, so please let me know if you think I should even bother. I've pretty much planned this the whole way through, so I can guarantee that I WILL finish this if people want me to. Thanks!