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"Can I have this one?" A young voice asked.

"Do you really want that fox, Sasuke?" His mother asked. The young Uchiha nodded as he stared into the cage, a smile on his pale face. Inside the cage was a small, red-yellow fox with wide blue eyes and nine tails. "Okay, we'll get the fox for you; just remember he isn't a normal animal."

"I know, mother, he's a human too. He just is in animal form 'cause he's still young and when he's older he will be able to switch between animal and human forms." He puffed his chest out proudly.

"Well, at least you are keeping up with your studies," His father grunted as he paid for the young fox. "Do you want to change his name?"

"No, I like his name," Sasuke smiled as the shop owner removed the fox from his cage.

"Alright now, Naruto is still pretty young, only about your ago in human years or so, maybe younger." He stroked the fox's head earning a small mew. "We're not entirely sure about his age since he came in with his brother…" He trailed off. "Speak of the devil."

"Iruka-san, are you giving my brother away?" A low voice growled. All eyes turned towards the desk where a teen with red-orange hair and red eyes stood glaring at the shop owner. "He's still a kit, Iruka!"

"I know, Kyuubi, but I can't keep him here much longer and it was only a matter of time before someone picked him out." Iruka sighed and handed the kit to an eager Sasuke who immediately began stroking his head, whispering softly. "And you yourself still need to find a home."

"Perhaps he could live with us?" A low voice suggested.

"Since when have you wanted a pet, Itachi?" Fugaku questioned in an almost shocked voice.

"Since little Sasuke is getting one, I may as well get one too. Besides, I don't think Naruto would be able to last without his big brother."

"Technically I'm his half brother, we had the same father," Kyuubi shrugged and yawned wide, exposing sharp canines.

"I'll pay for him myself," Itachi pulled his wallet out and paid Iruka.

"Okay, now if you would follow me I'd like to explain a few things and have you sign some papers before you leave." Iruka led the two adults into the back room, leaving the two Uchiha boys to get to know their new pets.

"You two must be the last of your kind," Itachi noted looking around the shop.

"We are," Kyuubi mumbled in an uninterested voice. He took a seat at the desk, rested his cheek in his palm, closed one eye and watched the Uchiha move about with the other. "Iruka's friend, Kakashi brought us in when Naruto could barely walk; I'd been taking care of him for a while by then. I already knew we were the last ones even before Iruka took us in."

"Well then, welcome to the family I guess," Itachi smirked lightly.

"Um…. Kyuubi, what does Naruto eat?" The kitsune sat up and looked at Sasuke who was holding the small fox against his chest.

"He will eat anything and I mean anything," He chuckled softly. Sasuke smiled as he resumed murmuring to Naruto and stroking his head, occasionally scratching behind his ears. The door behind Kyuubi opened and the three adults emerged.

"Alright, make sure to get an appointment with Tsunade as soon as you can," Iruka said with a smile. "Especially for Kyuubi."

"Oh no, not that crazy woman again!" His eyes widened and he gripped the arms of the chair.

"Alright then, you two now belong to the Uchiha family," Iruka gave a small smile. "You can visit anytime you want," Kyuubi got up and walked over to Itachi.

"The boys will probably be back tomorrow for collars," The raven haired woman said. The family thanked Iruka and walked to the door which opened just as Fugaku reached for it. They bowed respectfully to the man, thanking him for holding the door as they left.

"So, Kyuubi and Naruto have finally been given away huh?" Iruka nodded as the man walked towards him.

"I think they will enjoy their new home with the Uchiha's, Kakashi," The man slipped his arms around the brunette's waist.

"Let's just hope they can handle them once they come of age." The two men laughed as they made their way to the back room.

Uchiha household

Sasuke gave a delighted laugh as he dashed to his room with little Naruto whose blue eyes were wide with curiosity and excitement. Kyuubi however made his way to the living room where he flopped down on the couch followed by Itachi.

Sasuke's room

"Okay, Naruto, this is your new home," The raven set the young fox on the floor and sat down in front of him. The fox sat and looked around curiously; he tilted his cute little head back and ended up doing a little backwards tumble, drawing a giggle from Sasuke. Naruto shook his head as he sat up and stood on his wobbly paws, he mewed happily as he began to pounce around on the carpet. "This must be so strange for you, since you've only ever felt metal beneath your paws."

Naruto looked at him and made a small sound as he padded over hesitantly. The two played for a long while, they eventually became tired and passed out on the floor.

"Looks like they had fun," Kyuubi chuckled upon entry to the room. "Sometimes I wish I was still Naruto's age."

"Let's get them in bed," The two teens gently lifted their younger siblings and lay them on the bed. "Someone get a camera or something," Itachi smirked. "It's a Kodak moment," The teens looked at their brothers. Sasuke was just cute to begin with but now he had Naruto curled against his chest, snoring softly.

"Let's go before we wake them up," The two older boys left the room, closing the door behind them softly.

Next day

Itachi took Sasuke, Naruto, and Kyuubi to the shop the next day to get their collars fitted. For Kyuubi Itachi got a simple black leather collar with a ruby in the center. Sasuke got two different collars for Naruto; one was black like Kyuubi's with the Uchiha crest on it and a sapphire in the center. The second was blue like his eyes with decorative vines on it.

"Naruto's will need to be adjusted in a few months okay?" Sasuke nodded as he stared at the brand new tag on the fox's collar. All three collars had Naruto or Kyuubi's name on it and their owners name as well. "If their collars ever break just come get it fixed."

"Okay, Iruka-san," Sasuke smiled happily as he left with the others.

"Itachi-sama, I'm bored!" Kyuubi complained about halfway home.

"Not exactly my problem," The Uchiha shoved his hands into his pockets.

"Actually it is your problem," The kitsune smirked. "You're my master; you're supposed to keep me from getting bored and all."

"Fine, we'll go to the park," Itachi looked at Sasuke. "First we need to get these two home," Kyuubi groaned but followed anyway.

"Going out again so soon?" Fugaku asked from the kitchen.

"I'm taking Kyuubi to the park, we'll be back in an hour or so," Itachi's voice was slightly muffled by the closed door.

"Come on, Naruto, let's go to my room," The young fox mewed as he scampered after Sasuke. The raven laughed as he turned around just in time to catch Naruto in his arms. "We're gonna be best friends forever!" Or so he thought…..

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