Butterfly Effect: A Harry PotterXSeverus Snape Story

Butterfly Effect: A Harry PotterX Severus Snape Story

He decided he would watch. He would wait and watch his father and his godfather Sirius Black had their fun with Severus. He would stand back with Remus and watch until either one of them noticed him or he could no longer stomach what they were doing to the boy who would become his potions professor.

It didn't take long before the latter happened and he cast Immobulus on Remus catching his slumping form and holding his wand to the other wizard's throat as his companion Marauders turned to look at them. "Who the bloody hell are you?!" came the prompt curse from Sirius. Harry ignored him for the moment, stroking Remus's chest and pressing his wand harder against the werewolf's throat when Sirius snarled and started toward him.

"My, aren't you impatient Sirius." He purred in a fair imitation of Snape as he glanced at his father- James! He told himself viciously, he could not afford to think of him as his long dead father. James was watching him warily, calculating no doubt. A wicked smirk curled his lips. "Can't you see the family resemblance?"

That stopped Sirius well enough and Harry took the time to inspect Snape. He was hung upside down by one ankle with no visible means of support. He remembered this one. "Levi Corpus always was one of your favorites, James." James' eyes snapped to Harry and he frowned. "Don't act as if we know each other just because it would appear we are related. " His eyes narrowed slightly. "How are we related anyway?"

Harry simply smirked. "You wouldn't believe me even were I able to tell you." He nodded toward Snape's glowering form. "I'll have you let him down, and gently too." He tucked a lock of hair behind Remus's ear wondering if Snape already knew the man's furry little problem. James glared. He didn't like this guy looking so much like him and telling him what he would and would not believe. "Finite Incantatem." He growled.

Snape grunted as he hit the ground. Harry pretended it didn't bother him merely murmuring. "I warned you about being rough, James Potter." He used his coolest 'You're-in-trouble-Mister' voice as Snape started to his feet and watched this new Potter warily. "For this little group that WAS gentle." He said. Then, "Why the hell are you so interested in me, anyway."

Harry smiled, almost gently and in a flash the wand was on Sirius. "Flipendo!" Siruis' body slammed into the tree behind him with an audible whoosh as air escaped his lungs. With a flick of his wrist the wand was turned to James. Sirius slumped against the tree and James gritted his teeth as he glared at the interloper who had his two best friends in his power and he could do nothing to help them. "Expelliarmus." James' wand flew from his fingers and into the outstretched palm of their attacker.

Harry lay Remus on the ground and looked James over smiling tightly. He certainly had the body of a seeker. "Why are you doing this?" James asked angrily. "One could ask you the same thing." Harry replied. "You chose the time and the place. Had you not cornered Snape here someone could have stopped me from taking two of the Marauders out of the picture, for the moment at least. I assure you, they will share in what comes next. Sna-" He stopped himself. "No, Severus. Come here, please."

Confusion clouded Snape's young face, but he came, haltingly, and Harry touched him, wrapping his arm lightly around Snape's waist, pulling him close so their faces were only inches apart above the top of Remus' head. He smiled and Snape's eyebrows drew together. "You are one very odd, Potter, you know that, Potter?" Harry kissed his jaw near his ear. "Call me Harry." He purred, then sent a "Petrificus Totalus" towards James.

The Head Marauder and Seeker for the Quidditch team stiffened in place and Harry looked to Sirius who was coughing and beginning to rouse from his unexpected nap. Harry tugged the invisibility cloak off a knapsack and pulled it open, tugging out three collars. He selected one that had an engraving of what looked to be a snarling dog at first sight and knelt by Sirius, snapping it onto his neck without hesitation. Snape thought that it was very appropriate for him.

Sirius snarled at Harry and grabbed at his wrists. Harry let him and tilted his head. "Now what are you going to do?" He asked a light smirk on his lips. "You've caught me." He slid closer. "You've still got your wand, but you'll need to free one of my wrists to get it." He pressed Sirius back against the tree and murmured something that only Sirius could hear. Sirius was yanked into a standing position, his arms bound to a branch above his head, freeing Harry's wrists in the process.

"Don't worry, mutt, I'm not here to harm any of you. Not permanently, anyway. I'm here to teach you a lesson." He was speaking to all three of them now. "A lesson a small child could probably teach you, but I'm going to teach you in a way that will stick with you. For a very long time." Sirius snarled viciously.

He snapped the second collar into place around Remus' neck. This one had a slightly different engraving.A werewolf. Sirius' mouth went dry even as Remus at up and tried to slam his fist into Harry's face. Harry had expected it though and merely moved his head inches to one side and murmured something only slightly varied from what he had used on Sirius. His back was against the tree in moments, bound to the trunk of the tree. Severus watched in silence as his unexpected savior went from one to the next. He seemed to be having fun.

What an odd thought. He grabbed the last collar as Harry came to get it and held it close to himself. "What, exactly are you planning to do, Potter?" Harry pouted slightly and molded himself to Snape's form, moving with him and licking his neck as he stuck a hand hidden by their two bodies, into Snape's pants. "Ah!" Snape tried to jerk away, but Harry held him close. "I intend to have them do some very sexually explicit things to each other." He purred against Snape's mouth, working his hand over Snape's cock as he tried to push him away.

"Oh god." Snape moaned, hard now against his will. Damn, but this stranger was good. Harry kissed him passionately as Snape gripped his shoulders, now holding him close instead of pushing away. Harry slowly pulled away from him, leaving him hard and wanting more as he took the last collar from the ground where it had fallen when Harry had grabbed Snape's dick. "I told you not to call me Potter, Snape.

He went to James, still exactly where he had been before and collared him. This collar had a leaping stag engraved on it, as soon as it clicked shut James jerked away, like Remus, no longer held by the spell that had held him until Harry could put the collar on his neck. "Who the hell are you?" He asked, fingering the stag. His question, unlike Sirius' earlier held the quaver of fear.

"Stop asking me that." Harry said, watching him. He hadn't been certain how James would fight him, having never had the chance to see him fight before. "Why aren't you trying to hit me? Both Remus and Sirius tried 'something'." James shrugged, "What good did it do them, but get them tied to trees? Besides," He murmured unhappily, tugging lightly at the collar with one finger, "it's already on me." Harry wanted to hug him. Instead he copied Snape again. "Very astute of you, James." He said dryly.

James gave him a look and went over to Sirius who was pale and trying hard to see thew engraving on his own collar. "Sirius?" The head snapped up. "Oh, Merlin." He breathed, seeing the stag. "Please tell me I've anything but a dog on this damned collar, James." James looked at the collar. "I'm afraid I can't do that, Sirius. He's pegged us good, hasn't he?" He stroked the engraved dog, then looked to Remus' collar, it figured. He had Remus as well pegged as the rest of them. Who the hell WAS this guy?!

Remus looked to Harry, his mouth twitching. He decided it would be useless to ask the same question as the other two so he said, "How long have you been watching,…Potter?" Damn, but it was odd having two Potter's about. "About five minutes actually till you starting hitting Sevvy." Sirius made an odd sound and Snape glared at them both, seriously thinking about walking off, but Harry was damned good with his hands. He couldn't help but imagine him using his mouth. He shifted uncomfortably, the glare replaced by a needy look as he squirmed. Damn this stranger and his hands.