Total Phantom Island

Hello I'm back and I remade this story. Sorry to all my readers in the past. I know most of you have forgotten me. The only excuse I can offer is that in November 2008 I got introduced to a site called Gaia and well you could say I got obsessed with it. So obsessed that I almost completely forgotten about my stories. Well,now I'm back and ready to continue my stories.

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom or Total Drama Island. If I did do you think I would typing this story. The only thing I own are my host Sakura and Jade the Chef/crash dummy according to Sakura.

"Hey!"shouted Jade.

Warning this fanfic is rated T for language and cartoon violence. Please don't try any of these stunts at home without a box of Fruit Loops, a thermos and a ghost portal.

You turn on your television to watch your favorite show, when the screen goes all static and a new show appears. It appears to be on a large island. You stare at the tv wondering what's going on, when a young woman in her 20's appears on a dock with black hair and purple eyes.

"Yo!" she speaks." We're coming at you live at Camp I'mgonnacatchaghost somewhere in Fruitloopia.

"I'm your host Sakura Stars welcoming you to the new reality TV show right now."said Sakura as she walks up the dock the camera following her.

"Here's the deal 21 campers and one dateless bitter fruit loop have signed up to spend eight weeks right here at this crummy old summer camp. They will compete in outrageous challenges against each other and hopefully try not to kill themselves in the process." she chuckled as she said the last line. The scene changes to a clearing with logs and a stand.

"Over here, we have the Clearing of Misery, misery for them!"she snickered. "Here the campers face the judgement of their fellow campers. Every three days or so, one team will either win a box of Fruit Loops, not complete with a bowl or milk due to budget cuts."she added that look with an innocent look on her face. "In the end only one will be left standing and will be rewarded 6 months of free therapy, and a year supply of Fruit Loops! Again, milk and bowls not included due to budget cuts."

The scene changes back to the dock and we see Sakura smiling at the camera.

"They will have to battle ghosts bugs, dangerous ghost animals, disgusting food from the beyond the beyond."she said spookily at that line. "And let's not forget they have each other. Aww isn't that sweet!"she wiped a fake tear from her eye.

"Every moment will be caught on our super high tech cameras we have all over the island,well not exactly all over."she said with a nervous chuckle. "Who will be the first to need their psychiatrist. Find out right here on Total Phantom Island!"

A horrible and annoying tune begins to play.

Cuts to a commerical.

During commerical break, Sakura wasn't happy with the producers.

"What kind of theme was that!"Sakura yelled at the producers.

" see budget cuts..and well..."one of the producers muttered.

"It looks like a five year old came up with it!"Sakura continued to yell at them. "My older brother has a better theme than this. Even though the show is on hold for a while."

"But.."one of the producers started to say.

"Augh! Never mind!" Sakura threw up her hands in frustration."Yelling at you guys is ruining my makeup." She stormed off.

Okay that's the remake to the first chapter! I will post the second chapter soon. Probably today! Sorry for the sucky theme. Please R&R. And to those who didn't know what Sakura meant, The other show is Total Fairy Island, which I will probably get to in the future.