Butterfly Effect: A Harry PotterX Severus Snape Story


(In my head I'm thinking this takes place at about 11-12 years of age and he first goes back at 15.…think of it as a dream and the non-consistencies aren't there^^? The truth is this isn't how I planned the story but it's the first story I've ever actually plotted out in advance.. So it's kinda messing me up to go away from the plan I'd set out. I apologize if it seems …off)

Harry smiled laying against his Sevvie and snuggling up to him, eyes closed.

James glanced over at Severus holding his son. They both thought the boy asleep. "When do you plan to tell him, Severus? You can't hide it from him forever.. What if at the time he's supposed to return everything reverts back to what his nightmares reveal? Where I'm dead, Sirius is imprisoned, you a Death eater and Remus on the run?"

Severus stroked Harry's hair and held him close. "I don't know, James….I don't want to tell him that I really was like that toward him. Didn't you hear what he said? He said I took your actions against me when we were younger out on him. I punished your son for your mistakes and he still loved me enough to go to the past to have a relationship with me."

Harry's little eyes opened wide, 'So, that's why…' he thought, his brain going into overdrive as he thought about all his dreams and began putting together his life. It made sense that he'd go back. After all he didn't want daddy dead and he definitely didn't want uncle Sevvie hating him.

James nodded in understanding and let his gaze drop down to Harry's face freezing when he saw the little boy's eyes meet his own. "Severus….I think you just did."

Harry looked up at Sevvie and wrapped his arms around him as Snape tried to think of something to explain what he and his father had just said. "Harry it's not like that." he murmured. "Things were obviously different then. You changed that when you came to the past and we won't allow that to go to waste. I promise, Harry." He held Harry close to him and looked up at James. It wouldn't be too much longer until the child was the age he had been at when he went into the past. "Maybe it is time you learned about that trip."

Harry nodded and smiled up at Sevvie. "Are you going to tell me the story, Sevvie?" He asked then gave him a giggly grin. "Or will you finally let me into your memories?"

Severus tapped his nose and smiled softly, a look that would have terrified his students since he was usually brooding about something or other. "Why don't I let you see exactly what happened? That's the easiest way, right?"

Harry nodded, awed that Severus finally trusted him enough to let him inside his memories. He sobered up instantly, waiting for Severus to tell him what he should do. "I love you, Uncle Sevvie." He said softly wrapping his arms around Severus' neck sweetly. Severus smiled "And I, you, Harry James Potter." He said picking the other up with a quick wish that he would still say that after he showed him everything. After all, he had peeked into Harry's memories. He remained silent as Harry took in everything about his previous life including his visit to the past. Harry nearly choked as he saw what he'd forced his 'family' to do. He turned away slightly embarrassed and looked to Severus "Sorry, Uncle Sevvie." He said softly. Severus shook his head. "This isn't what killed me, Harry. It was when you disappeared."

Harry pouted, turning his gaze back to the memories. If he could remember all of this he might have an excuse, but he couldn't so he would just have to watch it all.

"Oh..I'm so sorry Sevvie. I really shouldn't have just run off that way. "He was clinging to Severus' waist now and looking up at him as the elder man leaned down giving him a sweet kiss. "No, you're right you shouldn't have, but I have you again and I'll make sure you make up for it." He purred as they exited the memories and Severus pulled him into bed. He had been waiting for this for much too long.

Harry gasped as Severus claimed his mouth in an amazing kiss then relaxed sweetly into him wrapping around him with a mewl as he began to rub against Severus easing his aching cock against his uncle's hip. "Severussss." He hissed, arching as Severus' hot mouth traveled to his neck, kissing and sucking. "Hmm?" Severus pulled back slightly looking at Harry's face. He liked what he saw there, not the much more mature, in-control face Harry had shown him in his past but a pure look of need. Needing him. He loved it but to screw him now…no, he mustn't he had to wait after all Harry was his student now, not his arched against him again "Sevvie pleeease!" He whined and Severus moved down to fulfill his need with his mouth, taking the young boy's cock into his mouth and sucking as Harry reacted to the warmth. Harry didn't last long young as he was and skillful as Severus had become. He gripped his Sevvie's hair in one hand the other tight in the sheets as he came into his teacher's mouth dazedly thinking how he could get used to such pulled away slowly and pulled Harry into his lap explaining how this must remain sacred for now, unshared with anyone else.

Harry snuggled up to Severus "So, I can't tell Ron and Hermione?" he purred nuzzling Severus' neck. "Not yet, my dearest Harry. I want this all to myself for now."