Lost love & found again



Pairing Severus/Harry/ Draco


Harry, Severus and Draco were all lovers. One night Harry overhears Draco & Severus and misunderstands what they had been saying. Draco who is pregnant with Harry's child and Severus tell him its over and that may they never meet paths again. But they did...

4 years ago then & now

As Harry walked to the dungeons, he over hears what they say. As Harry leaned closer towards the door, he waits and lets them continue. And they did.

''Severus come here and kiss me'', Draco said to his lover

After the defeat of Lord Voldermot, Draco offered friendship to Harry. Harry smiled at him and shook his hand. As they grow closer to friends, the more they started to fall hard for one another. They had changed through school and had an appearance the would attract the eye of any one.

Draco had short hair. It shines through the sun and makes it look white. His eyes were the colour of blue frost. It could pierce you soul to look into his soft eyes. His body was toned up and hard. He wasn't lean or thin. But just right for Harry and of course... Severus.

Severus walks to him and places his strong arms around his waist. He leans down and kisses him softly. Their tongues were possessed and they danced feverish. As they come back for air, they smile.

Severus had changed as well. Not just the young men. Severus had smooth black, shoulder length hair. It shines to the purest black. He was tallest of them all, and had a body like a god. He had worked out to approve his appearance. His stomach was flat and hard. His arms were muscular and smooth. His teeth were white then yellowish colour they were.

He had Improved

''Severus we best hurry before Potter comes back and ruins the fun'', Draco said leading his handsome lover to the bedchamber

Harry had flinched then.

Draco had sounded so cold and hard. Harry turned away and left them to their fun. That night Harry got so drunk and said it was over to Draco and Severus.

They shouted calling each other bitches, Draco tells he is pregnant with harry kid, Severus shouts, Harry shouts back , Draco cry s because of the hormones, Severus blames Harry for his upsetting, Harry swears, Draco cried more, Severus says things he don't mean, Harry then packs his bags and leaves.

And that was the end of the most perfect relationship and a secret that Harry takes with him.


That was 4 years ago. Today in fact and Harry is now running after his daughter Amelia Lilly potter who had got lost in a muggle supermarket called Asda. She was actually running away from him so that he could chase her

''Amelia! Amelia!'', He shouted.

Amelia was now standing by the chocolate section. She had long black hair that came to her waist. She wore a green dress with a Jean jacket. She was jumping up and down trying to reach a chocolate bar she wanted. Harry looked at her and walked over to her. He was behind her and said in a fatherly tone

''Amelia Lilly Potter! You cant just run around here as you wish. That was naughty of you. come now so we can pay for this and go home'',

''But Daddy. I want some chocolate'', The little black haired girl said. Harry sighed and spoke back gentle

''May i have chocolate. You cant say want. Its rude'', he said while walking to an line waiting to pay their things. Amelia sighed and said

''May i have chocolate?'', She asked and looked up at her daddy. She barely reached his hips. He looked down and said

''we have chocolate at home. You had at least 5 chocolates at the weasleys'',

Amelia and Harry had visited the weasleys for a day out. They went to the beach for it was a sunny hot day in August. Hermione and Ron had Married 2 years ago and now have a 1 year old daughter called Rose. Molly, Arthur, Fred, George had spoiled Amelia rotten.

When they left Amelia had a temper tantrum. Molly was the only one besides Harry where she calms down from a tantrum. But Amelia never gets out of hand for Molly. For she was like a grandmother to Amelia. And Molly adored her like any grandmother would do. Molly considered Harry a son. He was family.

As the day came by, Harry had made dinner for them both. Watched finding nemo and ate chocolates and crisps and had sodas. After that she had her regular bath time. With bubbles and her barbie dolls. Harry done her hair into plaits. She got into bed and settled down. She waited for Harry to pick a book. He chosen Sleeping beauty. It was her favourite. And he read on and into 3 minutes, Amelia had fallen asleep. He kissed her on the head and went to his bedroom.

He sat on his bed and put the telly on. Harry was extremely lonely. He hardly had anyone to talk to about thinks except his daughter and some stuff she wouldn't understand.

Today Harry found out that Draco had a Baby boy called Jesse Tyler Snape. Harry was happy for the both of them and some how angered and sad for them. Them two was always close and he felt like a 3rd wheel. 3S a crowd. Yet he turned his mind to his daughter. HE HAD TO BE THERE FOR HER. He made sure that he would.

Harry turned his telly off and fell asleep. In the middle of the night Amelia crept in and snuggled up to her Daddy and slept. Harry smiled. He held his daughter so tight. Afraid that he loose her. He feel asleep and the last though hew had was

''Well not completely alone.''