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"..." Normal talking

"..." Connection thoughts

'...' Thoughts/Dreams/ Flashbacks

2 weeks later

Naruto lazily lifted his head in greeting as his master entered the room. Sasuke sighed at this, he'd gotten used to Naruto's laziness by now but what had happened still amazed him.

Flashback 1 week ago

Sasuke sat in Tsunade's office, Naruto lay on the floor in fox form whimpering.

"So is there anything wrong with him?" Sasuke growled impatiently at the woman.

"This may be a bit difficult for you to handle but… Naruto is pregnant." Sasuke nearly fell out of his chair he was so startled.

"Bring that by me again?"

"You heard me," She snapped. "You impregnated Naruto; his belly is going to bloat with your children!"

"That's impossible," Sasuke argued. "Humans can't get pets pregnant!"

"Oh yes they can, but only certain pets can be impregnated by humans. Hell, even Kyuubi is pregnant with Itachi's children!" That did it; Sasuke fainted right on the spot.

End Flashback

"How are you feeling?" He asked stroking his back.

"Tired as always," He sighed resting his head on the raven's lap. "Only nine months to go," Sasuke chuckled at this. Naruto was going to go through a normal human pregnancy, except for the first few weeks he had to be in fox form for some reason, Kyuubi was the same way. Lin was very excited about the less than expected pregnancies, now there were three pregnant people to take care of!

"Well, just get some rest for now," He kissed his pet's head and wandered off. He had to leave Naruto in Lin's care for a little since Gaara had called him and the others to his place for an urgent matter.


Sai hissed as Tsunade cleaned out a nasty wound on his back, damn Orochimaru and his torturous ways.

"Better watch yourself, Sai, otherwise you won't be coming out of here alive," She sighed bandaging the wound tightly.

"Whatever," He snorted. Tsunade gave a heavy sigh as she went to find Orochimaru. She found him in his office and set down the stack of folders she'd been carrying the whole time.

"Well, it looks like Sai is going to continue being a stubborn idiot."

"I expected no less from a wolf," The man laughed. His golden eyes fell on the stack of folders, widening a fraction when he spotted a certain few files sticking out. Despite the face that Tsunade was looking directly at him, Orochimaru carefully slid a random file from the stack and opened it. "So this is the boy that Sai fancied?" An amused smile graced his pale face. The file was none other than Naruto's; it held a recent photo of him and all his medical records. "Interesting… he's an Uchiha pet if I'm not mistaken."

"Yes, he's Sasuke's pet," She gave a sort of cocky smirk. "They are also mates now and Naruto is expecting," Orochimaru's eyes widened and his lips quirked. He put the file back in its place and escorted Tsunade out of the compound before making his way to Sai's 'room'. He opened the metal door and was greeted by a growl that should have gotten the pet punished.

"Settle down, Sai," He smirked as he closed the door. "I have news about that fox child you're so obsessed with." Sai instantly settled down and eased into a semi-relaxed stance.

"What kind of news?" He demanded.

"It seems that Sasuke has impregnated him," Sai's eyes widened and he snarled. "Has that struck a nerve?" He cackled lightly. "It seems we are both interested in the same thing."

"What are you talking about?! Those should have been my pups in his belly!"

"I want to get my hands on one of his kits so I can study it. It's not every day that a hybrid appears," He smiled and laughed evilly.

"If I bring you a kit will you grant me my freedom?" Smart wolf, trying to negotiate.

"Better, I'll bring the fox to you," Sai smiled and shook hands with Orochimaru. What did this partnership mean for Naruto and Sasuke? Would their kits be safe from Orochimaru's evil grasp? Stay tuned for the sequel!

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